Thursday, March 8, 2012

ABC's of Making A Difference

A – Aware – Be aware of your surroundings. Many people that you pass by are hurting and your bright smile will probably bring them peace, joy and hope.

B – Believe – Believe that no matter how small your gift or act of joy is that it matters and it makes a difference.

C – Cheerful – Your attitude is contagious, so make sure you are cheerful today!

D – Delight – Delight in the joy and success of others. There are so many negative things that we face each day which makes this gift is priceless

E – Encourage – This is the easiest way to make a difference. No special talent needed, anyone of any financial level or position can do this.

F – Find – FIND the resources that you have. Making a difference doesn’t have to break the bank. You’ve got what you need right where you are.

G – Goals – Set goals for making a difference. Decide that you’ll do one or two things a day. Choose to trade a coffee, manicure or lunch and donate those funds to a charity, like Spreading Joy.

H – Hear – Your family, friends and those you work with are speaking about their likes, dislikes and troubles. Hear what they are saying and act on it.

I – Ignore – Ignore those negative feelings that try to convince you that you are not making a difference. Every single act of JOY you do for someone is making a difference.

K – Kindness – Kindness matters to everyone. Sprinkle a little bit everywhere you go!

L – Laugh – Laughter is the best medicine. Find things to laugh about and share!

M – More – Do a little more today for others, than you did yesterday.

N – Notes – Send out note cards and letters telling someone – THANK you for making a difference in my life! Leave sticky notes of encouragement where your friends, family or co-workers can find them.

O – Outstanding – Tell someone what an outstanding job they’ve done. Your cashier, your bank teller, your husband/wife and child!

P – Passionate – Be passionate about what you do. The joy you feel will be undeniable and others will want to follow suit.

Q – Quality – Do your best, give your best and know that in doing so you’ll enhance the quality of your life.

R – Remember – Remember that you matter and you are unique….just like everyone else.

S – Speak – Say it today! Don’t wait. Speak your heart to those special people in your life.

T – Thanksgiving – Don’t just practice an attitude of gratitude during one month a year. Thanksgiving is something we should be doing each day.

U – Useful – Help someone. Don’t just hope that someone else will do it, YOU do it.

V – Valuable – What is valuable to you? Things, stuff or money? Try valuing respect, honor, truth and love more. Priceless gifts.

W – Whimsy – Add a little whimsy to your day and to those around you. The fun sprinkled through your day will widen the already existent smile!

X – Xcuse me? – Don’t tell me you can’t make a difference! Everyone can! Here are 50 ways to do so without spending a penny – AND – if that isn’t enough, here are ANOTHER 50 ways!

Y – Yourself – Fearlessly be YOURSELF. You are amazing and we need you to be you.

Z – Zany – Be a little zany, silly and carefree. Be positive and run the negativity out! Enjoy each moment and let your heart smile!

Spreading Joy and Making a difference is easy!

Talk to me....what do you think? Can you do this?

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