Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Christmas Joy 2012


A time of giving, sharing and just reflecting on those that we love, treasure and adore. 
Should be such a time of great joy but in this economy so many people are struggling. 

My heart often thinks of the many people who will simply enjoy time together this Christmas, and that in itself is a wonderful gift, but we can and should do more for the kids.  

I mean really....we are only Children once.

We want to do some amazing things for some awesome kids of the Battered Women’s Shelter this year. 

Will you partner with us and help us sprinkle some magic into their Christmas Morning?

We bring these ladies and children in (yes, bring them in by bus as they don’t have transportation) treat them to a very nice lunch, dessert and some encouragement as well as “free shopping” for Christmas Gifts.   So, in the spirit of Spreading Joy this Christmas, we will move forward doing what we can with what we have.  

It’s that simple.

We need your help!  There is no way we’ll be able to do this alone.

Here are some ways you can partner with Spreading Joy and make a difference for these ladies that have courageously stepped out and are starting new.  They dream of doing huge things for their kids, but many struggle just to keep them warm and fed.

Will you partner with us to make their Christmas Merry and Bright? Here are things that we need!

  • Will you donate new unwrapped gifts for us to give? Think about it, if you purchase 1 gift a week starting now, until the first of December, you’d have 11 gifts to donate!
  • Will you see if your Organization can collect toys? Put out a wrapped gift box, attach this sign and collect gifts.
  • Will you see if your group (Sunday School class, small group, ladies group, men’s group, other group or even entire Church) will collect toys.  Same process as above, place wrapped boxes at various entry points – and doing so earlier is better.
  • If you aren’t close by and would like to help but shipping toys is much too expensive, consider donating Wal-Mart or McDonald’s gift cards.  We use these for gifts for the teens.  Make them in $10.00 increments.
  • Could you come and volunteer?  We will need people to help with wrapping, setting up, cleaning up, picking up toys, picking up food and other things.  Please email me if you can volunteer and we’ll get you plugged in!
  • Any gift of any size is huge!  Will you make a donation?  If you donate this weekend, once in Oct, Nov & early Dec, you’ll have an opportunity to give big without hurting your wallet or your Christmas budget.  Think about it - $25 a month for 4 months is HUGE.
  • Are you receiving a Christmas Bonus?  Decide that a small portion of that will help others.
  • Selling things on e-bay? Give back and the those that bid on your items know that a portion of the costs will be spreading joy to others.
  • Corporate Sponsorship will receive recognition below as well as weekly tweets to your website.  We have over 500 views on our site a day as well as over 40,000 amazing interactive followers on twitter.  People that engage, take action and care!

If you’d like to mail your donation of funding or toys, please mail to:
Spreading JOY Corporation
PO Box 1771
Denver NC 28037

Lastly - will you spread the word?  Share this on Facebook, tweet this on Twitter....daily,  Post it on LinkedIn as well as even highlight what we are trying to accomplish on your website.  Your voice is powerful!  It reaches people we may never come across.  Use your voice.

Remember, we are an IRS Approved Non – Profit and your company may match Charitable Donations.  Why not check it out with your HR Department?

Here are a few videos showing you what we have accomplished during Christmas Past:

We want to rise above the discouragement of high prices, the obstacle of dead ends and the disappointment of our comfort zone. We want to be the change that is so desperately needed!

And we want to JOYn forces with Y O U to do so this Christmas!

Thank YOU!

Organizations that are Collecting Toys:
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Corporate Sponsors: 

He who has no Christmas in his heart, will never find Christmas under a tree. ~ Charlotte Carpenter 

Monday, October 8, 2012

Voice of Truth

Voices are everywhere, bombarding us about everything.
  • Look this way, dress that way...
  • Be this size or else you won't fit into the "norm"...
  • Work at home mom's keep their children from.....
  • Stay at home mom's keep their children from...
  • You can't pray this way in this place
  • If you want to be a success then...
  • If you are as good as you say you are then...
  • You can't do it...
  • You can do it....

So many things, so much to do and so much to juggle.

I understand.  I get it.

I have a family, I work a full time job, I run a Non Profit, I volunteer with various ministries and I faithfully attend church, along with a whole host of other things I do, people I hear and voices that are always telling me... "over here...listen to me..."

In reality, I need to focus on the ONE Voice.  The Voice of truth.  

God's voice, for in the end if I am to hear that precious voice say "Well Done...." then I need to focus my attention on His voice each day.

At the beginning of each day, start your day asking God to help you focus on Him and what He would have you to do.  When your day ends, thank Him for having done so.

When doubt and discouragement creep in as they often do through all the voices that come at us each day, remember the Voice of Truth that tells you that

"Philippians 4:13 I can do all things through Christ which strengtheneth me."
Or the Voice of Truth that tells us

"Matthew 19:26 But Jesus beheld them, and said unto them, With men this is impossible; but with God all things are possible."

We need to forget about living up to society standards and live up to Christ's expectations.

We need to stop listening to what Hollywood says is acceptable and hear what Christ says is right, pure and just.

We need to stop listening to those voices that won't matter when Heaven is our reward, that never cared for us and start focusing on the One who always cares for us, the One who always loves us and the ONE who died for us.

When you Call on the Lord, make no mistake...HE will answer!  You may or may not like his answer.  Will you listen to the voice of truth even when you don't agree or even when you don't understand?  Will you trust the voice of truth to give you courage to step out and do what only HE can enable you to do?  

Will you listen when He answers? 

Will you listen to the Voice of Truth, or will you let doubt, fear and discouragement drown out His precious voice?

The Voice of Truth... what is HE telling you?

Inspire/Encourage others by sharing your story here about truth.  
Spreading Joy is as simple as posting on Twitter, Facebook, Linked In or Google + as well as pinning on Pinterest.

Monday, October 1, 2012


I came across this quote some time ago and realized at that point that we live in tomorrow so much.  

I do too.  

I’m always looking forward to my next beach trip, the next Christmas or when things will simply just get better.

There is nothing wrong with that.  It’s healthy and pretty awesome to dream of what will be.  

I dream of doing great things, having really nice things and making a huge impact in the hearts of others.

The problem comes in when we “live there” in tomorrow and forget about today.

Have you considered that:
  • Everything we do today, prepares us for tomorrow
  • Everything we experience today, prepares us for tomorrow
  • Every single trial we face today makes us stronger for tomorrow
  • Every single mistake we make today makes us wiser for tomorrow
  • Every act of joy, kindness and love makes us more compassionate for tomorrow
  • Every single tear that falls today allows us to treasure the joy of tomorrow.

When things are easy and we are “becoming” it’s not so bad, but when the days are tearful, fearful and difficult….”becoming” doesn’t seem so great, but that is so far from the truth.

You wonder why or “what did I do to deserve that?”

You wonder “how did I not see that coming? “

You wonder how could I have been so stupid, how will I ever make it and even wonder how you can take another day of “this?”

Because of the pain, tears and unknown you never in a million years think to ask….

”What am I becoming?”

You may become cowardly…but you can also become courageous!

You may become down and out…but you can still rise to the top!

You may become a million different things, but truthfully, the choice is up to you.

We’d like to hear from you!  

What are you becoming?

I know it’s difficult sometimes, but the bottom line is you ARE becoming amazing!

And, I imagine that you ALREADY are!

Spreading joy is as easy as posting this article to facebook, twitter, linked in and pinning it to pinterest. Thank you for your part in spreading joy daily! 
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