Monday, April 30, 2012

Hope in Emptiness

I love that with the Resurrection there is hope in hopeless situations.

I love that even though it looks like things will end, that the beginning is right there in Christ, A new beginning in Christ. 

I love that when I feel that all is lost, the SONrise will remind me that the day can be even brighter when I choose to focus on HIM.

I love the joy we have in knowing that the gift of the cross is open and available for anyone who seeks peace that passes all understanding.

As we follow Jesus all the Way, This is my prayer for each of US

Lord, help us not to:

Focus on those that hurt me or use me for their gain. Even when I “thought” they were true friends. (Luke 6:28 Bless them that curse you and pray for them which despitefully use you)

Focus on how it looks like I’m not reaping from the goodness I’ve sown, when I'm so very blessed even though it's not financial.

Focus on the impossibility because I know that with God all things are possible.

Focus on the why’s, the doubts or fears because I know to do so limits the good that I can do for the Lord.

Focus on the pain that engulfs my heart sometimes because in doing so, it blinds me from noticing and helping others that are hurting.

Focus on the famous because when I do, I lose sight of the forgotten ones that you bled and died for.

Focus on being powerful and mighty and just simply remain available for anything that you have for our life.

Focus on our inefficiencies but rather wrap my heart around the fact that I can do all things through Christ because HE strengthens me.

Focus on the past, because it will bog down my future with guilt, shame and keep me from pressing towards the great things God will do through me….right HERE, right NOW.

Lord, do help us to keep our eyes on YOU and to remain hopeful right in the middle of the impossible, because of the Empty Grave.

Because of the empty grave, there is hope in emptiness.

Keep your eyes on the Lord. Hopelessness will try to consume you at some point in your life, but look to the empty tomb, and the hope in the Resurrection of Christ and know that He loves you enough to take on death, hell and your fears for you.

Don’t focus on fear or failure.  Focus on the Father.

Saturday, April 28, 2012

Making Memories

I love making memories with my kids

Maybe it’s because I just turned another year older recently.

Maybe it’s because the reality of an empty nest is upon me.

Maybe it’s because my baby will be graduating high school the same year my oldest baby is graduating college. (2013)

Maybe it’s because I never want to forget.

BUT lately, I’ve just been remembering and waltzing down memory lane.
It probably doesn’t surprise many of you to know that I’m a happy go lucky kind of gal.  Roll with it, fix what you can and smile through the rest.

Seriously, what else can you do? Right?

It's in that kind of spirit that I wanted to give you some fun things to do to simply make memories.  After all, that will mean more to you than a clean house, money in the bank and a nice car one day.  Mom’s seriously, if someone comes over and you have a sink full of dishes but you PLAYED with your kids, smile and say – dishes can wait, my kids can’t.

Making Memories is as simple as:
  • Laying on a blanket looking at clouds and or stars
  • Having an afternoon tea party with your princess and her stuffed friends
  • Playing basketball in the yard
  • Painting fingernails
  • Walking in the park
  • Reading out loud together
  • Late night movie fests, with popcorn and m&m’s
  • Mail cards to your small children. They LOVE getting mail. (ok, mail cards to your child...period. ) We all love mail!
  • Take silly photos. Yes, we want the pretty family pictures, but always, always ALWAYS take the silly ones too.
  • Dream together.  Know what your children dream of doing.  Secretly work to make it happen
  • Toss the football
  • Handle problems together
  • Bake a cake and don’t wait for it too cool before frosting it and eating it. Such a treat.  And do NOT cut perfect squares.  Just scoop it out.
  • Try new recipes together. If they don’t turn out, laugh!
  • Share PB&J’s
  • Buy chocolate chip cookie dough for the sole purpose of eating it raw
  • Walk in the snow together. Try to catch snowflakes. Close your eyes and enjoy the coolness on your cheeks
  • Sing in the car! Sing loud.
  • Go to the park and swing.  If they have a tall sliding board, slide! If they have a see-saw, even better
  • Explore your city together.  Let your child take pictures.  You’d be surprised at what they love….pictures are worth a thousand words
  • Plan a day of NOTHING. NO chores, no dishes, no cooking – tell everyone – it’s a lazy day all around.
  • Let your child play with the camera on your phone and be silly with them.
  • Color. Seriously.  When is the last time you got a HUGE box of crayons and colored? (psst..make sure you color outside the lines)
  • Ask your child what made them smile this week.
  • Sit on the floor and play.
  • Have a mad, crazy game night.  Order in Pizza and play one board game after another
  • Hot Chocolate out with the kids
  • Picnic outside with an ordinary meal
  • Pop some popcorn and sprinkle with different flavorings. Try ranch, taco or even cinnamon sugar
  • Text your kids.  Seriously.  Text them randomness, facts of the day, verse of the day, silly photos.
  • Give turn down service. Leave a small piece of their favorite chocolate on their pillow and a note saying you love them.
  • Play in the rain.  Just do it.  Treat it like snow.  Have fun!
  • Hold hands.
  • Always play music from a juke box. ALWAYS. Do not let this opportunity pass you by
  • Have cereal for dinner
  • Enjoy the extra sprinkles without question
  • Roast marshmallows and hotdogs
  • Blow bubbles
  • Write on the porch or driveway with sidewalk chalk
  • Play hopscotch
  • Cry together.  (Not only will you make a wonderful memory of support, you’ll let your child know that it is ok to cry.)
  • Shower them with hugs and kisses. Even when they don’t want them. They will thank you for it one day
  • Always answer the question. Even if they’ve asked 100 times already.  Just answer it.
  • Eat cotton candy together
  • Collect sea shells together
  • Gaze at a rainbow
  • Volunteer together
  • Have water balloon fights
  • Play “cars” on the floor
  • Enjoy go-kart riding with your kids
  • Have dessert first
  • Experiment with homemade pizza.  Use tortilla shells, wraps or bagels.  Have fun creating different kinds
  • Have your kid’s friends over and have a peanut butter contest. See how creates the coolest sandwich w/peanut butter.
  • Dance with your kids.  Be footloose and fancy free
  • Catch lightning bugs
  • Make homemade banana splits or sundaes.  Have toppings galore
  • Spend time in a hammock together
  • Host a neighborhood art exhibit
  • Have a watermelon seed spitting contest. Only rule is EVERYONE must participate
  • Play in the sprinkler
  • Feed ducks
  • Enjoy a petting zoo together.  Pet something you are afraid of
  • Start a Thank you Journal, and add pics and notes about people who make a difference in your world and then DO something sweet for them
  • Start a lemonade stand and donate proceeds to Spreading Joy
  • Build a fort out of blankets and camp out in the living room
  • Play in the town of “____” with huge cardboard boxes
  • Silhouette art – draw an outline of your head and frame it.  Lamp without shade, black construction paper and it’s practically done.
  • Jump rope
  • Hula hoop
  • Play in the band.  Mom, grab that broom and make it sing! Pots and wooden spoons make great instruments
  • Make hand turkeys each year and watch how they grow
  • Make, freeze and enjoy frozen kool-aid
  • Whip up some mud pies.  Ohhhh the memories there.
  • Watch the rain together.
  • Go roller skating together
  • Disney for everyone
  • Make Snow Angels
  • Remember out loud with your kids.  Talk about the fun, silly, serious things that you love about each of them.
  • Send your child something unique to them for no reason. Again, everyone loves surprises in the mail
  • Go for a long walk
  • Fly a kite
  • Plan a scavenger hunt.  Do it at a mall with pictures, or at home.  Leave fun clues.
  • Cozy up by a warm fire and talk about nothing
  • Bake cookies together
  • Saturday Morning Cartoon Fest.  See if you can find some awesome cartoons of Yester Year.  Bugs Bunny, Road Runner etc.
  • Pancakes for everyone.  Make a wide variety, chocolate chip, banana or sprinkle in some cinnamon for a delightful flavor.
  • Is your child going on a sleepover or away for the weekend, week, summer etc? Slip a note into their bag telling them you'll miss them and love them. This seems so very small, but is actually HUGE in their eyes.

Tell me, what are some things that you do to make memories?  What memories do you have as a child that has just stuck with you?
Please share them with us as you never know who you’ll inspire to do those things to make memories of their own.
Inspire us in the comment section below

Friday, April 27, 2012

Priceless Gift of You

I took time earlier to talk about the Priceless Gifts that we often "feel badly" for giving, because we devalue them.  We value those gifts when we receive them, but don't place the same value on them when we give them.  

As I prepared for the Live Seminar of Priceless Gifts, my heart was stricken with the fact that people devalue themselves for so many reasons when in reality they are so very priceless.  So, in the Seminar I added this before tackling the other priceless gifts.  Enjoy! 

Many people spend time looking at themselves through the eyes of “society” and that is a huge mistake.  God intended for His children to see themselves as He sees them.  We are created in His image and when we neglect to see ourselves as God sees us, we do Him a great disservice.

Now, I’m not giving you the permission to have a holier than thou mentality, but I do want to encourage you to stop for just a little while and look at yourself through the eyes of the Lord.

Ladies - You are a Princess – Yes, a child of the King and our daddy adores us!  John 1:12
Jesus is your big Brother – We all know how big brothers are!  They will come to our rescue anytime, anyplace and anywhere.  Jesus is NO different.

You are an Heir to the throne – No King is mightier and no throne more powerful than the one that awaits us for all eternity.

You are created in HIS image - Gen 1:27

You are God’s workmanship – Eph 2:10

You are a new creation – 2 Cor 5:17

You are sealed with the Holy Spirit – Eph 1:11

You were known even before you were conceived – Jer 1:5

HE knows your name – the Creator of the universe, the ONE who spoke this world in to place, the King of Kings and Lord of Lords, KNOWS YOUR NAME!

After 25 years of dreaming of meeting Chuck Norris, imagine how excited I was to have Chuck Norris say… Marie, it’s finally great to meet you.  NOW imagine when I get to Heaven to meet the Lord. I won’t have to tell him my name.


You Matter – to Him, everything that matters to you, matters to HIM.  Everything.
Stop measuring yourself by what society says and does.  If they were truly happy with themselves, there would be less drinking, pill popping and plastic surgery.  They aren’t happy with their own standards and you won’t be either. If you want to measure yourself against someone, choose Christ as your measuring stick! Live up to HIS expectations.  
Some thoughts:
  • Right where you are right NOW – you are enough
  • Enjoy right now… change what you can, but don’t let the rest stop you from living your life out loud for the Lord.
  • Society has conditioned us to think that we are not good enough. Stop believing society and start believing God. Psalm 139
  • We miss out on the joy that is all around us because we are focused on the negativity that tries to swallow us up.
  • You mean the WORLD to someone.  You always have and always will.
  • Make the fun memories now! Take the silly pictures NOW.  Chat over coffee now.
  • You are a gift! You are a treasure! YOU are Priceless!

Look at yourself through the eyes of the Father.
You ARE:

Thursday, April 26, 2012

A Promise Kept

A Promise Kept
Because of this single promise found in 

Luke 18:33 “And they shall scourge him, and put him to death: and the third day he shall rise again”  

we can stand strong in His strength.

Because Jesus rose again….
We don’t have to fear tomorrow or face it alone

We have peace that surpasses all understanding

We are sons and daughters of the King of Kings and Lord of Lords

We can sing praises of your matchless love, grace and mercy
We can sleep knowing that should we never wake, the splendors of Heaven await us
We have hope that never ends, regardless of the darkness chasing us
We can take our greatest treasures with us to Heaven…our family and friends
We enjoy the majesty of this gift of life and the beauty you’ve filled it with
We can live an abundant life experiencing joy as only you can give
We can smile through tears, knowing that all things work together for good
We can stand strong in His strength and work though His power, not our own
We are refreshed by the daily renewing of His mercies
We are encouraged by His faithfulness
We know that every tear will be wiped away
We know that His love reaches us…..regardless
We know true, honest and pure love
We know that our God is greater

AND because a single promise was kept….
We are looking for the promised return, knowing it could be any moment… a twinkling of an eye

Marie Wikle

This article was first published in Tell It on the Mountain eMagazine by DeAnne McBurnie.  Thank you DeAnne for how you are spreading JOY!

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

21 Precious Memories of my 21 Year Old

April 3rd 2012 is a mixed emotion kind of day.

I wish I had friends in high places that could fly in, pick me up and take me to Arkansas to see my son for his 21st birthday.  

It is the first birthday that I’ve ever NOT seen him.  I knew that not seeing him for “a birthday” would come eventually, but really…are we mom’s ever actually ready for that?

So in honor of him, I’ve decided to waltz down memory lane.  You don’t mind do you? Hmm?

I’m a random gal, so these memories are completely random.

I remember….

  1. Megan asking how to spell “apple” and your 5 year old self confidentially answered “s-n-o-t”
  2. The toddler, little boy that always held my hand while he slept
  3. The 2nd grade protector of the Princess Kristen. You walked behind her as she climbed stairs so if she stumbled, you would be there for her. I loved you for that more than you could possibly know.
  4. Trying to figure out what orange chips and broken jeans were. I have always loved your literal mind
  5. Your favorite outfit.  Cowboy boots and shorts.  Nothing more.
  6. Yoohoo was the drink of choice
  7. Power Rangers and Street Sharks were neck and neck with Richard Scary’s busy town.
  8. How you loved and adored “the baby” before she was born.  You wanted a little brother, but always treasured the gift of a sister.  I loved how you played with her and talked to her before birth.
  9. You driving off with just Megan the day you got your license.  I cried tears of joy and was a tiny bit fearful.  So grown up, yet still my baby.
  10. Not being able to get the lawn mower to start and you matter of factly reminding me to “do what we always do…Pray about it” at the young age of 5 years old. Child like faith…amazes me.
  11. Watching you sleep and thinking just how proud of you I am.  I don’t think I’ll ever outgrow watching you sleep.  Ever.
  12. I remember the Christmas you were horribly sick. I had a double ear infection and you had some flu bug. You threw up for hours. You were worried Santa wouldn’t come with your one special gift if you didn’t sleep.  “he showed” but then you cried after you were sick all over all your new toys.  You finally slept and were so thrilled to find them perfectly fine when you woke.
  13. I remember how big and grown up you looked as you were walking into kindergarten.  You were a head taller than all the rest of the kids.  You being a head taller than most served me again as I searched for you in the sea of green caps and gowns on your graduation day.
  14. Always shooting hoops with you, tossing the football and being able to hit each of your fast balls.  Well, except the one that got out of control.  I hit it, but not with the bat.  I used my arm to deflect it from my face and you thought you had broken my arm.
  15. I remember the Mom and Todd dates, where we talked about you, your hopes, dreams and things going on your day to day world.  We also discussed just how to treat your future girl friend and the gentleman that you could become.
  16. Establishing honest communication with you at a very young age.  It has always been something that I treasure, knowing that YOU know that you have the freedom to ask me anything.
  17. How your training wheels had long stopped touching the ground before you’d let us take them off.  They were so bent that they truly didn’t work, but you needed the security more than the wheels.
  18. The older you got, the less you liked to read.  But I do treasure the years that we were able to read all kinds of books together.  Especially your favorite – All Because a little bug went Kachoo.
  19. Singing at the top of our lungs as we rode along in the car and laughing when someone would mess up the words to the song. OR singing them wrong on purpose!  Especially when Megan would sing “wise Christmas” or “Winnie NUT Pooh”
  20. Sparring with you, having fun and then stepping into your very controlled punch.  You were horrified as you thought you had hurt me badly.  And yes, it did hurt pretty badly.
  21. The courage you showed as a 10 year old boy, sparring with the older adults. Your height moved you out of the kids class and into the adults.  Even though they were stronger, smarter and older…you always made them earn their wins.  Always.  And you even won several yourself.

I sure do love you son! Forever and Always

I could list a million memories here.  Probably a zillion.  More than anything I want you to know how very proud of you I am.  You were absolutely the best surprise ever.  From the moment I found out I was expecting you, I promised God if He would use you, that I’d do everything I could do to point you to Him.
I love you son.  I hate that we are apart on this special milestone in your life, but know that you are right in the center of God’s will…and that…makes me happy.

I’ll hug you soon.

Happy Birthday Son! I love you

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Tournament Happenings

amazing talent played in this tournament
Tournament Happenings
This tournament was completely amazing.  I’m so honored to have been able to have sponsored it.
Here is what YOU provided to these awesome kids in Hot Springs Arkansas
Free Tournament  (HUGE as many can’t afford to play for awesome prizes)
Free Basketball
Free Lunch & all the water they needed/wanted
Free Cats Care wrist band (thank you Charlotte Bob Cats)
A free opportunity for each player on each team to win the following:
1st place - $150 Gift card to Foot Locker
2nd Place - $50 gift card to Hibbitt Sports
3rd Place – A very nice basketball & water bottle
Half Court Contest – Winner receives $100 cash
Reese’s Cups for everyone that attended and extra for those that truly looooove them.

Capture some Awesome Shots
There were 8 teams – 24 players & about 60ish people total.  I was happy to see those that came out and cheered for their friends.
Kids start showing up early to practice.  It was awesome to just soak up the excitement.  There were many college kids there to help in any area needed.  These kids amaze me with their huge hearts.  They will always have a special place in my heart.
The teams start playing and one team makes it to the very end undefeated.  Nothing short of amazing.
The 2nd team playing for 1st place has played several games back to back AND has fought their way back from losing early on in the tournament.  We couldn’t have asked for a more intense game.
The kids are playing with all their might; the undefeated team loses their first game! It’s anybody’s game as the 2nd game between these two team starts.
I’m snapping pictures and playing with the littlest cheerleader and I look up and see it!  The score is tied up – 13 to 13.  They are only playing to 15. Wow! It couldn’t have been any closer!  I see it… Dude shoots in the ball and no doubt, he scores!  The team that had lost early on had just made the winning shot!  Cheers and excitement all around.
The excitement was amazing.
A great start to Spreading Joy Across America
The half court shot?!? UNBELIEVABLE – not a single one of us was recording this as we just figured no one would get it! but…. Khory – a 15 yr old completely blew us away and made it! It was my honor to present to him his prize (on his birthday) of $100 CASH!  The gymnasium erupted with cheers and shouts! High fives were all over the place!
As if ALL of this wasn’t enough excitement and encouragement wasn’t enough…there is MORE.
Pastor Eric Capacci of Gospel Light Baptist Church and President/Founder of Champion Baptist College spoke and gave a devotional about “The next 24 hours being critical”
He discussed how quickly time flies and how we aren’t certain of tomorrow.  In his challenge, he also presented a clear presentation of the Gospel of Christ and 6 teen boys accepted Christ as their Savior.
God Wins.
Top row is 1st Place Winners!! $150 gift card to Foot Locker EACH
All the work, all the emails asking for donations and support for this event was worth every minute of it.  Spreading Joy can and often is a lot of work for me on the “organizing end” and needing donations part of things, but it is and always will be worth all the effort, hard work and long days that go with it.  When we can encourage those that are discouraged and beat up by the world, they will go on to encourage others.  The lasting effects may never, ever be realized.
We never want to be a Non Profit that is set on “making money and living the high life.”  But we will always and forever be the Non Profit that simply reminds others of the JOY of giving….even if it’s giving your time, voice or a hand.  Regardless of what it is…it is HUGE and has an awesome impact on the heart of others! And always will!
We will remind others to place value on their gifts, regardless of the size or value they may think it is.  We often negate the value of our voice or time spent in helping but those are priceless, as well as the financial gifts.
Remember, when you are doing what you can with what you have – when the finances increase, you’ll continue to do what you can and your financial giving will increase as well.
Thank you for making a huge impact in the life of these kids and those that came to watch & help.
2nd & 3rd place Winners!
We were able to give every child that was there (even those that came to “watch”) a free basketball.  We purchased 100 balls, so the ones that were left over, were given out as well to local neighborhood kids!  How awesome is that? Hmmm?
You guys are amazing Spreading Joy heroes!
Thank you for your HUGE heart and for your efforts in Spreading Joy!  Without you, none of this would have been possible. YOU are pretty awesome!

Ohh, and the 15 yr. old that won the half-court shot?  Get this:  He wasn’t going to stay.  Nope…they were just going to leave.
He and his friends saw the size of the older kids and thought there was NOOOO way they would win. I talked to them, told them the worst that could happen would be that they would get a free lunch, free basketball and wrist band and have a ton of fun…so stay!  And they did.  And then HE won the half-court shot! Simply amazing!
Your time, voice and financial contributions did this! YOU are awesome!

YOU did an awesome thing!! Thank you for Spreading JOY with me!

Monday, April 23, 2012

Things That Make Me Grumpy

  *GASP* did YOU see that title? Ohhhh my GOSH!! Look, being genuinely joyful by nature, the truth of the matter is that I’m grumpy.  And since we are being completely honest here, the truth of the matter is YOU are grumpy too. We all get grumpy. But, if we take some time, sit back and analyze our grumpiness then maybe we can figure out a way to be less grumpy. Or not. Our families will thank us for this one day.  Or not. So, with a little dash of humor, a lot of honesty and being authentically me… let’s see what makes this happy joy spreader grumpy…shall we?   Ok, here goes…. Let the grumpiness begin: (ummm, I’ve never actually sat and thought about this, so I’m having a difficulty getting started.)
  1. Naps – ok, naps don’t make me grumpy. I actually have reached the point in my life that I take them more often than I should.  It’s the waking from naps that leave me in a fog and that “partly cloudy” state leaves me feeling grumpy, dazed and confused.  Megan actually thinks this state is pretty entertaining.  I will often tell Steve that no one should have to “encounter” me immediately after napping.
  2. Hot Flashes at the most inappropriate time – they just don’t happen at night time.  The thing is, when my internal body temperature rises I start feeling sick on my stomach.  Nausea is no fun, so I counter it with crackers or toast and a really cold diet coke.  Talk about being miserable.  Ugggh
  3. Nausea and puking – This is the world’s worst.  I actually don’t know how my daughter does it.  She has a rare disease that causes her digestive system to not work and this can be a way of life for her.  When I’m puky sick, I’m very whiny and the best thing to do is sleep.  I’m worse than anyone you’ve ever met.  I want my momma , an ice cold rag to put over my eyes and ice cold unsweetened tea to sip on.  But I mostly sleep, so that no one has to endure the ickiness.
  4. Forgetfulness – ok, some forgetfulness.  Like, reaching for a pen and paper to write something down so I DON’T forget it and start to write and “poof” it’s gone.  That is just wrong. Just Saying.
  5. Technology – Talk about grumpiness. Technology just doesn’t like me.  I can be doing something that everyone else is doing and out of nowhere, technology will start picking on me. Everyone else will be ok and me….I’m just looking all kinds of stupid. I’m so thankful for a few techy friends that will come to my rescue. IT Heroes are Super Heroes in my book.  When me and technology fight, I usually lose and have to phone a friend.  Rock on IT Heroes.
  6. Flat Tires – this is just crazy to me.  I’ll be driving to work at 5:15 in the morning, minding my very own business and boom!!! There she blows.  And do guys stop to help the damsel in distress? Noooo, why??? Because society is stupid, ax murders lurk in the shadows and it is sometimes not worth the risk in the dark.  So, there I am, jumping on the lug nut wrench trying to loosen the bolt.  Praying and being all kinds of grumpy.  And then, as I’m not in the “best” position, I hear “ma’am, would you like some help.  In an effort to NOT scare him away, I calmly say Yes and THANK YOU – when I want to run over to him, give him a big hug and say pleeeeeeeese!!
  7. Never ending Automation – ok, when I press zero, it is because I’m tired of the never ending recording you have just put me through.  THEN you tell me zero is not an option? What in the world people?  Where ARE you?  At some point there has to be a real live human that can help me.  I’m not asking for much, just a pulse.
  8. Green lights that is only green for 3 cars to get through – Really? Seriously? What is the point there? Hellooooo you guys that set the timers for these things. Can you at least let 10 cars go through before you turn it back red?  Hmmm? Who do I contact about this? Ohh, wait – that will put me square in line with never ending automation. Ummm, nevermind
  9. One of “those” days – you know the day.  I love the little things in life that make life big, but the reverse is also true. There are “those” little awful things that happen that make you grumpy.  Let’s recount one…shall we? You wake late, hurry to get ready and you get out the door and your shirt is wrong side outwards.  You run back in and fix it, get in your car and spill your coffee all over yourself.  You run BACK in, change and head back out.  You’ve bribed the kids out of bed with cupcakes.  You get half way to work and you hear it. A tiny, quiet sigh from the back seat. Your mind is jolted back to the moment as you realize you forgot to drop the little one off at daycare.  At this point you are ready for a do-over.  You finally reach your desk and realize that the meeting has started…. I could go on and on, but you get the picture.  Those days happen to us all! Just remember, you are not alone and enjoy a cupcake for breakfast too.
  10. Mean people – Some people are just mean.  So, what do you do? Give them a taste of their own medicine? Nooooo, no no NO.  It makes me extremely grumpy and ill, but I lay on the JOY sooo thick that it just oooozes.  Mean people don’t like that much joy all in one setting.  They simply can’t “take” it. And somehow, spreading joy to mean people makes me feel a lot less grumpy. There is simply no reason to be mean and icky, even when you are grumpy.  I want to shake them and say “be JOYFUL….do you hear me?” somehow I don’t think they’d take me seriously.
So, there you have it.  In random order, cause I’m a random gal  – some of the things that simply make me grumpy. What about you?  Will you share with us? Hmmm? It might make you feel better and If not, others will see that they are not alone in their grumpiness. Spill your grumpiness in the comment section below.
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