Thursday, May 17, 2012

Thinking about Thanks

Our days seem to get so busy, our time escapes us and our hearts can be so heavy.  During all of these times, we not only should pray, but praise.

I hope you will spend some time just thanking the Lord.  Thanksgiving needs to be a daily thing for us, not just an annual event.

I'm thankful for:
  • How detailed the Lord is...even when we aren't.
  • How HE remembers...even when we don't
  • How HE cares for us...even when we are too busy to care back
  • How HE inspires us with the smallest things...even when we feel uninspired
  • How Great our Lord is...even though I am the least of these
  • HIS great love...even though my love can't compare
  • His perfect plan...even though it's painful sometimes
  • His reminders and examples from His word...even though we neglect it more than we should
  • His thought and concern to give me the greatest friends ever...even though I fall really short all to often
  • His perfect love....even though I am the picture of imperfection
  • His never ending light...even though darkness surrounds me
  • His joy that strengthens me...even when I feel I can't continue
  • How HE delights in me...even though HE knows the worst about me
  • His amazing grace...even though I don't deserve it at all
  • His renewing mercies each day...even when I try to go it alone
  • His abundant blessings...even though sometimes I grumble because I don't have more
  • His limitless knowledge...even when I don't understand
Spend some time thinking about all that you are grateful for.  Dwell on it, wrap your heart in it and praise HIM for it.


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