Sunday, March 31, 2013

Tragedy turned to Triumph

So Shines a Good deed in a weary world

You work hard to make ends meet.

You have little children that depend solely on you.

You can’t do much for them, but you decide to go and enjoy an inexpensive but fun meal at a local burger place.  You load the kids up in the double stroller and you walk there, singing and enjoying the time together.

You order your meal, get the kids situated and simply enjoy this time together….right?

Amazing how quickly circumstances can steal the joy of a fun meal right out from underneath you.

This is a true story.  The mom came out after her meal to find that her stroller had been stolen.

It wasn’t a BMW type stroller that was valued at $500.00 but it WAS hers and it was in excellent condition.

There isn’t extra funding to simply go right out and purchase another one.  There isn’t even a car for “quick” transportation to go and pick one up; because that is the reason she was on foot to begin with.

Can you imagine her shock when she, with two young children in tow.  One probably on her hip, the other, holding her hand and her stroller is gone?

Can you imagine the tears of frustration stinging her cheek? Can you imagine the disbelief running through her heart?

That’s where YOU come in.  YES…you. 
Every day, ordinary Spreading Joy Heroes! 

I find out about this, I take a few days and tell everyone I know and with the help of social media, and a few friendly phone calls – funds for a new stroller have been raised!

See what you did? Well, if that wasn’t blessing enough, there was extra given.  After speaking with the kind young mom, I found out that the kids birthdays were approaching.  PERFECT – I thought.
The extra can help to get them extra gifts for their birthday.

Tragedy turned into Triumph…

As you see, Spreading Joy is not just book bags filled with school supplies and Christmas Gifts to forgotten kids, but it’s much more than that.

It’s caring….every day! 

It’s spreading joy to others every day.  It’s taking the little that a LOT of us have, and doing something great with it.

Thank you for being a HUGE part of what we do!

Some give because they realize how great they are blessed.

Others give because they’ve “been there, done that” and KNOW how huge $10 gift is.

Others give because they want to show God’s love to those around them.

Regardless of the reason – THANK YOU!!  Thank you for being a huge part of Spreading Joy and impacting this young mom’s heart forever!  I’m sure her heart smiles each time she thinks about how people she didn’t even know came to her aid.

YOU are amazing at Spreading Joy!

Thank you for your financial gift and partnering with us to impact the hearts of others! Thank you for Spreading Joy across America with us! Thank you for your monthly support!

Have fun Spreading Joy!

Sunday, March 3, 2013

Why I LOVE Women/Mommy Bloggers

I have this amazing online friend – Jackie - who, like me, is sick of the mean girl attitude when it comes to women in business and blogging.  There is enough sadness, sorrow and disappointment in the world without women attacking other women just to get ahead or make a name for themselves.  While I would love to be one of the few who makes amazing money from blogging online, I know that is not likely to happen.  What I do know is that I will be one of those that are giving amazing encouragement, support and reminding others that they matter and to keep going.

I will boldly (and gladly) go where few women go – and that is to support others and to do so happily.

She recently challenged us to write an article that lifts up other women bloggers and business owners.  Talk about spreading Joy – well, I’m all about that!  I know many successful women/mommy bloggers and I’m happy to share exactly what I think about them here:
  1. They write from the heart – Passion oozes from them!  They encourage, inspire and motivate you to do more, give more and be more accepting of who YOU (the reader) are.  You can tell they spend much time and effort building and encouraging others through their site.
  2. They are either where I’ve been, where I currently am or where I’m heading – I will always and forever be a mommy!  We all have things in common! They understand, they care, they love, pray and are willing to help!  While each of our paths is different, they are certainly outlined the same way.  I love reading about new babies and the challenges of new moms because I remember with a huge smile those amazing years.  I love the posts from Jackie about the question her daughter asks because it reminded me of the crazy questions I use to get asked.  I love the posts that share about the joys of teen age years because that is right where I am right now.  I love reading about couples and marriage and ideas for the empty nest – as that is right where I’m heading.  No matter where I am – I am not alone!
  3. What they treasure – When I read of who is supporting what, I get the amazing opportunity to peek inside their heart and see it dripping with compassion!
  4. Their Site Allows You To Know a Little More of Them Personally – I’ve had the amazing opportunity to meet and hug several women that I first met via Social Media.  I spent much time getting to know them through their sites, tweets and various posts.  When we did meet it was like old friends getting together for the first time.  Priceless!
  5. Their Writing – While some people think it’s all about kids, families or nothing at all, there is usually always great things in all the blogs I keep up with. It could be the latest adventures of Ninja Kitty from @Writrams or another Contagious reminder from @MarloTwells .  It may be something to remind me to keep pursuing my passion from @BridgetHaymond or a great book review or Bible Study from @LifeVerse .
  6. Their Strengths – Most people write what they know most about.  While most people spend great amount of time on making their weaknesses better, I like to strengthen my strengths.  Yes, I do need to and will work on imperfections, but let’s face it, I’m never going to be the master of ….. (you fill in the blank) but if I love it and someone out there can do it better, then why not learn from them?
  7. Their Attitude –The ladies I keep up with are realists through any given situation but maintain a great attitude.  It could be the struggles they are going through or the trials they have faced or are facing right now.  The face it with boldness, determination and a great attitude!  THAT brings me great joy!
  8. Their Honesty – honestly enduring a hardship “out loud” often leaves us feeling vulnerable....even so, their honesty inspires and encourages those that are currently "enduring" major ickiness.
  9. Their Adventures – So many people live and see things that I would never know about if I didn't see it on their blog!  I love seeing something that I immediately think – “that is going on my to do list!”
  10. 10.   The Fun – I love reading and if I ever win the lottery, I’ll invite you all over to see my amazing library of books, but until then – blogs it is!  I love having an extra hot cup of coffee in hand and spend some time each day reading!  Pure fun! I subscribe to few blogs via email but 99% of the blogs I subscribe to are kept in my google reader!  Easy peasy done – all of my favorite blogs right in one place! (if you have a google account, you have a google reader – USE it!)

If we are completely honest, we see what we want to see in things.  Most of the time we choose to see the negative, simply because it is easier to see.  Seeing the good and the joy in things takes practice, but it can be done!

Let me encourage you to rise above the mean girl attitude. 

Be a woman who encourages, inspires and motivates! 

Be the woman who will stand alone when the mean girls are trying to get you to join in on their bashing. 
Be the woman who does right….regardless!

Let me encourage you to check out the initial blog article that inspired this one – go here to see it

Let me also encourage you to leave your link here – at our original site .  And for that matter – leave a link to any “like” article on any of my articles so that our readers can easily FIND YOU and be encouraged by what you have to say!  I would be honored to have you do that!

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Have fun spreading joy and encouraging other women/mommy bloggers! 
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