Sunday, March 27, 2011


Think you’re too small to make a difference? Think again!

Put a tiny rock in your shoe and walk a mile

Give a simple sucker to a toddler & watch their world light up

Try ignoring that fly buzzing about your meal

Leave that piece of dust under your contact

Smile widely...with a tiny piece of black pepper stuck to your tooth

Watch what ants will do with your slice of pie

Remember the grain of sand that became a gorgeous pearl

Think about the one smooth stone that took out a giant

Notice how one spark can consume and entire forest

One flicker of light pierces the darkest night

1 person "going" for it, gives courage to the fearful

A reassuring smile brings hope

Gaze at the GIANT oak that was once a tiny seed

One single tear can soften the hardest heart

The difference of one second.... that allowed you to miss that accident or plane crash

Ignore that nail in your tire

Leave that splinter in your finger

These are just a few that I quickly jotted down. I'd love to hear YOURS! If you are on twitter, please do leave your @ name as well!

Saturday, March 19, 2011


I share this with you today because we all feel this way…..sometimes.

The question is, do we stay “here” or do we make the choice to move on – out from under these feelings?

I hope when you are “here” in this state that we all “sometimes” are in, that you’ll choose to move beyond this….regardless of how slow it may be.


St. Luke's

A few weeks ago, I took some travel size toiletries by to St. Luke’s Episcopal Church for the Hesed House of Hope, our local homeless shelter. To help the homeless in our area, I left a huge box of shampoos, soaps, lotions, toothbrushes and toothpaste on the back porch of this huge, gorgeous home that is a wonderful part of our small town history. No one came to the door, so I left my Spreading Joy business card in the box and left.

This prompted a phone call from Father Miles. I didn’t leave a note or anything as to what it was for and for all he knew it could have been someone sending him a “hint.” (He said it, I didn’t) :)

We chatted for a moment about the box of goodies and I filled him in on my day job that allows me to travel each week and I just save those items, bring them home and when I get a box of them, I’ll donate it the homeless shelter. This lead to more questions about Spreading Joy and a meeting over coffee. I love coffee. I love meeting new people…such JOY!

We met and in our discussion he came up with the idea of giving up some negative things for Lent and replacing them with positive, JOYful things.

Thanks Father Miles for the Opportunity to talk about JOY

He graciously invited me to come and share my heart for finding joy. Joy is there…always. But sometimes we are so focused on the problems we deal with day that we miss it completely. While we can’t change our circumstances, we can certainly choose how we respond to those situations. We can choose to focus on the positive things that are all about us and slowly start to move forward and out from under the cloud of despair. Am I saying that we should never get angry? Never whine, cry, pout or pitch a fit? Noooo, not hardly. I do all of these things and sometimes, even more than I want to or should. I’m simply saying that we do not have to “STAY” in this place, that we can move beyond the clouds….if we choose to. It’s our choice.

When I concluded, he challenged us to give up the concept that we don’t matter, because we do; to give up the notion that we can’t make a difference, because we can; to give up idea that it just isn’t going to get better, because it will.

I’ve really enjoyed my visits at St. Luke’s and the members have always welcomed me and my family with open arms.

I’m thankful for the new friends I’ve found there and for any opportunity that I can be a blessing to them and to leadership in the

A View from the Cemetary


For More Information, Please visit them by clicking the various links below.

St. Luke’s Episcopal church

Find them on Facebook

Monday, March 7, 2011

Ash Wednesday

Many people have already decided what they will be giving up for Ash Wednesday. I'd like to challenge you to look at things from a different approach.

I was chatting with Father Miles of St. Luke's Episcopal Church over coffee a few weeks ago, discussing ways that Spreading Joy could encourage his church. We were discussing the difficulties that we all face, the clouds that tend to hang over us, causing us to just see only the negative things that are surrounding us. He then had the idea that for Ash Wednesday, he would challenge his people to do something a little different this year. Instead of giving up coffee, Reese Cups, fast food or other things of that nature, that he would get them to focus on giving up negativity and replace it with JOY!

I love the idea, but as one that is always looking past the negativity and searching for joy on purpose, I know how difficult this can be. ( I being negative right there? uggghhh!!)

Replacing the negative, discouraging and depressing thoughts and actions with positive will certainly help anyone who decides to do so. When you are on purpose looking for the millions of little blessings that are swirling about you at any given time, you will be a much happier, positive person. Everyone will see a noticeable difference and want to know the source of your JOY!

Not wanting anyone to fail, I suggest that you replace, replace - replace. If you are trying to get rid of one thing, it is always easier to do so when you replace it with something better. Tell me, what is better than true joy from deep within? We can't always change the circumstances that brings the black cloud of despair over us and try to keep us down, but we can make a choice about staying "in" the negativity or moving past it.

I was speaking with a co-worker about Lent and giving up things for these 40 days today. She said that she will fast from something that will move her closer to God, such as gossip. She doesn't think that giving up coffee or Reese Cups would be wrong, but for her, personally - she wanted something that would help her to build her relationship with the Lord.

What are you giving up? Will you join others in giving up negativity and replace it with JOY, happiness, contentment and pure delight? Do you think this will be easy to do? Why or why not? If you fall short one day, will you keep going or will you simply give up?

I pray your cup overflows with unspeakable joy for these next 40 days and beyond!

{{{HUGS}}}} yall


I'll have the honor of speaking and encouraging the members at St. Luke's on Sunday 3/14. I hope you'll click the link and check out this gorgeous Church.

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