Thursday, May 13, 2010

Interview with a Cowboy

Robert Wilson, @CwbyWsdm on twitter was kind enough to interview me on his blog talk radio. This act alone is an amazing way of spreading joy as it allowed me to get the word out to many that I could not have reached without his help.

Cowboy Wisdom NLP Coaching energizes personal expansion spiritual enrichment with common sense. I am Hypnotherapist Neuro-Linguistic Speaker Published Author.

Cowboy Wisdom
Cowboy = Common sense savvy and fundamental life know-how

Wisdom = My Inner Lore that provides you with a saddle to ride through your journey of growth in all facets of your life.

I am an everyday life coach, brimming with common sense and wisdom for constructive fundamental change. Straight forward thoughts parallel an uncomplicated life with a positive lasso thrown to the Universe for visible results in your life. Cowboy Wisdom is fundamental life coaching with you focusing on your intentions, triggering a domino effect of positive changes in your life.

Your wagon train is beginning right now to the new frontiers of your life. Are you ready to saddle up and start?

Here is the link to the Blog Talk Interview! Enjoy

Spreading JOY Blog Talk Interview

Thank you, Robert, for allowing me to talk about my passion of Spreading Joy and encouraging others to make a difference where they are, with what they have. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to tell others that "There's No Joy like Spreading Joy!" and Thank you for always starting my day out with a smile.

What do you think of the interview? Do you think we could be spreading joy across America? Do you think we'll be able to raise $20,000 for our Back2School project?

Do you realize that the little things you do adds up to be HUGE rewards, return and will continue to grow in the hearts of those you touch?

{{HUGS}} Yall


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