Saturday, April 23, 2011

Precious Things

Where is the peace that passes all understanding
And the joy unspeakable hiding?

Where is the hope that never ends
And the sparkling hearts residing?

Where is the security of tomorrow
Because it’s almost a brand new day?

Where is the unconditional love
That moves into my heart to stay?

Where are these precious wonderful things
That are near and dear to my heart?

Have circumstances clouded my eyes
To have it appear these things are not apart?

Push the clouds away, let the light shine
And the warm fill our soul with smiles.

There are more than enough of these great things
To carry us through every mile.

What do you think?

Do you miss precious things because circumstances cloud your view?

Tell me your thoughts below.

{{HUGS}} yall


sojourner said...

I don't thin I've ever felt anything or anyone was precious...if's been a really long time.

Marie said...


YOU are precious.

never forget that!


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