Sunday, January 23, 2011

My Passion is Hindering MY PASSION

I love giving. I love making a difference for others. I love doing things as a surprise for those that I love as well as surprising complete strangers with Reese’s Cups and Little Debbie Cakes. I can honestly say that giving and doing for others is a passion.

Spreading joy and encouraging others is a passion as well. I love reminding people that they ARE making a difference with a simple $10 donation, that they are making a change within their community when they volunteer their time and that they will see a difference by doing what they can – right where they are.


Why am I not spreading the word about Spreading Joy? Why am I not setting up meetings to encourage people and show them just how easy it is to make a difference without breaking the bank? Why am I not trying to get my foot in the door of local corporations and churches?

Simple! My passion for giving is hindering my passion for Spreading JOY. I don’t have a “gift” to leave these people, I don’t have anything “physical” to leave them and I let that stop me from giving them what I can offer….and that is joy, encouragement and ideas for making a difference with little to no resources.

A friend of mine, Harry Tucker, and I were discussing passion. He told me that passion could be a curse. I kind of chuckled and thought there is no way. Being passionate about something would help to get it done. I asked him to explain how that could be and he said

Passion is a curse when many people are afraid of it. It is a curse when it is bursting to produce results but is surrounded by apathy and indifference. If not expressed outwards, it can turn inwards.

Little did I know that I would soon be living that statement…Passion is a curse.

Another friend of mine, Richard Mayhan has developed a site called Mercy Junction. One Roof – Countless Resources. He is using this site to list all of the local places in his community that act as a resource for the needy. He includes things like food pantries, shelters, community dinners as well as National Hot-lines and other resources for those that are in need of assistance. Brilliant idea! He put hours upon hours of work into it. Soon afterwards, he had an opportunity to share Mercy Junction with a group of men and did an amazing job. The reason I mention this is that as I was reading how the meeting went, it dawned on me that he went, presented his ideas and passion for helping others without so much as a business card to leave them AND it was amazing!! (I wasn’t there, but I’ve heard him speak – so I’m SURE it was fantabulous!)

I’ve told you all of that to tell you this….

I’ve decided that in this year, I am going to set up meetings to present Spreading Joy Corporation to various organizations in my area. I’m going to offer encouragement to any church, civic group and ladies groups that will allow me to do so. (If you’d like to discuss how I can encourage your group, please email me.) I will start doing what I can, with what I have – right where I am; EVEN if I do not have anything to “leave with them.” I am going to work on emailing various corporations and seeing if they will partner with me and help me make a difference and try and personally contribute more to Spreading Joy each month financially to aid in this.

I am not going to let NOT having anything to give stop me anymore.

I will remind people that “There’s no joy like Spreading Joy.”

I’m going to do what I can, where I am, with what I have and NOT feel guilty. I am spreading joy and I am making a difference.

{{HUGS}} yall

What is YOUR passion? Has it been a tool to help push you into what you love or has it been a curse? Is it bursting to see results and you just don’t know which direction to go? Tell me….what are you doing with YOUR passion?

PS – you can follow Harry Tucker on twitter as @harrytucker and Richard Mayhan on twitter as @mcProdigal

Thursday, January 6, 2011


Why do we want what we cannot have

Why do we reach for what we can't possibly get

Why do our hearts take us where our head knows we shouldn't go

Why do we run towards trouble

Why do we have to be prodded to do right

Why is "IT" never enough

Why does the darkness bring pain

Why does yesterday seem to be forever ago

Why does tomorrow never come

Why does opportunity only knock once

Why does a grain of a mustard seed seem so HUGE

Why does today slip away unnoticed

Why does the sun not warm through the bitter cold

Why does "IT" matter to them

Why do we care what "they" think

Why do we feel like 100% is not as good as 120%

Why do we see the good in others before we see the great in ourselves

Why does it matter anyway


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