Sunday, March 27, 2011


Think you’re too small to make a difference? Think again!

Put a tiny rock in your shoe and walk a mile

Give a simple sucker to a toddler & watch their world light up

Try ignoring that fly buzzing about your meal

Leave that piece of dust under your contact

Smile widely...with a tiny piece of black pepper stuck to your tooth

Watch what ants will do with your slice of pie

Remember the grain of sand that became a gorgeous pearl

Think about the one smooth stone that took out a giant

Notice how one spark can consume and entire forest

One flicker of light pierces the darkest night

1 person "going" for it, gives courage to the fearful

A reassuring smile brings hope

Gaze at the GIANT oak that was once a tiny seed

One single tear can soften the hardest heart

The difference of one second.... that allowed you to miss that accident or plane crash

Ignore that nail in your tire

Leave that splinter in your finger

These are just a few that I quickly jotted down. I'd love to hear YOURS! If you are on twitter, please do leave your @ name as well!


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