Monday, April 23, 2012

Things That Make Me Grumpy

  *GASP* did YOU see that title? Ohhhh my GOSH!! Look, being genuinely joyful by nature, the truth of the matter is that I’m grumpy.  And since we are being completely honest here, the truth of the matter is YOU are grumpy too. We all get grumpy. But, if we take some time, sit back and analyze our grumpiness then maybe we can figure out a way to be less grumpy. Or not. Our families will thank us for this one day.  Or not. So, with a little dash of humor, a lot of honesty and being authentically me… let’s see what makes this happy joy spreader grumpy…shall we?   Ok, here goes…. Let the grumpiness begin: (ummm, I’ve never actually sat and thought about this, so I’m having a difficulty getting started.)
  1. Naps – ok, naps don’t make me grumpy. I actually have reached the point in my life that I take them more often than I should.  It’s the waking from naps that leave me in a fog and that “partly cloudy” state leaves me feeling grumpy, dazed and confused.  Megan actually thinks this state is pretty entertaining.  I will often tell Steve that no one should have to “encounter” me immediately after napping.
  2. Hot Flashes at the most inappropriate time – they just don’t happen at night time.  The thing is, when my internal body temperature rises I start feeling sick on my stomach.  Nausea is no fun, so I counter it with crackers or toast and a really cold diet coke.  Talk about being miserable.  Ugggh
  3. Nausea and puking – This is the world’s worst.  I actually don’t know how my daughter does it.  She has a rare disease that causes her digestive system to not work and this can be a way of life for her.  When I’m puky sick, I’m very whiny and the best thing to do is sleep.  I’m worse than anyone you’ve ever met.  I want my momma , an ice cold rag to put over my eyes and ice cold unsweetened tea to sip on.  But I mostly sleep, so that no one has to endure the ickiness.
  4. Forgetfulness – ok, some forgetfulness.  Like, reaching for a pen and paper to write something down so I DON’T forget it and start to write and “poof” it’s gone.  That is just wrong. Just Saying.
  5. Technology – Talk about grumpiness. Technology just doesn’t like me.  I can be doing something that everyone else is doing and out of nowhere, technology will start picking on me. Everyone else will be ok and me….I’m just looking all kinds of stupid. I’m so thankful for a few techy friends that will come to my rescue. IT Heroes are Super Heroes in my book.  When me and technology fight, I usually lose and have to phone a friend.  Rock on IT Heroes.
  6. Flat Tires – this is just crazy to me.  I’ll be driving to work at 5:15 in the morning, minding my very own business and boom!!! There she blows.  And do guys stop to help the damsel in distress? Noooo, why??? Because society is stupid, ax murders lurk in the shadows and it is sometimes not worth the risk in the dark.  So, there I am, jumping on the lug nut wrench trying to loosen the bolt.  Praying and being all kinds of grumpy.  And then, as I’m not in the “best” position, I hear “ma’am, would you like some help.  In an effort to NOT scare him away, I calmly say Yes and THANK YOU – when I want to run over to him, give him a big hug and say pleeeeeeeese!!
  7. Never ending Automation – ok, when I press zero, it is because I’m tired of the never ending recording you have just put me through.  THEN you tell me zero is not an option? What in the world people?  Where ARE you?  At some point there has to be a real live human that can help me.  I’m not asking for much, just a pulse.
  8. Green lights that is only green for 3 cars to get through – Really? Seriously? What is the point there? Hellooooo you guys that set the timers for these things. Can you at least let 10 cars go through before you turn it back red?  Hmmm? Who do I contact about this? Ohh, wait – that will put me square in line with never ending automation. Ummm, nevermind
  9. One of “those” days – you know the day.  I love the little things in life that make life big, but the reverse is also true. There are “those” little awful things that happen that make you grumpy.  Let’s recount one…shall we? You wake late, hurry to get ready and you get out the door and your shirt is wrong side outwards.  You run back in and fix it, get in your car and spill your coffee all over yourself.  You run BACK in, change and head back out.  You’ve bribed the kids out of bed with cupcakes.  You get half way to work and you hear it. A tiny, quiet sigh from the back seat. Your mind is jolted back to the moment as you realize you forgot to drop the little one off at daycare.  At this point you are ready for a do-over.  You finally reach your desk and realize that the meeting has started…. I could go on and on, but you get the picture.  Those days happen to us all! Just remember, you are not alone and enjoy a cupcake for breakfast too.
  10. Mean people – Some people are just mean.  So, what do you do? Give them a taste of their own medicine? Nooooo, no no NO.  It makes me extremely grumpy and ill, but I lay on the JOY sooo thick that it just oooozes.  Mean people don’t like that much joy all in one setting.  They simply can’t “take” it. And somehow, spreading joy to mean people makes me feel a lot less grumpy. There is simply no reason to be mean and icky, even when you are grumpy.  I want to shake them and say “be JOYFUL….do you hear me?” somehow I don’t think they’d take me seriously.
So, there you have it.  In random order, cause I’m a random gal  – some of the things that simply make me grumpy. What about you?  Will you share with us? Hmmm? It might make you feel better and If not, others will see that they are not alone in their grumpiness. Spill your grumpiness in the comment section below.


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