Saturday, February 2, 2013

My Name is Barabbas

I am BarabbasI love that no matter how many times we read the Bible that there is always something new and wonderful from the precious scriptures.

I was reading about the release of Barabbas and how the people of the day demanded that Jesus be crucified.  

As in the past, when I was reading this passage, I was amused at the fact that the people of the day honestly demanded that a murderer, thief and known criminal be set free so that our precious Lord and Savior Jesus would be crucified.

But….I was reading a passage that I had read many, many MANY times in my life time and then it happened, something new HIT me.

What happened to Barabbas after he was set free?

Because he was never mentioned again, my mind began to wonder:
  • Did he run home, grateful that he had been set free, even though he was guilty of all charges?
  • Did the old habits return and he continued on his criminal journey?
  • Did he return home as if nothing had happened, keeping his story to himself?
  • Did he go from city to city, telling his story, proclaiming the love and sacrifice of the Lord Jesus?
  • Had his actions and life changed to that of praise and gratitude for the tremendous debt that he was forgiven of?
What DID he do? What WAS his story?

Then another thought…. I AM Barabbas

Then….. my heart began to melt, thinking wow… I have that SAME story to tell.
  • My crimes are great and I’ve been forgiven of them
  • The innocent was sacrificed so I could be set free
  • I was guilty of all and condemned to complete separation but was  shown great mercy as my freedom allowed me to be accepted once again
  • I deserve hell but will celebrate on the streets of gold one day
I’m only a sinner saved by grace so let’s bring the question close to home…. What is my story and how willing am I to tell it?

How about you?  What is YOUR story of redemption?

Are you sharing it or are you keeping it to yourself?

Do you go from place to place telling your story and proclaiming the Love and sacrifice of the Lord? Have your actions and life changed so much so that praise and gratitude ooze from you because of the tremendous debt that you’ve been forgiven of?


Did you return to your old habits, old friends and old ways?

The Bible says that all things become new for the Christian.

Have you ever considered….that YOU (Christian) are Barabbas?

As you ponder the guilty man that was set free because of the innocent man that willingly laid down His precious life for his – remember – you ARE that guilty person.

What will you do with your story?

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