Saturday, November 21, 2009

Joy Thieves

As the Christmas Season is upon us and the hustle & bustle of everyday life picks up - let me remind you not to give into those thieves that will try and steal your joy this Christmas Season.

Christmas is the one time we all come together with a heart for giving to others. It is during this time of year that our minds and hearts are truly focused on others, but sometimes our emotions will get the best of us and in an instant, our tempers are flaring, our hearts are sad and our joy is gone! Don't let thieves come in and steal your joy.

Let me introduce you to some thieves to keep an eye out for. They are sneaky, so watch for them closely!

Thief #1 Extremely Busy - OH, we are so busy and then you throw the holidays into the everyday routine. Being busy, not slowing down to enjoy the music, lights, smell, taste of the season can rob you of your joy. Take some time to dwell on the blessings that surround you. Sit at the mall and just watch the laughter of children that go by. Listen to the never ending supply of Christmas music that is playing. Gaze at the millions of twinkling lights that brighten our days and light up our nights! Don't let the busyness of the Christmas season rob you of the true joy of Christmas.

Thief #2 Things - Little or big, "things" can steal your joy. Little thing that needle at you. Poking you in the stomach, screaming "pick me, pay attention to me." So many little details will be magnified to such a degree that our joy will be stolen and we will not even realize it. Big things that press for your time. Now, there’s a thief! Our days are already filled with high priority items that we feel like we can’t possibly squeeze one more thing in – but we must. Set priorities, go with it and what you don't get done today will wait for you till tomorrow. Guard against this thief closely.

Thief #3 Household Chores - As you plan your Thanksgiving and Christmas gatherings, don’t worry about perfection. People are happy to receive an invite, to spend some time with you, talking, laughing, remembering and simply having an amazing time with you. Spend time getting things in order, but if a plate breaks, or the skin on the turkey is burned, or the smashed potatoes are a little lumpy don’t sweat it. Smile and enjoy the spirit of the gathering! Enjoy the hugs that you’ll receive and soak up the laughter and joy that is radiating through out the room.

Thief #4 People - One of the greatest things about Christmas is being surrounded by the people you love. You still have work and other commitments that are demanding your time and attention, but don’t let the needs of others sneak in and rob you of the true joy of Christmas. Don’t let the hustle and bustle of shopping on the day after Thanksgiving steal your joy. Let’s face it, shopping for others should be a time of great giving but in reality many people will send Black Friday grumbling, complaining about long lines and hating the experience. As you stand in the long lines on Black Friday, start looking for ways of spreading joy. Smile at the cashier, speak to those in line around you, say thank you and have a fantabulous day to as many people as you can. You’ll have an amazing opportunity to make a difference this Christmas Season, as long as you guard against this sneaky thief!

Guard your Joy these next few weeks. Don’t let the joy thieves come in and rob you of the true happiness that spreading joy, giving and doing for others can bring you.

So, tell me – how are you spreading joy this Thanksgiving and Christmas season

"Joy is not in things; it is in us."
~ Richard Wagner

Luke 2:10 -
And the angel said unto them, Fear not: for, behold, I bring you good tidings of great joy, which shall be to all people.
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