Friday, April 27, 2012

Priceless Gift of You

I took time earlier to talk about the Priceless Gifts that we often "feel badly" for giving, because we devalue them.  We value those gifts when we receive them, but don't place the same value on them when we give them.  

As I prepared for the Live Seminar of Priceless Gifts, my heart was stricken with the fact that people devalue themselves for so many reasons when in reality they are so very priceless.  So, in the Seminar I added this before tackling the other priceless gifts.  Enjoy! 

Many people spend time looking at themselves through the eyes of “society” and that is a huge mistake.  God intended for His children to see themselves as He sees them.  We are created in His image and when we neglect to see ourselves as God sees us, we do Him a great disservice.

Now, I’m not giving you the permission to have a holier than thou mentality, but I do want to encourage you to stop for just a little while and look at yourself through the eyes of the Lord.

Ladies - You are a Princess – Yes, a child of the King and our daddy adores us!  John 1:12
Jesus is your big Brother – We all know how big brothers are!  They will come to our rescue anytime, anyplace and anywhere.  Jesus is NO different.

You are an Heir to the throne – No King is mightier and no throne more powerful than the one that awaits us for all eternity.

You are created in HIS image - Gen 1:27

You are God’s workmanship – Eph 2:10

You are a new creation – 2 Cor 5:17

You are sealed with the Holy Spirit – Eph 1:11

You were known even before you were conceived – Jer 1:5

HE knows your name – the Creator of the universe, the ONE who spoke this world in to place, the King of Kings and Lord of Lords, KNOWS YOUR NAME!

After 25 years of dreaming of meeting Chuck Norris, imagine how excited I was to have Chuck Norris say… Marie, it’s finally great to meet you.  NOW imagine when I get to Heaven to meet the Lord. I won’t have to tell him my name.


You Matter – to Him, everything that matters to you, matters to HIM.  Everything.
Stop measuring yourself by what society says and does.  If they were truly happy with themselves, there would be less drinking, pill popping and plastic surgery.  They aren’t happy with their own standards and you won’t be either. If you want to measure yourself against someone, choose Christ as your measuring stick! Live up to HIS expectations.  
Some thoughts:
  • Right where you are right NOW – you are enough
  • Enjoy right now… change what you can, but don’t let the rest stop you from living your life out loud for the Lord.
  • Society has conditioned us to think that we are not good enough. Stop believing society and start believing God. Psalm 139
  • We miss out on the joy that is all around us because we are focused on the negativity that tries to swallow us up.
  • You mean the WORLD to someone.  You always have and always will.
  • Make the fun memories now! Take the silly pictures NOW.  Chat over coffee now.
  • You are a gift! You are a treasure! YOU are Priceless!

Look at yourself through the eyes of the Father.
You ARE:


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