Monday, October 1, 2012


I came across this quote some time ago and realized at that point that we live in tomorrow so much.  

I do too.  

I’m always looking forward to my next beach trip, the next Christmas or when things will simply just get better.

There is nothing wrong with that.  It’s healthy and pretty awesome to dream of what will be.  

I dream of doing great things, having really nice things and making a huge impact in the hearts of others.

The problem comes in when we “live there” in tomorrow and forget about today.

Have you considered that:
  • Everything we do today, prepares us for tomorrow
  • Everything we experience today, prepares us for tomorrow
  • Every single trial we face today makes us stronger for tomorrow
  • Every single mistake we make today makes us wiser for tomorrow
  • Every act of joy, kindness and love makes us more compassionate for tomorrow
  • Every single tear that falls today allows us to treasure the joy of tomorrow.

When things are easy and we are “becoming” it’s not so bad, but when the days are tearful, fearful and difficult….”becoming” doesn’t seem so great, but that is so far from the truth.

You wonder why or “what did I do to deserve that?”

You wonder “how did I not see that coming? “

You wonder how could I have been so stupid, how will I ever make it and even wonder how you can take another day of “this?”

Because of the pain, tears and unknown you never in a million years think to ask….

”What am I becoming?”

You may become cowardly…but you can also become courageous!

You may become down and out…but you can still rise to the top!

You may become a million different things, but truthfully, the choice is up to you.

We’d like to hear from you!  

What are you becoming?

I know it’s difficult sometimes, but the bottom line is you ARE becoming amazing!

And, I imagine that you ALREADY are!

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