Monday, May 21, 2012

Wisdom From Proverbs

I love the nuggets of truth sprinkled all throughout the book of Proverbs.  I hope you enjoy these and are  inspired and motivated by them.
  1. Proverbs 4:26 Think about the path you are choosing, walk the straight & narrow
  2. Proverbs 5:21 Just because no one else sees you, doesn’t mean you weren’t seen
  3. Proverbs 6:16-19 Don’t be part of these things that God hates, be part of what HE Loves
  4. Proverbs 8:11 Do you desire wisdom more than things? Nothing else compares
  5. Proverbs 8:17 Do you seek the Lord daily? HE loves those that love Him & you will find him when you seek Him
  6. Proverbs 8:32 When you read & hear HIS instruction, do you listen? If so, you’ll be blessed
  7. Proverbs 9:10 Want Wisdom? Have a Holy respect for the Lord
  8. Proverbs 10:12 Don’t hate. Love covers all offenses. Be loving today, even in the midst of adversity
  9. Proverbs 10:28 The hope of the righteous brings gladness & JOY.  Do right, live right…serve right
  10. Proverbs 11:2 Pride comes…just before a fall. Remember where all good things come from
  11. Proverbs 11:21 Think those that aren’t serving the Lord are excelling more so than you? Let God take care of that
  12. Proverbs 12:4 Ladies, are you a crown to your husband? Sit back & remember why/when you fell in love
  13. Proverbs 12:22 are your lips an abomination to the Lord? Or are you a delight to his heart?
  14. Proverbs 12:25 A good word does more than you may realize. Use them frequently
  15. Proverbs 14:13 JOY is a choice as there can be sorrow in the heart of the joyful
  16. Proverbs 14:21 Want JOY & Happiness? Have mercy on the poor
  17. Proverbs 14:29 keep that temper in check.
  18. Proverbs 16:2 Your actions may look “pure” but, remember, God sees the heart
  19. Proverbs 16:3 Want a successful event? Commit “it” to the Lord
  20. Proverbs 16:5 God sees and abhors arrogance
  21. Proverbs 16:16 Wisdom & Understanding are more precious than gold and silver
  22. Proverbs 16:20 True JOY & happiness are in the hearts of those that TRUST the LORD
  23. Proverbs 17:22 Laughter and JOY is healing like medicine….we need this daily!
  24. Proverbs 19:4 Those friends that stick with you when you have nothing are total Keepers!
  25. Proverbs 19:17 When you help the poor, it’s as if you are helping the LORD Himself.
  26. Proverbs 20:11 Even a Child is known by his doings... What are YOU known for?
  27. Proverbs 22:1 A good name is rather to be chosen than great riches - What are you choosing today?
  28. Proverbs 22:2 Remember the Lord is the maker of us all…the rich and the poor
  29. Proverbs 25:11 A word fitly spoken is like apples of Gold - your words are powerful! Use wisely
  30. Proverbs 28:27 Are you lacking what you need? Help out someone worse off than you
  31. Proverbs 31:20 The Virtuous Woman reaches out to the poor. Who are you reaching out to?
What is your favorite verse in Proverbs?

Leave some wisdom for us in the comments, you never know who you'll inspire by your kind word.

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Thinking about Thanks

Our days seem to get so busy, our time escapes us and our hearts can be so heavy.  During all of these times, we not only should pray, but praise.

I hope you will spend some time just thanking the Lord.  Thanksgiving needs to be a daily thing for us, not just an annual event.

I'm thankful for:
  • How detailed the Lord is...even when we aren't.
  • How HE remembers...even when we don't
  • How HE cares for us...even when we are too busy to care back
  • How HE inspires us with the smallest things...even when we feel uninspired
  • How Great our Lord is...even though I am the least of these
  • HIS great love...even though my love can't compare
  • His perfect plan...even though it's painful sometimes
  • His reminders and examples from His word...even though we neglect it more than we should
  • His thought and concern to give me the greatest friends ever...even though I fall really short all to often
  • His perfect love....even though I am the picture of imperfection
  • His never ending light...even though darkness surrounds me
  • His joy that strengthens me...even when I feel I can't continue
  • How HE delights in me...even though HE knows the worst about me
  • His amazing grace...even though I don't deserve it at all
  • His renewing mercies each day...even when I try to go it alone
  • His abundant blessings...even though sometimes I grumble because I don't have more
  • His limitless knowledge...even when I don't understand
Spend some time thinking about all that you are grateful for.  Dwell on it, wrap your heart in it and praise HIM for it.

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Letting Go

Letting go is one of the most difficult things ever.  You know I’m telling the truth here! It doesn’t matter what “it” is, it is hard to let go.

Letting go means you place 100% trust in whomever you are letting things go to.  It means that you have confidence in that person to handle things better than you would handle them yourself. 

You relinquish all control and you step away, trusting.

Letting go signifies great faith.

We have so much to let go of don’t we? I’ll list just a few that quickly come to mind:
  • Emotional baggage from the past
  • Fear of failure for the future
  • Fear of success
  • Choices we’ve made and the outcome that is sure to follow
  • Our children and their choices
  • Our health, appearance and physical features
  • Our finances, or lack thereof
  • Our dreams, desires and opportunities that await us
  • Our fear of the unknown – the what if’s, why’s and what was I thinking
  • Our yesterday, so we may enjoy today, while looking towards tomorrow
Many think that letting go is a sign of weakness, but in all actuality, it displays great strength and faith.

I want that kind of faith.

I want to easily let go and let God.

As a Christian we are “letting go” of those things to the Lord.  Our Savior! Our heavenly Father! The Kind of Kings, Lord of Lords and name like no other.

We aren’t just letting go to some other person that just halfheartedly cares about us – NO, we are letting go to the ONE who gave HIS Son for us as a sacrifice.  We are letting go to the ONE that cares for our desires, hopes and dreams like no other.  

We are letting go to the one who created us and then planned that everything would work out for us as He planned.  We are letting go to the ONE who overcame death, hell and has endured anything we could ever endure.

I pray that you’ll confidently let go of whatever it is that weighs you down, knowing that the One you are trusting your eternity to is the ONE you are letting go of your problems, hopes, dreams and fears to.
Let go and Let God!

What do you need to hand over to God?  Many people see this site daily and I’m sure they would be encouraged to see that they “are not alone” in handing over a few things.
Encourage someone in the comments below.

(I’ll start out by leaving mine here)

This comes from a dream that I recently had.  In the dream our family is struggling with all that we are currently struggling with. I felt extremely small and overwhelmed at the things we faced. The dream was very chaotic and fear ruled my heart.  (I won’t bore you with the gory details, but my daughter’s health, the finances that have hit us due to this, my son spending his first summer so far away – completely in God’s will, but still painful as I miss him much more than anyone could ever imagine and several other things)

I was walking and praying as I so often do and somehow ended up on a bridge.  I have a horrid fear of heights and this was really, really high.  Immediately my fear kicks in and I’m frozen.  I can’t think and can barely breathe when the bridge starts to crumble.  It’s foggy and I can’t see below.  I’m hanging on for my life and I hear, clearly, God saying… “trust me, let go”

I’d love to say that immediately, I just let go, but I can’t.

I did what most of us do and cried out in fear and anguish, “but Lord, I’m scared just get me off here” He again, said…”trust me, let go.”

At that point, with tears flowing, my heart was thinking ok, it seems I don’t have a choice, but I woke up before I let go, so I don’t actually know if I truly trusted God enough to let go.

When I woke up, I had been crying in my sleep….that is just how fearful I had been.

So, today…right here, right now… as best as I know how, I’m letting it all go to Him.

My family – I prayed for a Christian family, HE gave me one…they belong to Him.  Lord, just keep using us for YOU.

My finances – with more appointments, specialists, surgery and such looming, there is no way we can ever afford any of it without the Lord. (When the dr. left the room, the first question Megan asked was….Mom, can we afford this? I told her it is a non-issue, that God will provide.)  It belongs to Him.

My dream of a larger home – we’ve lived in a tiny 1100 sq ft home since Megan was born. If I get a bigger home, I get one.  If not, I’ll enjoy my mansion in Heaven one day.

Spreading Joy & Helping Others - God allowed me to start this and HE will have to fund it.  I won’t borrow money to help people.  If we help others, it’s because God will put it on the hearts of others to partner with us.  We will do what we can with what we have. It’s His.

I’m going to just trust Him.  It’s all I can do.  It’s all HIS.  I’m letting go.


 there may be additional comments at our main site -  

John 16:33
These things I have spoken unto you, that in me ye might have peace. In the world ye shall have tribulation: but be of good cheer; I have overcome the world.

1 John 5:4
For whatsoever is born of God overcometh the world: and this is the victory that overcometh the world, even our faith.

1 John 5:5
Who is he that overcometh the world, but he that believeth that Jesus is the Son of God?

Psalms 55:22 Cast thy burden upon the LORD, and he shall sustain thee: he shall never suffer the righteous to be moved.

1 Peter 5:7 Casting all your care upon him; for he careth for you.

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Do Right Regardless

I love the story of Joseph.

Many people identify with him.  They do what is right, help where they can and are simply a blessing to those around them but things just seem to keep going wrong in their world.

What are they supposed to do?

Be like Joseph and Do right…regardless

The following is from a Bible Study that I held on Twitter.  enJOY and add to it in the comment section below. 

God knows everything and is in control.  We know this and STILL try to navigate our own way.  Do like Joseph, let go and let GOD.

Joseph was the son of Rachel and Jacob.  Rachel had been barren for many years and Joseph was an answer to prayer.

Gen 37 tell us that Israel love Joseph more than any of his other sons, because he was the son of his old age. Can we see the issues that this will cause?

He gave Joseph a beautiful coat of many colors.  Is favoritism worth the bitterness and hatred between siblings that it causes?

Each child has great potential.  Take time to mold that potential. Work on their individual strengths and dreams.  Never ever compare your Children

God spoke to Joseph in dreams.  Joseph told his brothers these dreams.  The bitterness in their hearts cause them to hate him even more

Christian…YOU should rejoice at the success of your brother & sisters in Christ.  Don’t be bitter or jealous.

Rejoice with them. PRAY for great blessings for them.  I faithfully prayed for a friend for over two years for an awesome job.

I’m super excited that he loves a job that he can be and IS wildly successful on.  Be happy for your friends’ success!

Christian, don't be tempted to be resentful when your brother/sisters in Christ are succeeding.  REJOICE!!

He was 17, he had to know that they were not thrilled with his dreams.  His brothers wouldn’t have any part in bowing down to him

Joseph did what was right in his father’s eyes. He did what was right in God’s eyes.  Even though it seemed not to help anything at all

Joseph, doing what his father wished, went to check on his brothers.  They were so filled with hatred that they wanted to kill him.

Reuben, hoping to come back and rescue him later, talks his brothers into throwing Joseph into a pit.

The brothers stripped him of his rob and threw him in the pit.  As if their actions were ordinary, they sat down to eat.

Don't let it be "ordinary" to cause trouble to other believers

While eating they saw slave traders off in the distance, and decided to make some money off of the little dreamer.

Joseph was taken to Egypt.  The brothers took the robe, dipped it in blood and took it to Jacob.  Jacob grieved for his son.

Can you imagine the anger and bitterness in the hearts of Joseph’s brothers to WATCH their father grieve and NOT tell him Joseph was ok?

Joseph was sold by the Midianites to Potiphar, an officer of Pharaoh, the captain of the guard.

Joseph does right and is the captain. Even though Joseph was ripped from his family, God is blessing his faithfulness

When we are doing right, serving the Lord faithfully and things go wrong, we tend to blame God, whine at God and wonder where HE is.

God, the creator of the universe can use the trials, sin and anything else HE chooses to bring blessings.

Do you get all kinds of whiny with God when you are doing right & everything is going wrong?

Potiphar’s wife tries to seduce Joseph.  Joseph says – how can I sin against God? Joseph ran from sin!

How often do we run to sin?  Be like Joseph and run from it. Stay far away and avoid it.

Can you imagine Joseph’s heart at this point?  He is a young faithful man, doing right regardless and yet things still are going wrong.

Chapter 39 says that God blessed Joseph in jail. The blessings we “want” may not be the blessings we get.  Recognize them anyway.

You may desire blessings of a huge 5,000 sq ft home, new teal blue corvette & others material things, but God knows better

He gives you blessings of a faithful spouse, Children that choose to serve the Lord because they want to and a desire to make a difference for Christ.

Be so close to the Lord that when you are blessed in the midst of the trials & problems that you easily SEE your blessings.

The Butler and the Baker are in Jail and need someone to interpret their dreams.

Joseph reminds them that God interprets dreams.  Joseph, while in jail, is STILL giving GOD the glory!

Still giving all credit to God.

Be very very careful to give God the credit for your blessings. James 1:17 Every good gift and every perfect gift is from above

Even though the Butler forgot about Joseph for 2 years, Joseph continued to do right and Gave God the glory.

Pharaoh has a dream and the forgetful butler Finally remembered Joseph. (in God’s Time)  Again, Joseph does what?

He says that God will give the answer to Pharaoh’s dream.  He doesn’t take any credit at all.  None.

God allowed Joseph In Gen. chapter 41 to tell him that the famine is going to take place and because of the double dream it would happen shortly

Pharaoh puts Joseph in charge of all that he had.  Other than the throne, no one was higher.  God blessed Joseph.

God can work past our sin, our doubts, our fears and our short comings.  God will accomplish HIS desires, in spite of us

Joseph, during all of this time did absolutely NOTHING wrong.  He didn’t deserve to be sold into slavery

Joseph didn’t deserve to be thrown in jail, he didn’t deserve to be forgotten about.  But even through all of that Joseph was faithful

Joseph simply chose to do right….regardless.  He trusted God to work everything out.  It couldn’t have been easy.

There was probably more tears than we know.  A 17 yr old boy would have been homesick to see his father.

There was probably more fear than we know.  Even though young guys are “manly men” they are fearful too.

Regardless of the tears or fears, Joseph chose to do what was right in God’s eyes regardless of the circumstances around him.

His brothers come to Egypt to get food.  They had money but need food.  When they got to Egypt and saw the 2nd in command, what did they do?

Indeed, they bowed to him.  Just as his dreams of long ago had foretold.

Joseph put the 10 brothers through some testing. Teaching them a lesson, accusing them of being spies and such.

In Gen chapter 45 He can’t contain his emotions any longer.  He weeps so loudly that everyone hears him.

He tells them, I am Joseph.  Notice his first question. IS MY FATHER still alive?  The brothers couldn’t answer him.

His faithfulness was rewarded in that his family was saved from famine & he was allowed to see his dad again

Can you imagine their shock?  Then their fear?  I wonder what was racing through their hearts.

Joseph tells them that even though they sold him, Gen 45:7 “And God sent me before you to preserve you”

God is faithful to keep his promise.  Regardless of what we do or don’t do.  God will bring all things together for good.

In the midst of the injustice, pain and sin, God is able to keep his promises.

Joseph stayed faithful to the Lord even though things didn’t seem fair.  Even though things were not going as he had dreamed.

Joseph did everything to the best of his ability, regardless of the position he was put in.   Joseph did right, regardless.

Bringing this home to us, what can we apply to our own lives?

Are you willing to trust God and do right regardless?

Will you look for and can you find the blessings among the trials and hardships?

Will you allow everyone around you to see God in you, even when everyone is doing their best to stop you in your tracks?

Make the choice today to do right….regardless!

Are you willing to do right, regardless of the situations you are in.  Are you willing to choose, like Joseph to do right while waiting?

What are your thoughts on this? Have you had times where you’ve had to choose to do right…regardless?

Encourage someone by leaving a comment below.

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Follow Their Example

I’m always amazed at just how awesome the love of God is. 

When we stop focusing on our past mistakes, failures and current fears and turn our eyes towards the Lord, we’ll see just how amazing HE is. 

The Creator of the Universe, the ONE the wind and waves OBEY… will come to our rescue.

Choose to trust Him when the raging seas have you trembling.

Choose to trust Him when the day is gorgeous and your heart is at great peace.

Choose to be faithful. 

Be like Abraham and simply Go

Be like Joshua and fight for the Lord

Be like Joseph and do what is right…..regardless

Be like Daniel, praying as always so that even when you face the den of hungry lions, you’ll have peace that passes all understanding.

Be like Esther and boldly take your needs before the One that loves and adores you.

Be like Elijah and remember that as long as God is on your side, YOU are the majority.

Be like Noah and be faithful…no matter how long it takes.

Be like Peter and just get out of the boat.

Be like David realizing that when you are facing giants, that God has already equipped you to win.

Be like Nathan and courageously deliver the word of God

Be like Job and wait on the Lord

Be like Barnabas and encourage others in Christ

Be like John the Baptist and proclaim the name of the Lord

Be like Paul and Silas and praise the Lord with singing no matter where you end up.

Be as much like Jesus as possible so that one day you’ll hear the Father say….. Well done, thou good and faithful servant.

Keep your eyes on Heaven and Follow Him

What OTHER characters should we be like? Please, list them below in the comment section! and thank you!!!

Romans 10:13 - For whosoever shall call upon the name of the Lord shall be saved

Hebrews 13:5 - Let your conversation be without covetousness; and be content with such things as ye have: for he hath said, I will never leave thee, nor forsake thee.

John 8:12 - Then spake Jesus again unto them, saying, I am the light of the world: he that followeth me shall not walk in darkness, but shall have the light of life.

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Crazy Faith

Crazy Faith – Noah and the Flood
As we continue on our journey through the major stories of the Bible via Twitter, we encounter Noah, a man of crazy, radical faith.  

He lived a faithful life when every single person, except family, around him was completely ignoring the Lord.  When God’s heart was grieved to the point of destroying man, He looked out and found one man and his family that had the courage to stand alone and choose to do right.  Noah found grace in the eyes of the Lord.

He preached day in and day out the message that God had given him; right up until God shut the door of the ark.  He built the ark just as God intended and didn’t even try to cut corners.

Noah had crazy….radical faith.  I want that.  I want crazy faith in the Lord. Faith enough to step out and do what God is calling me to do, even when I’m clueless.  I want faith and courage to stand, even when I’m standing alone and the entire world is against me. 

I want it to be said of me… Marie, found grace in the eyes of the Lord.

Here are my points of the discussion we had in the twitterverse Bible Chat.
Please feel free to continue the discussion in the comment section below.

Genesis 6:5&6 – God saw the wickedness of man and how that their hearts continually thought of evil & was saddened

It grieved God’s heart that He had made man.  He was deeply troubled at what sin had brought man to and decided to destroy man

While our Lord is our merciful Father, He is also a JUST God, Holy and expects us as His children to live for Him

Can you imagine the sin and horror that had to fill the world to make God bring an end to man, that was created in HIS image?

I think of the sin in THIS day and age and wonder just how bad it was to grieve God the way it did.

We are not taught to sin, choose wrong or always see the negative. Doing that is OUR very nature.  But, we still have a choice.

The fact that we have a choice to do right or wrong is just that… our choice.  What are you choosing on a daily basis?

We sometimes dress up “sin” to try and make it seem not as bad as it is. But, God destroyed mankind & living things DUE TO Sin.

To God, our choices matter.  Our hearts and the desires matter.  God will not tolerate only evil.

Think about it…. EVERY LIVING Thing, except those that were on the Ark. God punishing sin is HUGE. That is how it grieved God.

When we choose sin over what is right, we grieve God.  Genesis 6:6 But -  Sin isn’t just doing the wrong thing

Consider James 4:17 = If you know the right thing to do and you choose NOT to do it, it is sin.  What are some examples of this?

According to James 4:17 NOT reading the Bible, Not being faithful, NOT giving, serving etc. is Sin

Then… there is a ray of Hope! Vs. 8 – BUT Noah, found grace in the eyes of the Lord! All it takes is ONE person.

Have you ever been the ONLY one to choose to do right? Have you had to stand alone for years and years?

Noah was seeking after God’s heart and those choices allowed a covenant with the Lord to be made.

God still LOVES us, even though we sometimes grieve Him with our choices.

Noah had ha choice to make and Genesis 7: 5 tells us that Noah did according unto ALL that the LORD had commanded him.

Noah chose to trust God, even though no one else was. Noah chose to do all that God said to do, even though it seemed forever

Noah chose to do EXACTLY as God said to do.  Can you imagine? Wondering how this was going to work?

Can you imagine the faith that Noah had to show in the event his family was doubtful and/or scared?

I imagine (just cause I’m a wife….) Ms. Noah, “excuse me? Are you sure honey? God told you what?”

Noah didn't just have to listen to the laughter of "the people"...i imagine his family had questions too #justsayin

Sometimes we will have to make a difficult choice when we are following the Lord, but TRUST HIM and do what you are called to do

Think about the faith it took for Noah to build the ark. It had never rain much less flooded.

Think about just how long it took for he and his sons to build this ark.  & the ridicule they faced each day because of it.

Think about sharing the love of the Lord, a way of safety and NO one….not one soul other than family, listening to you.

Noah built the ark EXACTLY as God said.  Do you get this? exactly!  He didn’t take short cuts or use  cheaper material.

The Ark was designed (by God) to simply float and protect them. Once Noah was in, his work was done. The rest was up to God

Sometimes God will require us to show great faith and step out in obedience.  Genesis 7:5

After the ark was built, 2 of every kind of animal got on board along with 7 pairs of some.  Noah did not have to round them up.

Can you imagine this sight as all the animals simply walked inside and then the food was put into the ark?

Remember, order is important to God.  Afterwards, God instructed Noah and his family to get inside

God Shut the Door.  Never, ever forget… God is in Control.

Via @BillMounce what did the Garden, the Ark & the Cross have in common?

Each is the place of judgment of sin AND the redemption of the righteous.

Even though He punishes our sin, He is there to redeem and to restore

It rained for 40 days and 40 nights.  Until everything was covered and destroyed.  Imagine the heartbreak of hearing the cries

Imagine if God had not shut the door…. The temptation to open it, to try and save others? Remember this when facing your next closed door

You may think you are doing right by beating the door down, but if it’s not God’s design, it simply will not work.

Everything is destroyed. Over a year later, God establishes His covenant with Noah, just as He did with Adam & Eve

He tells them to be fruitful and multiply and gives them a promise…one that WE still see today.

The rainbow.  When we look at a rainbow, we should reflect on God’s promises.  All are true.

Does this mean that God is ok with our sin now? No…. He knows we’ll still choose wrong and that is why Jesus was born to Die for us

Lastly, always remember the faith your past trials took & use that along with the promises of God to see you through the next trial

What if you are standing alone in what God wants you to do? will you have the courage to do it?

Are you willing (like Noah) to do whatever it is that God is asking of you? No matter how CRAZY it seems?

Thinking of the Rainbow - As we wrap up this time together, what are some of your favorite promises from the Lord?

Friday, May 4, 2012

God's Waiting Room

WAITING.... (lake hamilton AR)
God’s Waiting Room

I, through @biblememcoins -  host a weekly Bible Chat where we are discussing some of the main stories in the Bible.  It is live each 

Monday evening at 6pm. Follow along on twitter by searching #mkbiblechat
Reaching others for Christ, one tweet at a time.  These are my notes from that discussion:

Father, pour out the Holy Spirit on this chat as we encourage those who are waiting on answers & help only YOU can give.

Today we are discussing God’s Covenant with Abraham and pulling out some truths that can help us when we land in God’s Waiting room

When we are waiting on God for any reason, we feel so alone and that no one in the world understands what we are feeling

There are many examples of great faith in the Bible when it comes to waiting… Joseph, Moses, and Abraham

Abraham was a man of faith. God told him to go and without doubt or argument, Abraham went.

What is a covenant? says it is an agreement, usually formal, between two or more persons to do or not to do something specified

Gen 12:1-3 What was God’s covenant with Abraham? And what was Abraham’s responsibility in this promise?

See Also Genesis Chapter 15 for the ceremony

Gen 13:16-19 God also told Abraham that his seed would be as the dust of the earth so that it couldn’t be numbered.

Abrahams descendants will possess the promised land, God will be their God &
Through Abraham’s descendants all Nations of the World will be blessed.  He would be the Father of many Nations

God also told him And I will bless them that bless thee, and curse him that curseth thee
Abraham responded to the covenant with faith! Gen 15:6 And he believed in the LORD; and he counted it to him for righteousness

Difference is, when Abraham believed…he stepped out and WENT by faith.
Abraham has a choice (part of HIS part of the covenant) he must believe God and be faithful.
Was this covenant just to Abraham alone? Who else was included?

How many times do we say God…if this, then that? We are playing with fire when we don’t keep our end of the promise.

Dont take lightly your promises to the Lord.  While grace abounds, HE is a Just God!

Abraham, obviously a man of faith believed God. But like many of US Christians, the waiting got to him/them.

No doubt after 12 years and still childless, his heart wondered how his descendants could be as the stars in the sky.

When we pray, God always answers. Always.  We may not like the answer but HE always gives us an answer.

God will either reply to our prayers with a Yes, No or Wait.  We are thrilled with the immediate “yes” aren’t we?

We have to often times work our way through the “no” from the Lord as our finite minds can’t comprehend HIS wisdom

The “sure…but WAIT” from God is often the hardest.  In this day we want what we want, and we want it now.

Abraham was in God’s waiting room along with Sarah his wife.  They should have encouraged each other but what did they do instead?

You would think with the example after example of people messing up by pushing past God that WE would be smarter and not do it

Not waiting on the Lord and trying to fix it ourselves ALWAYS puts us in another mess

This is one place where we fall down on the job as Christians. We don’t encourage each other to wait on the Lord.

Isn't God good to keep His promise of never leaving us or forsaking us! even when WE cause our own problems

God showed everyone that regardless of age, or being past child bearing years, HE COULD. we need to grab hold of that

Hebrews 11:6 But without faith it is impossible to please him.  Faith will shine in your life!

Will you risk believing? Will you step out on faith? Will you wait on the Lord? Even though you don’t understand?

Isaiah 40:31 But they that wait upon the LORD shall renew their strength; they shall mount up with wings as eagles

Is. 40:31 Continued - they shall run, and not be weary; and they shall walk, and not faint.

God wants us to trust Him.  God wants us to Wait on Him.  God wants us to believe HIM.

What is your favorite go to verse to remind your heart to Wait on the Lord?

Something I try to remind others and do so often, (and myself) “Time spent waiting on God is NOT Wasted Time”

Just as you count on the sun to rise, You can count on the promises of God. God wants us to prove Him. Mal 3:10

Some last thoughts:

Do you have loved ones you want to see come to Christ? Keep praying for them.

Do you have financial needs that are an “only God” category in your prayer journal? Keep praying for them.

Do you have Children that seem to be moving farther and farther from the Lord? Keep praying for them.

Do you have dreams of making a difference for the Lord in the lives of others? Keep seeking God’s direction

Do you want to use your gifts for the Lord more often? Seek HIS face daily and trust God to guide you.

Do you fear that your faith isn’t strong enough or big enough? Remind God that you believe, but ask Him to help your unbelief.

Do you want God to use you for much? Be faithful in the little He gives you.

Trust God!  Even when your heart says it’s impossible.  Even when your gut tells you not to step out.  TRUST GOD…regardless

When you are in God’s waiting room, remember you are not alone.  Remove your eyes off of your own fears, doubts and hurts

And do something to encourage someone else that is in God’s Waiting Room.  [handing you a magazine]

Reflect on some times where God has blessed you beyond your imagination.  Will you share in the comments below?  The idea is to get you to remember so that the next time you are waiting, you won't forget. 

Share your favorite verse about waiting on the Lord. You never ever know who it may encourage! 

While you are waiting… praise HIM

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