Monday, May 31, 2010

Session 1 - The Bible in 90 Days

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Thank you for joining me on this journey through the Bible in 90 days. I hope that you are excited and as we near the end, that you'll be thrilled to have made your way through the Bible from cover to cover. I'm so excited! I have a lot of resources for you to get started with, so let's dive right in!

Here is a pdf version of the schedule that you can print off and use to track your reading.

Here is a free study guide for this week.

Reading Schedule for the Week:

Day 1 = Genesis 1:1 - Genesis 16:15
Day 2 = Genesis 17:1 - Genesis 28:19
Day 3 = Genesis 28:20 - Genesis 40:11
Day 4 = Genesis 40:12 - Genesis 50:26
Day 5 = Exodus 1:1 - Exodus 15:18
Day 6 = Exodus 15:19 - Exodus 28: to end
Day 7 = Exodus 29:1 - Exodus 40: to end

Click here to Listen to the Bible as you read it.

Here is the audio lesson for session one. (You'll need to log in!)

Please listen the lessons. I have the dvd's but can't post them here...copyright rules. We can discuss what you heard here as well. Listen while you cook, clean or are just taking time to enjoy this journey. I hope you'll take advantage of this free resource.


A deeply religious man lived in a house by the river, but one day the banks burst and the house was flooded. As the water level rose alarmingly, the man climbed onto the roof of the house. A Boat came by. "Climb aboard." called the captain. "No, I shall stay here," said the man. "God will take care of me." Twenty minutes later, the waters sill rising, the man climbed onto the chimney. Another boat came past. "Jump aboard," said the captain. "No, I shall stay here," said the man. "God will take care of me." With the water up to the man's waist, a helicopter suddenly swooped down. "Quick!" shouted the pilot. "Climb aboard!"

"No, I shall stay here," said the man. "God will take care of me." The water level continued to rise, soon the man was swept away from the chimney and drowned. Up in heaven, he sought out God. "I thought you said you would take care of me," he complained. God said, "I sent you two boats and a helicopter. What more do you want?"

Do you have any questions for me? If so, please ask away.

Group discussion questions:

1. Have you tried to read the Bible in its entirety? Did you make it? How long did it take?

2. What challenges did you face? If you didn't get all the way through, how far did you get?

3. What is the biggest challenge you are facing in this study (if any)?

4. What have you found rewarding so far in your attempts to read the Bible regularly?

5. If you've started to read through the entire Bible but have never finished it, what has kept you from finishing your goal?

6. What excites you most about the prospect of reading the entire Bible in 90 days?

7. Why do you believe it is important to read the entire Bible? What do you expect to discover in terms of practical living, spiritual growth, knowledge of history or other areas?

Reading Tips:

You'll be reading the Bible on your own. Set your schedule and plan to read each day. In 90 days, you'll have accomplished your goal.

We'll meet here on the blog post and discuss anything you need to cover. I don't claim to have all the answers, but we will find them together if need be. I'm hoping that as others chime in and discuss what they read, that any questions will be answered that way.

Try to read at different times to see what works best for you. Most of all, do not give up - even if you fall behind.

Understand what you can while reading, but remember - different things will "jump out" at you at different times.

Books you'll encounter this week:

Genesis - The adventure begins. Creation of the universe and all things in it.

Exodus - Slavery and the deliverance from Egypt.

If it's helpful to do so, print out this page, put it in your Bible and check off the schedule as you go along. Jot down some notes highlighting what you've read. Any knowledge gained, verses that spoke to you or just favorite passages.

Leave any comments, questions and items you'd like to discuss below. Also, please do take time to answer the discussion questions. You never know how you'll encourage someone to keep going after their goal!

If you are replying to someone, please include their name. If you are on twitter, please leave your twitter name, so others can follow you. I love getting to know others this way!

{{HUGS}} yall, let's do this!

Sunday, May 16, 2010

A Dream Come True

"I just met Chuck Norris! WoooW!!!"

Anyone that “knows” me knows that I completely adore Chuck Norris. I always have, and always will. I can’t remember a time that I wasn’t completely infatuated with him. I don’t know why, that is just the way it has been. It could be his dashing smile, his sleeper hold, or his roundhouse kick – but what ever it is, he has always been the one person of influence I’ve longed to meet, but in my heart of hearts, felt that there was no humanly way possible.

Way back 25 years ago, when I was in the 11th grade, a very wise teacher had us to list out some goals and dreams that we would love to achieve. In this day and age, it’s called a Bucket List. So, my 17 year old self that was shy, backwards and horribly awkward, thinks of a few things that will satisfy the teacher and turns them in. All of the items are in random order, with the exception of the first thing! It is the most important.

  1. Meet Chuck Norris

  2. Fly in an airplane

  3. Travel Overseas

  4. Ride on a train

  5. See Washington Redskins play

  6. Go on a Cruise

  7. Visit the Statue of Liberty

I must admit. Number 2 and 3 were a given. Not much faith required there. My Dad had sent my brothers overseas for a graduation present and I was graduating the next year, so that was easy.

Fly in an airplane – First time in 1986 and since then I have flown several times. I love it. Will fly anywhere you send me.

Travel Overseas – My Graduation trip (1986) was to Germany, Austria and Switzerland! An amazing 12 days was spent seeing the castles, learning the history and taking in the breath taking scenery of the area.

Ride on a train – I was able to ride on a train through the Swiss Alps. We stopped for a snowball fight with complete strangers as well as students and adults that were traveling with us. The train ride was an experience to remember.

Visit the Statue of Liberty – I have always adored Lady Liberty. She is so beautiful, strong and a symbol of hope for many coming to the United States for the first time. Completely unexpected, my Dad sent me, my sister Angie, my Step Mom and my Cousin Mike to New York for a 4 day weekend. We stayed in New Jersey and took a train into New York everyday. We were able to visit the Statue of Liberty as well as take the elevator up to her crown and look out over the city. I completely enjoyed it, even though I’m horribly afraid of heights. That trip also allowed us to visit the top of the World Trade Center – for which I’m eternally grateful for such a gift. Again, the fear of heights kept me close to the wall and away from the railing – but I am able to say that I have that memory. The memories of this trip is full of great laughter as people tripped over luggage or the curb of the side walk several times before we made it home safe and sound.

See the Washington Redskins Play – This was during a time when Charlotte NC did NOT have an NFL team. I had the privilege of having this dream come true on a basket ball court! The Washington Redskins played the Miami Dolphins in a charity event at the UNCC college campus not far from my house. My Dad found out about it and took me to see them. Hey – the sheet didn’t say that it had to be a football game now did it? Mark another one off!! Side note – years later, when we did get a team, stadium and the works, I was able to see them play a few times.

All of this has happened in a matter of a few years. I’m down to 2 items, Meet Chuck Norris and go on a cruise. Every new movie that came out, I’d watch, desire and wish more, but honestly….do I stand a chance of meeting him, naaah.

Go on a Cruise – 1990, I’m several months pregnant and another dream is about to come true. My Dad sends me and my step mom on a 4 day cruise to the Bahamas. I’m so excited as I get to fly again and mark one more thing off of my list. The plane ride is wonderful. I’m sick, but blame it on the baby as I had never been sick when flying before. We enjoy the wonderful dinners, the shows, the tours, the island and the ocean – the vast, wonderful ocean. Every night, we would park ourselves out on the top deck and sleep, listening to the sounds of the ocean gently rocking us back and forth, cradling us in this dream come true.

Steve has always known of my fascination of Chuck Norris. When I met Steve, I used to have a small 3x5 framed picture of Chuck Norris in my room. Somewhere over time, that picture has disappeared, but the desire never did. It only grew as more movies came out and then Walker Texas Ranger leapt onto the scene. Chuck Norris was playing in a new episode every week, right in my living room. I’d watch the episode, secretly despising Alex Cahill for always getting kidnapped or needing to be rescued. I’d watch the movies with great joy and hope of meeting this TV star that was virtually unreachable.

In 2003, I revised my list as I had crossed off everything but one item. I make the additions while sitting beside the ocean during Memorial Day weekend. My kids were 12 and 8, and because my Dad's heart was giving out and his death was in the near future, I was in a situation where I was thinking about life, it’s ending and I decided That the list should be updated with more goals and dreams. A few of the new items are:

  • Visit and do something in all 50 States.

  • Stay at the Hotel shaped like a sale in Dubai

  • Start a Non Profit and make dreams come true.

  • Read a book a month

  • Read through the Bible multiple times

  • Visit the Equator

This is just a few of the items that are on that list. I’ll post the list elsewhere at some point. The point is, the number 1 item was still just that…Number 1 and never going to be crossed off. (Just being honest here.)

Social media is amazing. I love twitter and the many, many connections and friends I have made. I love learning about others and developed a list of things about me that I often share with others. Number 6 on that list is I have wanted to meet Chuck Norris since I was 17. (Really, can you help with this?) I share this list weekly as well as talk about meeting him and on his birthday this year, the entire day I tweeted Chuck Norris Facts. Many have seen the Chuck Norris request and have asked, emailed and tried to get me to him. YOU know who you are and I Thank you!!

Every March 10th – I send out my usual Happy Chuck Norris Day email. It’s his birthday and it’s just what I do. I may talk about what he has done, his code of ethics, his career, and his handsome good looks or just rattle off my favorite Chuck Norris facts. I usually add pictures because one can never have to many pictures of Chuck Norris.

I sat beside the ocean January 1st, 2010 and dreamed of what this year would hold. Never in a million, bazillion years would I have guessed that I would be writing this article. Never. In fact, I talk about meeting Chuck Norris, laugh at my favorite jokes, but had just decided that it would never happen. He turned 70 this year and in my heart of hearts, I felt that there was no way that I would ever get to meet him.

May 12, 2010 I get an email that said Chuck Norris is going to be in Charlotte on Friday at the NRA Convention. Well, the convention center was 10 minutes from where I was sitting. I hop online and it’s sold out. Wouldn’t you know it? So close but so far away. Friday, I’m pouting on facebook. I even make a statement like ” Ugggh!!! How can I be soooo close....and yet sooo far away?!?!?!? *pouting* what in the world?!? [shaking head]

Friday afternoon, my cousin Mike calls and tells me to check my email. A sales guy just left their office, leaving them with none other than tickets to the NRA at the convention center – which in HIS mind and MY mind equals ONE THING!!! OH my GOSH, I get to meet Chuck Norris!! I pick up the tickets, HUG my cousin and float through my night.

In line on Saturday morning, to purchase the book Black Belt Patriotism, it hits me…Today, I’m going to meet Chuck Norris! The tears start flowing. I get the book and get in line. Not far from the front of the line, Todd turns me around and points and sure enough – there HE is! WOOOOW!! I see him!!! I’m going to actually meet and talk to him! (more tears) We wait patiently! He’s been signing books and chatting for a while, now. I’m speaking with one of his workers and seeing that Todd and I are next in line when the worker tells me that Chuck Norris is going to take a break for a little bit. I laugh!!! How funny is that! I’ve waited 25 years to meet him and he walks away! I tell the worker that I’m tweeting that, and send outa tweet that said I was "next in line to meet Chuck Norris and he leaves....come back!!!" He watches, making sure that I’m not sneaking a photo. Altho, I’d love to have a photo with him, but that just was not the case today.

"You are looking at a Dream Come True! "

He comes back, I extend my hand and Chuck Norris shakes it. I clasp his hand with my left hand and I’m giggling like a child on Christmas morning holding the best present ever! I look him in the eyes and get the chance to tell him that I’ve wanted to meet him since I was 17 and have waited for these 25 years. He doesn’t rush us. He listens and even comments that me wanting to meet him for so long is sweet. He looks up and smiles, says Thank you, calls me by my name and shakes my hand again. *grinning* "I TOUCHED Chuck Norris!!" I think to myself! I do the 2 handed hand shake again…I have his hand in BOTH my hands!! heart is pounding. It’s racing. I just met Chuck Norris! I tell Todd to shake his hand, and he does. Todd then takes a picture of “the hand” that shook Chuck Norris's hand and facebooks it. It’s nice to see my son excited! I call Angie first. I’m crying and can hardly speak. I met him!!! She laughs with me! She knows how I've desired this for all these years.

I gaze at my autographed book. With the hundreds of people that were there today, he will not likely remember me, unless he remembers the silly “older lady” that bounced over to his table immediately following the first break, giggling like crazy. (and clapping) But me…well, I will never, ever forget that today is the day that a 25 year old dream came true. Never! I can't even begin to express how I'm feeling. How my heart is full of unspeakable joy. It is just amazing that this dream has now come true.

My best friend and her husband called to “check on me” later on in the evening. The only way I could describe myself was that I was “paralyzed with JOY” - I was (am) so happy that I didn’t know what to think or do. I tried to write this article earlier and the words wouldn’t come. My heart was soaring well beyond cloud 37 ½!

What dreams do you have? Do you feel like they are simply out of reach? Have you waited 10, 20 or 30 years and still have not had your dream come true. Don’t give up. Don’t! While this may seem very insignificant in the realm of things, it has always been important to me. I’ve joked about it, laughed about it…and have desired it greatly. Don’t give up. Keep Dreaming and then move in the direction of your dreams!

I called my Mommie today. I told her, Mom…guess what?!? Finally, mom, finally. I met Chuck Norris…can you believe it? With that, the tears started again. I could hardly talk. I Love you Mom! I’m so glad I could share my joy with you!

"Angie said: "Step away from the signature....step away!" I can't stop gazing!"

[whispering….] Hey Dad….guess what Daddy? (Tears falling) Did you see today? I got to meet Chuck Norris! [nodding] and it was completely awesome! I touched him and everything. I wish you were here....I do. I miss you so.

{{{HUGS}} Yall.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Interview with a Cowboy

Robert Wilson, @CwbyWsdm on twitter was kind enough to interview me on his blog talk radio. This act alone is an amazing way of spreading joy as it allowed me to get the word out to many that I could not have reached without his help.

Cowboy Wisdom NLP Coaching energizes personal expansion spiritual enrichment with common sense. I am Hypnotherapist Neuro-Linguistic Speaker Published Author.

Cowboy Wisdom
Cowboy = Common sense savvy and fundamental life know-how

Wisdom = My Inner Lore that provides you with a saddle to ride through your journey of growth in all facets of your life.

I am an everyday life coach, brimming with common sense and wisdom for constructive fundamental change. Straight forward thoughts parallel an uncomplicated life with a positive lasso thrown to the Universe for visible results in your life. Cowboy Wisdom is fundamental life coaching with you focusing on your intentions, triggering a domino effect of positive changes in your life.

Your wagon train is beginning right now to the new frontiers of your life. Are you ready to saddle up and start?

Here is the link to the Blog Talk Interview! Enjoy

Spreading JOY Blog Talk Interview

Thank you, Robert, for allowing me to talk about my passion of Spreading Joy and encouraging others to make a difference where they are, with what they have. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to tell others that "There's No Joy like Spreading Joy!" and Thank you for always starting my day out with a smile.

What do you think of the interview? Do you think we could be spreading joy across America? Do you think we'll be able to raise $20,000 for our Back2School project?

Do you realize that the little things you do adds up to be HUGE rewards, return and will continue to grow in the hearts of those you touch?

{{HUGS}} Yall

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Magical Weekend

"Marie and Magician Maxwell Blade"

My mommie gave me a wonderful gift for my birthday. A trip to see my son who was in Arkansas in college. Though the trip was long and the time spent with Todd would be short, the weekend would turn out to be quite magical, indeed.

I always try and focus on the positive. There's usually a lot of negativity swirling all around to cover up the happy, so finding the joy in things can be difficult, but - always remember, the joy and happiness is there! Look for it!

The weekend was full of laughter, singing, coffee and getting turned around, spilt drinks, my mommie's broken Air Conditioner and my unexpected financial expenses that could have taken the joy out of the trip. But - choosing to focus on seeing my son, HIS birthday - I decide that we are going to have fun, no matter how tight the funds were. There had to be plenty of free things to see, do and enjoy. I was determined his 19th birthday would be amazing.

Todd was completely surprised to see us. No small feat, given the fact that he is always facebookin, texting, talking and the like. I actually thought my heart would burst as we pulled into the mall parking lot. We hug, cry and thanks to his wonderful boss, we leave for our weekend. I have no idea yet what we will do, but it will be great fun simply being with Todd for his birthday.

"The Glorious Majestic Hotel"

I love the historical feel of downtown Hot Springs Arkansas. The old buildings, and especially the Majestic Hotel. We walk around that evening and spend time looking at it, even though we are NOT supposed to be trespassing. I would love to sneak a peak inside. I can imagine the parties, the rooms, the dinners and the laughter. We see a guard, stop and speak for a bit. I'm secretly wishing he would invite me to see a few of the rooms. I love old buildings like that. He doesn't, I'm jealous, so we bid him a good night and head down the road. (Seriously, if YOU have connections, I'd looove to see the inside, even though it's abandoned!) We talk about going to the lake, but have no clue where the public lake access is.

A very nice gentleman over hears us and starts telling me where to go to access the lake. I'm getting excited as I can picture the lake and its beauty. He tells me that he'll write it down for me and asks if we are going to attend the magic show that night as he points to the entrance of Maxwell Blade's Magic Show. Woow!! I LOVE magic shows! I look at the entrance and back at the gentleman and realize that I'm speaking to the magician HIMSELF!! Oh my gosh! How cool is that?
"A Magical Weekend With Maxwell Blade"

He's traveled doing magic shows all over the world and has now settled into Hot Springs AR, where he is on vacation all the time. The show was spectacular! We settle in our seats, Todd treats me to a diet coke and we watch with awe and joy as the magic begins. The card tricks were awesome, especially the invisible cards! He pulls children from the audiance and has a blast with them! We laugh, we oooohh and aaahhhh. Bottles of wine come from empty containers that I can see through. Not just a few of them, no. An entire table full by the time the trick is complete.

This magician is not only gifted with the ability to WOW us with his magic, but also has a huge heart for others. He is a giving individual and has a goal of making a difference by doing 3 acts of joy a day. If you are trying to make sure you do one thing for others a day, that can be difficult, but 3 - that is simply wonderful. He even stayed around afterwards to speak to everyone of us, even though he had a long trip to make that night for an event the next day - one of "giving back".

If you are in Hot Springs Arkansas on a Friday or Saturday night, I encourage you to stop by and check out the show. I'll be there this coming weekend and will be paying it forward, making a difference and giving away a couple of tickets to this show.

Thank you, Maxwell Blade, for a magical weekend. For your heart for others, for the smiles, laughter and joy you bring into the hearts of all who visit your show.

Please visit

You can contact Maxwell Blade by calling 501-623-6200 501-623-6200
Mailing Address: 121 Central Avenue, Hot Springs, AR 71901

Adult tickets cost $15.00.
Tickets for seniors 55 and up cost $13.00.
Tickets for children 12 and under cost $10.00.

Oh.....another thing! When I asked for his card, he promptly wrote his email on a playing card and handed it to me! *grinning* now THAT is very cool!

Make it magical today! No matter the problems, worries or other little aggravating things that poke their way into your day! Look for and find the joy in the journey!

{{{HUGS}}} Yall
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