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Fall of Man and Choices We Make

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I’m going through the Bible and touching on all the main stories each Monday night at 6pm EST.

Our last discussion was on the Fall of Man and the results of our choices. Here is what we discussed. Please, feel free to continue the discussion in the comment section below.

The Fall - Genesis 3
Welcome to #mkbiblechat where we are discussing the major stories of the Bible each week. This week, the fall of man.

Life is awesome and wonderful for Adam and Eve and then Satan enters and first thing he does is to cause Eve to doubt God

That lie of the devil is still widely used. When we doubt, we get fearful. Fear brings hopelessness which leads to discouragement

If the Christian is discouraged and DOING NOTHING, then there is no impact for the Kingdom of Heaven and satan has us in his grip

Depression and discouragement are the toughest things to overcome as satan wants us focused on our fears and not our Father.

As a Christian we need to remain close enough to God that the lies of satan stick out like a sore thumb. How are you doing this?

We need to remember that just because it looks good and our heart desires it…doesn’t mean it won’t be harmful Gen 3:6

Our lives are filled with so many wonderful things and people, that we don’t have to run to or desire the things that hurt us most

Eve had a choice. She chose to ignore the voice of God and did what she wanted. Her choice affected more than she ever knew

WARNING: Our wrong, sinful choices will hurt more than just ourselves. It will hurt those closest to us&those we may never meet

It is never a wise thing to ignore God’s word. It will work out so much better for us if we simply choose to follow the Lord.

Some people blame Eve. Some people blame Adam. My next few statements will discuss both roles. What do YOU think?

Adam, Adam, Adam. He was with Eve &didn’t step in, didn’t try&stop Eve&didn’t say that they should listen to God, not the serpent

EVE, Eve, Eve. She should have waited to at least hear what her husband had to say about the fruit before jumping the gun & eating

Ladies, learn from Eve. YOU have the responsibility to follow your husband as HE follows Christ. Not the other way around.

Guys, learn from Adam. If your wife is not making wise choices, wrap her in prayer & approach her the right way, with right spirit.

everyone blamed everyone else! no one "owned" their mistakes. reminds me of today. own up!! fess up & then pray up.

Adam had a horrible choice to make after Eve took the fruit. He could have chosen NOT to eat the fruit&remain perfect

My sappy heart wonders if he deliberately made the choice to eat because he LOVED her so much & didn’t want to be without her.

Adam’s act of love reminds me of Christ doing WHATEVER it takes to make a way for us to get into heaven. HE CHOSE TO DIE.

Adam didn’t have to eat, but chose to for her. He demonstrated how much HE loved her by taking that fruit and future punishment

They heard God walking in the garden and hid. Even though God knew, he asked where they were and how they knew they were naked.

RED FLAG: Pay attention to the questions God asks. Throughout the Bible, those questions are for YOUR benefit.

Think of the punishment in the Garden of Eden. PAIN. We only see the desirable part of sin, not the price it will COST US

We HAVE to endure pain in childbearing. Christ CHOSE to endure the pain and suffering of the cross

We HAVE to endure the pain of separation as our children grow up and leave. Christ CHOSE to endure the pain of separation for US

Sin forever changed the way we were SUPPOSED to be as humans. Sin will cost us far more than we will ever want to pay

Adam and Eve lost the PERFECT fellowship with God, the pleasures of the Garden of Eden & will have a life time of pain

God now had to provide a perfect, holy sacrifice so that we may the hope of an eternity with HIM in Heaven.

Let’s bring this topic right down to where we live. What about our choices? What can we learn from this week’s lesson?

Never think that when you choose to do wrong, you’ll only hurt yourself. You’ll hurt far more people than you’ll ever know


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