Monday, January 6, 2014

Secretly Pay for a Meal or Coffee

Secretly Pay for a meal or coffee! Have Fun Spreading JOY. Get These Cards FREE!

Have you ever secretly paid for someone's meal? Isn't it the greatest?

Have you ever purchase a coffee or meal for the person behind you in a drive through? If not, you is so much fun.

The next time you are in a restaurant, look across the room and find someone that you could do this for.  Call over the server and ask for their ticket.  Give them this cute little business size card and tell them NOT to let the people know who paid for it.  When you do this, you are also bringing joy to your server, as they get the be the person that "hand delivers JOY" to the unsuspecting customer.

The next time you are in a drive through - tell the cashier at the window that you'd like to pay for the car behind you.  Ask them to give this neat card to them.  It explains that their meal has been paid for! Again, you are involving an additional person and spreading joy to more than just the recipient of the meal.

I love doing this!

I love thinking that if they've had a bad day, this will make it better.

I love surprising everyday ordinary people.

Do you know what I love more? I love that this simple act of joy will inspire them to do the same for others.

So that you can have fun Spreading Joy in this manner, I have these cards on hand for you to use.  They are the size of a business card and will easily go in your wallet.

I will send you these cards for FREE! 

Yes, you read that right.  FREE 

Please mail a self addressed stamped envelope to:

Spreading Joy
PO Box 1771
Denver NC 28037

If you put One Stamp on the envelope - I'll send you back 6 cards. 

If you put TWO Stamps on the envelope - I'll send you back 12 cards. 

Please, post this to your Facebook page, RT on Twitter and Share on Pinterest and Linked In so that others can know how to get these cute little business size cards for absolutely FREE!

Have fun Spreading Joy and making a difference! 

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Thursday, December 26, 2013

10 Things to Enrich Your Life This Year

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A New Year means a time of reflection on the past and more thought for the future. It is a time of making resolutions for ourselves, setting new goals and then feeling horrible because right around February, we realize we set goals that were completely unrealistic.

We primarily focus on the negative aspects of our lives, when we should truly focus on what makes us the amazing individual that we are.

Sure we all have things that we dislike about ourselves, but every single one of us are uniquely amazing and need to use our strengths and talents as we celebrate our life.

Whatever the New Year’s Resolutions you make this year, I hope that you’ll consider this list.

10 Things to remember this year as we approach another year:
  • Be Kind to yourself – This is an entire article on how we can be as kind to ourselves as we are to others.  I hope you'll review it and really be kind to yourself this year.
  • USE your gifts – You are talented in ways that others aren’t.  It’s a shame to waste those gifts while you are working to improve what you think are negatives about yourself.
  • Reach out for help – We can’t do it all.  Don’t be embarrassed to ask for help.  I’m thankful that when I get bogged down that I can call a sweet niece of mine and ask for help cleaning my house.  I have friends that I can reach out to when my heart is hurting and ask for help, or just a cup of coffee and sweet time of refreshing chatter.  Everyone needs help.  Don’t be ashamed because you can’t do it all.  Ask for help.
  • Plan something fun each month – It doesn’t have to cost a lot; it just needs to be fun.  Maybe it’s a walk in a park or along the beach.  Maybe it’s some time by the outside fire pit.  Maybe it’s movie night or some time browsing through a local book store.  We typically plan our days/weeks with work and necessary things, but the thing that we need the most – we leave it out.  Plan some fun!
  • Laugh – There is never enough laughter.  Tears will fall, trials will come and unfortunately things will happen that will shake us to our core.  This year, laugh.  Spend time watching some fun movies, some fail videos, and start yourself a humorous board in pinterest.  Go to a live comedy show or watch videos of your favorite comedian.  Laugh!
  • Move Forward – Don’t let your heart focus on the distance that you are moving or the pace.  When you set your goals for the New Year, remember, any step forward is progress.  Do you best today and be happy with that.  Repeat the next day.
  • You are worth it! – If you forget, just ask anyone that loves you! Y O U are worth it. Do Not Give Up! 
  • You matter! – Plain and simple…. Y O U matter.  Your smile lights up someone’s heart.  Your hugs help to dry tears.  Your words calm fears.  YOU matter!
  • Try something new each week – It could be a new recipe, a new place to explore, a different kind of outfit, etc.  Yes, this might take some planning but – again – you are worth it!
  • Show compassion daily – I like to call this “Spreading Joy Daily.” You can make a difference daily and you will NOT break the bank doing so.  Here are two articles that will give you over 100 ways to make a difference without spending a single penny.  Here is a link to our book that will give you ideas for each day.  When you purchase this book for you or a friend, you are not only giving a gift that will keep giving for them, you are giving back to our ministry for others.  Every single penny of profit goes right back into Spreading Joy to others.

There you have it, 10 easy but important things to remember as we head into another New Year.

What do you think?  What should we have included in this list?  How are you approaching this New Year?

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You ARE Spreading Joy and encouraging others!

Friday, December 20, 2013

Keeping Kids Safe in this Social World

tips for keeping kids safe on social mediaWhat I’m about to say here will not be popular with the kids and likely will not be popular with many adults. The reason being is that parents are more interested in being “friends” with their children than they are in being an authority figure in their lives.

There is a point in every child’s life that you will make them angry when you question them, ask them what they are doing on the various Social Media sites and you demand to see/know who they are texting as well as what they are saying.

My question to you is, do you want them to like you or do you want them to be safe?

As a parent we never want to hear our kids say they hate us, but truth is, if we are parenting correctly, we WILL in fact hear that statement.

YES - you can trust your teenager to do what they say or to be where they say but sometimes, you just need to check what they do in private to verify that the information they are giving you is actually the truth.  I know this to be a fact that even though they “look” like they are at the home of a friend you know and love because their car is in the driveway, doesn’t always mean they are actually there.

Take the necessary steps to keep your children safe, and one day you will actually be able to be friends.

If YOU pay for your child’s phone, you pay for the roof over their head then you have every right to check their phone whenever you feel like it.  Make sure that you do some, if not all of the following:

Tips to keep your child safe:

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What are some of the ways you keep your children safe in this social world?

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Thank you for spreading joy and making a difference

Friday, November 22, 2013

10 Ways to Be Kind to Yourself

10 Ways to Be Kind to YourselfI love that you are spreading joy and making a difference daily!

You make your way through the day, being kind, courteous and just plain nice to people.

You smile, open doors and treat others with respect.

You point out the positive, encourage those that are struggling and still do what you can to bring people up.

You Are Kind…to most people.

There is one very important person that you tend to forget.


You know I’m speaking the truth here.  Most of us are extremely critical of ourselves and there usually isn’t a good reason for it at all.

10 Ways that everyone can be Kinder to themselves:
  1. Looks – This is first on my list because I know that everyone has something about their looks that they are dissatisfied with.  Did you see that key word? EVERYONE.  You aren’t alone in this.  Everyone has something they hate about themselves.  Long nose, big butt, frizzy hair, point ears, bushy eyebrows etc.  When those people that love you the most look at you, they don’t see the things you are most critical of; they see YOU – the core of you!  Your heart, how you love, how you give and how you care.  When they flip through their pictures of you, they look at what you were doing, remember how much fun you were having and how special you are.  Sure, work on losing weight if you need to, go to the eyebrow waxing torture chamber and tame the crazy hair somehow…but do NOT let those things hold you back from enjoying the gift of daily blessings and joy with those you love.  Take the pictures, laugh with friends and have fun! Those that love you most will always love you regardless of your looks.
  2. Goals – Everyone has goals and dreams that they long to reach.  Trouble is, we set such unrealistic goals that we can never reach them.  We often think that if we shoot for the moon and miss, we’ll land in the stars and that is true.  Trouble is there are those that if they don’t reach their goals, they let that disappointment steal their joy and they simply stop trying.  Learn to set goals that are attainable and keep raising the bar as you reach your goals. A small step forward is still a step forward.  My friend and coach Bridget Haymond has an excellent article on this.  I hope you’ll take time to read it and start reaching those goals you set. Article Here-->  The 8 Beatitudes of Goal Setting
  3. To Do Lists – Raise your hand if you are guilty of the never ending to do list.  (Yes, my  hand is up) Many people will judge the success of their day based on if they got everything done from their list or not.  Don’t do this.  You are putting unnecessary pressure on yourself.  Let that list guide you.  My list is because my memory is horrible.  When I think of something that needs to be done, I jot it down so that I will not forget it.  Don’t let your to do list bring you down and keep you there.  Use the list for what it was intended for….a tool to keep you on track. Here are some fun printables that I use to help me remember.
  4. Moments of Joy – Our days are busy, our nights seem short and before we know it, it’s time to go to bed only to get up and do it again the next day.  Take some time to enjoy some moments that make your heart smile.  It might be a manicure, a makeover or it might be some time curled up with a book and your favorite cup of tea or coffee.  Don’t let a single day pass you by without enjoying a special moment for yourself.  Don't let these thieves steal your Joy. 
  5. Housework – This is truly never ending.   There will always be something to do in your home.  Always.  If you have small kids, don’t let housework interfere with some play time.  Make sure you play with the kids.  The housework will always be there, but the children won’t.  If you have unexpected guests and your house isn’t white glove presentable, smile and enjoy the company.  They aren’t there to see how you keep house; they are there to see you. PS...delegate.  Get your kids involved. This will ensure that they can truly take care of themselves when they are older.
  6. Activities – Everyone is busy and no one wants to say no.  We have to take child 1 here, child 2 there and still find time to make family time count.  Yes, you want your children to experience sports and other activities, but keep in mind it is ok to say no.  Don’t over schedule them or yourself.  If someone asks for your help and you can’t do it, kindly say “I’d like to but I can’t.” Or say, “I can’t do that, but I can do this for you” and then offer up what you could do.  My philosophy is it never hurts to ask because the very worst that can happen is they will say no.  Here is an article on taming the madness of special occasions.
  7. Laugh – This is a must.  You need to be able to laugh at yourself and for yourself.  If you need to watch funny videos or read a joke a day, make sure you take some time to laugh today!  Laughter lifts the heavy heart and helps you through the difficult days.  And besides, your heart will thank you! I love crazy random things. Here is where I pin those things.
  8. Celebrate your strengths – You have things you excel in! Celebrate them and do them.  Use what you are good at to help you reach your goals and those things that you struggle with, ask for help.  Don’t beat yourself up because you can’t do something.  Find someone who excels in what you are weak at and work together.  Focus on what you are good at and move past what you struggle with.  We all struggle and we all need help with things.  Ask for help when you need it and don’t feel guilty.
  9. Let It Go – There are days when I simply wish I didn’t care so much.  It’s something that I struggle with but every day, I’m learning to let go of things that I can’t control.  I’ve always been a “roll with it” kind of gal, but the “let me fix it” “take charge” person in me just wants to handle things.  That just isn’t going to always be possible.  You truly have to “Change what you can, Fix what is wrong and find the good in the rest!” - Here is more on Letting Go
  10. YOU Matter – Many struggle with feeling useless.  As soon as you get this settled in your heart, you will be kinder to yourself.  You are the world to someone and you matter more to them than you’ll ever know.  Write it on your mirror, make a note to yourself at the top of your to do list or calendar – “I will be kind to myself today because I matter!”
FREEBIE – just because I truly want you to be kind to yourself, just like you are to others – One extra – keep a good attitude.  I know when life beats you up and the struggle is great it is the most difficult time to maintain a positive attitude, but trust me – it will help you more than you realize!

Respect yourself, love yourself and be kind to yourself!

I challenge you to take the time today to be kind to yourself.

JOYn the conversation:

If you are willing to take time to be kinder to yourself, let me know.

What do you struggle with?  Are you willing to share it? Doing so will help and encourage others.

What are your thoughts about how we treat ourselves? How else can we be kind to ourselves?

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Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Taking Hope and JOY Back to School

 Always do a little more than the BasicsI love that there are people out there who will do a little more, sacrifice for others and truly love making a difference.

We were able to provide some basic school supplies for these kids, but even greater than that - we were able to give them some of what they LOVE!

Reese's Cups, Gummies & Snack Crackers!

So simple - yet so amazing!

Going back to school is usually filled with so many emotions for children as well as parents.  Thanks to YOU, being the hero that you are, there are 250 kids going back to school that will not have to face ridicule, teasing and laughter because they were using left over or hand-me-down school supplies.

Many parents are breathing a sigh of relief because they can purchase a few more articles of clothing or other things the school deems necessary because YOU, being the hero that you are, gave their children the basic but necessary items to waltz back to school with a little pride and joy in their step.

Take a look at what YOU provided this year:
  • 250 Brand NEW backpacks were given out
  • 220 of them were filled with the following item:
    • 1 pack of notebook filler paper
    • 1 package of pens
    • 1 package of pencils
    • 1 box of crayons
    • 1 box of colored pencils
    • 3 spiral notebooks
    • Glue
    • Package of snack crackers
    • Package of gummy snacks
    • Package of Reese’s Cups
    • Many of them had composition notebooks in them
    • Many of them had highlighters
    • Some of them had pocket folders
Even though we didn’t have enough “items” to completely fill all 250 backpacks, we still gave away each and everything we collected!  Some of the backpacks were only lacking the paper.

LOVE spreading joy by providing Backpacks for kids!

It was an amazing event and thanks to YOU – being the hero that you are, you also provided the following:
  • LOVE – their backpacks were just oozing with great love! Children are smarter than we give them credit for and they KNOW that someone loved them enough to help provide this for them! Yes – YOU Gave LOVE!
  • HOPE – Sometimes when “thing” after “thing” goes wrong, all hope seems to be lost.  YOU helped to restore hope in their hearts and minds.
  • JOY – While many kids dread going back to school just because summer is over, there is NOTHING like the smell of a new box of crayons, or the brand new pencil that was just sharpened or putting your name in the front of that notebook.  Not to mention the goodies that we were able to provide, all because YOU CARED, that brought JOY! Kids love crackers, gummies and Reese’s Cups so this was great joy all by itself!
  • KINDNESS – Spreading JOY is contagious and I believe that when a classmate has lost their pencil, that because these kids received an entire pack, they WILL SHARE!
  • POWER – Your gift empowered these children to face their dreams head on and take the next step towards doing amazing things!
  • PEACE – The peace from knowing they at least have much of the basics is such a priceless gift!  Yeah, YOU did this!
spreading joy with some school supplies

Your gifts, voice, love and prayers will fill this new School Year full of these things and so many more things!
Thank you for having a heart for others!
Thank you for spreading JOY to these kids!
Thank you for your monthly gifts that enable us to keep spreading JOY!

it's the little things that are so JOYful!

Thank you…..

YOU are a hero!


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Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Celebrate Life

 10 Easy ways to Celebrate those you love
I came up with these ideas for my 2012 Mother’s Day Newsletter, but these ideas can be adapted for most any occasion.

Father’s Day, Christmas, 30th, 40th,50th,…. Birthday etc.  These things will bless someone that is just celebrating life after another anniversary of being cancer free or you just want to show someone in your world just how special they are to you.

One thing that I’ve learned is that sometimes, the best gifts don’t come with a price tag at all.

Have fun celebrating Life as often as you can.

  1. Write about a special memory that you have that involves mostly that person you are celebrating.  Talk about how it still makes you smile to this day.  This will, no doubt, become one of their most treasured items.
  2. Round up pictures of their children and make a neat card out of them.  Either on the computer or actually making copies and then adding them to cardstock.
  3. Write out ## ways she makes you smile (one for every year they have been alive) -  in my case… for my mom I’d do 70+ - so I’ve got to get started.
  4. Find one of their old black and white photos, copy it and attach it to the front of a journal.  Inside, write questions that she could answer from her life.  For instance – Your favorite Christmas, Favorite childhood friend.  Did you have pets, what did she dream of being, etc etc. One question for each page. You could do #3 in the back of this journal! What a cool surprise for her!
  5. If they are a reader, get them a kindle!  They are never too old to learn to use one. You may have to go and download books for them, but do it!  Trust me, they will LOVE it!
  6. Get her a basket of all of their favorite treat/snacks.  They will love picking through them for several days! Find some candy from when they were little! There are several websites that have retro candy. I love poking around them and thinking of who I can send them too.  Check them out here: Old Time Candy  & Nostalgic Candy  (umm, my year is 1968 in case you are wondering)
  7. Find out what is on their Life’s To Do List, and start working towards making something on there happen.
  8. Give her 4 gift certificates to her favorite places. One for each weekend for a month.
  9. Hide note cards that you’ve written something loving in, in her home so that after you leave they are still finding and opening those wonderful wishes.
  10. Jot down all the ways that YOU have turned into your mother! (or father or how your friends have influenced you) You may be surprised when they look over the list and ADDS to it!

Most of all have fun!

Don’t let what you couldn’t do or desired to do but didn’t - spoil your time with this person.  Focus on how awesome he/she truly is….honor them that way.

What are some other ways that you like to celebrate life with those that you love?

Thank you for spreading JOY by sharing your ideas in the comment section below so that others that read this can start some celebrations of their own.

If you have a blog and have written out about such celebrations or ideas that relate to this, please leave the link to it below in the comments! I'd love to check it out and know that my readers would too.  Helping others in this fashion is such an easy way of spreading joy!

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Have fun Spreading Joy as you celebrate those close to your heart!

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Monday, May 20, 2013

I have Learned

i have learnedThis year has been a roller coaster of emotions.

I’ve been thinking lately on all the lessons that I’ve learned this year and here is a quick list of 30 things that I’ve learned.

I have learned:
  1. Time together is a priceless gift
  2. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder and those that truly love you will always see the beauty
  3. Laughter and joy are contagious and we as a society need to do more of it on purpose
  4. Changes usually end up for the best, even though the process is difficult sometimes
  5. Pain is pain and it all hurts
  6. Sometimes a phone call softens the horrid blows life throws at you
  7. Just because something didn’t turn out the way we expected doesn’t mean we failed
  8. Today is most important as tomorrow may never come
  9. The pain, struggles and issues of today help to prepare me for tomorrow
  10. Sometimes all you can do is cry
  11. Yesterday can create a wiser today which creates a brighter tomorrow
  12. That no matter how hard I try sometimes, that “it” just isn’t going to happen…and it’s ok
  13. That there is beauty in brokenness
  14. To focus on facts instead of feelings, because feelings can be and often are incorrect
  15. Those that push us away need us the most
  16. The legacy you leave is your choice
  17. That even though your heart is in a million pieces that you can still love greater than you ever imagined
  18. Unconditional love is such a gift
  19. That sometimes there is just no understanding…that’s just the way it is
  20. That even if it’s a good thing, it might not be good for you
  21. Not to let the bad times steal the joy of the moment
  22. That there will always be “something” going on, but more importantly the Lord is always by my side
  23. Not to let the shallowness and criticism of others define who I am and what I do
  24. That no matter how bad it gets, it will always work out for good….always
  25. That spreading joy without expectation of anything in return has a far greater return than anyone can imagine
  26. Anything that isn’t finished today, usually waits until tomorrow and it’s ok
  27. That when I can’t even speak that uttering a simple prayer of “Lord, help me” can bring waves of grace and peace
  28. That there is always hope
  29. That I’m not going to please people, so I’m just going to focus on pleasing the Lord
  30. That doing a little is better than doing nothing at all

Even though this is a mixture of good and bad…it’s truth, it’s real and authentic.

What have you learned through life’s lessons?

I hope that you’ll leave them below in the comment section and encourage those that will read this after you.

Saturday, April 27, 2013

The Everyday Hero

Heroes are the Ones who simply TRY!Heroes

They don’t always leap tall buildings in a single bound and drive invisible jets.  They normally don’t run around with capes and tights and have lasso’s that force the truth from people.

Heroes come in all shapes and sizes.  Age isn’t a factor and neither is IQ.

Sometimes the biggest heroes are those that you’d never suspect.  Their clothing, their education and their current home/vehicle doesn't indicate in the least bit that there is a hero around, but make no mistake – they are there. says that a hero is
a man of distinguished courage or ability, admired for his bravedeeds and noble qualities.”

My favorite Super hero is Wonder Woman.  She is an ordinary gal by day and when the circumstance calls for it, she transforms herself into a force to be reckoned with.

So many people feel that because they are simply “ordinary” that they don’t impact this world.  This simply isn't true.  The fact that you try says more about you than you'll ever realize!

It’s the ordinary people doing what they can day in and day out that leave the legacy and continually impacts the hearts of those they come in contact with.

Let me tell you of some of the heroes I know:
  • Their bodies are worn, their hands don’t work like they use to and their memory is cloudy at best. They still get up, expecting to make a difference for others and do so to the best of their ability
  • They are steady in the midst of instability
  • Pain is their constant companion but they get up one more time and do what they can
  • They give of the little resources that they have and expect nothing in return
  • They seize daily opportunities to bring a smile to someone, knowing that it could change that person’s entire day
  • They smile through the tears
  • They try and try again AND try again....
  • They are courageous, even when it seems everyone is paralyzed with fear
  • They are consistent day in and day out with kindness to friends and family
  • They play with their children, while remaining the parent that stands firm as an authority figure in their life, knowing that friendship will come one day
  • They laugh…. But are completely serious when necessary
  • They make memories and treasure them
  • They go above and beyond what is asked without hesitation
  • The realize the value of “a little bit”
  • They are gentle and full of compassion, yet firm and stand strong
  • They take action, not waiting and hoping that someone else will do it
  • They positively influence people, while being well aware that they WILL influence someone daily, so they make it for the best
  • The serve our country and stand strong for her, even if they have to stand alone

They are real… real as rain and I love surrounding myself with amazing heroes like this!  Many people let the “ordinary” fool them, but I always try and look past the ordinary, deep into the heart and find the extraordinary…the hero!

Why do we focus on the negative aspects of our self?  We are ok, just the way we are!

Why do we not see the hero that lies within our own heart?

I don’t want us to walk around puffed up and prideful, but too many people spend much of their lives at the other end of that thought, as if their life is meaningless.

YOU – you truly do matter and you make a huge difference! I’m thankful for the Spreading Joy Heroes that step up each month and make a donation to help make a positive impact on others. You are an amazing Spreading Joy Hero!

I’m thankful for those who give at each fundraiser, knowing that the kids we help will never get to personally tell them thank you – but still…they help anyway!  You are a Spreading Joy Hero!

Do you see the hero in the ordinary? Or does the ordinary just glaze over your heart and you miss the gem that is there, waiting to be discovered?

Do you appreciate when someone steps up, doing a little more than expected?

What about you? YOU ARE a hero to someone!  You may not feel like it on most days, but you are.

Tell me a little about the heroes in your world!  Share a little of their story!

Be a Hero today!

Have fun Spreading JOY!

Saturday, April 20, 2013

What in the World

Boston Attack - Be the Good this World needs
After this week’s bombing attack in Boston, I’m hearing a lot of questions like:
  • What is this world coming to?
  • What in the world does it take to get someone to this kind of place?
  • Why would someone feel that this is the only thing they can do to get their point across?

And many others….

I have to say that I truly don’t know what or why and I wonder if we will ever actually know the real truth behind what has happened to provoke the Boston attack.

I know that we can’t change the past, we can’t undo the harm, fear and terror that so many had to endure and we can’t bring back the lives that were lost…. but I ALSO KNOW that we (those of us who wonder why, what etc) can stand apart from this type of violence and shine brighter than the shadow that this has cast on us.  We can be beacon of good during this dark time in the USA.  We can pierce the darkness and gloom by being what we want this world to be.

The truthful answer to the question “what is this world coming to” is that it is becoming what I am becoming, and what YOU are becoming.

If we want things to be better and a ensure better world for our children then we need to be mindful of what WE as individuals (and our family) are doing and take the extra steps to be force for good in this world!

Just for starters – here are immediate things we can do to pierce the darkness with a ray of JOY and sunshine that will be contagious!

  • YOU be the good that you are desperately looking for – don’t wait for others to do it – you start right now! Take Action!
  • YOU be the example that you want your family to follow – don’t assume that someone else in your family will be the matriarch
  • YOU be the one to help others without expecting a single thing in return – people are always willing to help, usually as long as there is something in it for them. Don’t be this way – stand apart from the crowd
  • YOU be the one to seek the positive and good in the negative situations – it’s there, it is usually covered up.  I was so thrilled to see reporters trying to find the positive when they were reporting this tragedy.  Yes, it’s a tragedy but like one reporter said, it could have been much worse had the bomb exploded just an hour earlier.
  • YOU be the one that sprinkles the day with joy – JOY is contagious, laughter is contagious – USE them every single day!
  • YOU be the one that is authentic when everyone is simply blending in – Doing this will give others courage to be authentic.   Trust me, you are amazing!
  • YOU be the one to show the positive emotions – Hug daily, laugh a lot and enjoy every moment that you can! Down south, we hug lots and us southern gals don’t take offense to a perfect gentleman calling us Darhlin’ – A hug and smile are 2 of the most powerful things that anyone can do! It’s powerful – USE IT!
  • YOU be the one to encourage others and to do so passionately – be passionate about encouraging others! It helps more than you may ever realize
  • YOU be the one to appreciate and acknowledge – A simple thank you is a positive force that carries such an impact!  Thank you for your time, thank you for caring, thank you for thinking of me, thank you for giving, thank you for doing, thank you for going….. Thank you is powerful!
  • YOU be the one to boldly lead the way and be the good that everyone is looking for – Let it start with you.  Don’t worry about who is doing what – YOU be the leader you wish others were!

What are your thoughts as to what the everyday ordinary individual that is wondering “what in the world” can do right now to be the good they want to see and that everyone is looking for?

When people are asking what in the world is going on with society what do you tell them?  Do you encourage them? Do you blend in with the gloom?

My challenge to YOU - - Stand out, be different – be the good!

Have fun Spreading JOY!

Thursday, April 4, 2013



I’m feeling a little overwhelmed with life right now
Not even sure what to say
There are immediate needs that need to be met and there is no way to do so
There are long term financial needs that will likely never disappear
There are questions that seem as though they will never be answered
There are changes that are coming to quickly
There seems to be no end in sight

Maybe it’s because I’m tired.
Maybe it’s because I’m not as strong as I’d like to think I am
Maybe…who knows.  I don’t.  I just don’t.

Even though I know “this too shall pass” I pray it passes quickly
I pray answers come soon
I pray for stability for just a little while
I pray that needs will be met quickly and then some

I pray…. I don’t even know what to pray
I’m glad HE does

I wrote this in the middle of January 2013. 

In a matter of 19 days my world had been completely turned upside down.

My Step Mom (since I was a teenager) passed away suddenly, my son left for his last semester of college and my heart knows he won’t be coming home after graduation.  Even though my son is doing God’s perfect will for his life, it’s still painful and I miss him.  My stepdad (since I was a teenager) had heart issues and sever loss of blood due to unknown circumstances, Megan’s 2 test came back “normal” yet again – continuing a 15 month trend but something is obviously, horribly wrong AND my mom had a heart attack.

Those 19 days were full of millions of tears, yet God’s grace allowed me to simply rest in Him.

Are you overwhelmed?

Have you cried an ocean of tears?

Wrap yourself in Gods promises during this time.

Cling to Him.

Allow His mercy and grace to carry you through.

I usually wrap myself in the book of Psalms. So much comfort as I explore the raw emotion that is there.  The pain, the praise and the trust displayed in the book of Psalms remind my hurting heart that even though I was caught off guard by much of what happened those 19 days, God was not surprised, nor was he absent.

Share your favorite verse(s) of comfort below.

Share your link of encouragement from when you faced a time of overwhelming issues.

When you share here, you will encourage all those that read this article!   

Thank you for how YOU are Spreading Joy and making a difference!

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