Sunday, January 10, 2010

The Peaceful Little Things

The little peaceful things!

I love little thing. I truly do. Stick around long enough and you’ll probably tire of hearing me say such, but it’s the truth. I have no idea who said it, but I saw this quote and instantly fell in love with it.

It’s the little things that make life BIG!

I’ve not been feeling well for a few days, so I’ve been forced to enjoy some of the more peaceful little things in life. I’m feeling better and but wanted to reflect on some of these little things that I’ve enjoyed these past few days.

Pandora – Love this internet radio. Anything I want. My favorite is the “Oldies but Goodies” but so many amazing songs, right at my fingertips. I love music! Praise and Worship, Sappy Love Songs, the Pop Singers from 80, 90 ‘s – such a wide variety of music makes me smile. Ohh... How about the One Hit wonders? We all have our favorite one of those, right?

Sleep – I normally do not take naps because they leave me feeling worse than when I went to sleep. Not true these past few days. Here is how it looked for me. Do a few things, sleep a few hours. Get up, repeat. Been there? Oh, I’m sure you have been. I know many people who are power nappers and swear by them. Please, share how you fall asleep quickly enough to sleep and awaken feeling rested after only 20 minutes!

Iced Tea – Refreshing, simple – Unsweetened, nothing added to it, iced tea. Normally coffee is my beverage of choice, but these past few days tea has been my constant companion. The colder, the better. When the heat is on, you should try it.

Audio Books – Are these not the best? Other than the fact that I would love to be the voice of an audio book one day when I grow up, I love listening to them. I love that I can find free ones as well as cheap ones. I down load a free audio book each month at Christian Audio. You check out like normal and put in the code and its free! Where do you find free audio books? What is your favorite? Have you downloaded older books?

Hand held games – It’s true. I have my very own Game Boy SP, royal blue. I received it for an anniversary present several years ago! I normally carry it in my purse, but will have to charge it before returning it. I currently hold the 1st and 3rd place highest score in Kirby’s Pinball. The kids lost many of my games over the years, so I’m always on the look out for some of the older game boy games. Love them.

Sleeping on the Couch – I don’t know if it’s the fact that there is a “back” to the couch or what it is, but I love sleeping on the couch. Maybe I could take naps on the couch and enjoy this simple pleasure a little more often?

Extra Warm Blankets - I Had an issue with getting and staying warm, so piled on the blankets. I love snuggly, warm, extra soft blankets. I’d pull them up close to my chin and just drift off.

Soup – The winter time is wonderful for soup and sandwich meals, at least around my house! Once I could finally keep something down, extra hot egg drop soup was the meal of the day. The warmth from the inside out is amazing. Soup, simple, easy and delicious!

Boy, looking back at this list, I need to make sure I add some peaceful little things to my day more often. Not only are they peaceful, but fun, comforting and they bring great joy to me! It truly is the little things that make life big! These are just a few of the peaceful little things I enjoy.

What are the little things that are big in your life?

What peaceful little things DO you add to your day?

What peaceful little things do you NEED to add to your day?
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