Monday, March 19, 2012

Made in HIS Image with us....

I'm honored to be one of the Hosts of @BibleMemCoins Mike Kelly's Bible Chats on Twitter. #MKBibleChat Has several chats going on through the week and even if you can't attend one live via twitter, then you can always click the hashtag and view at your leisure.

Here is a list of the Chats

I'm going through the Bible and touching on all the main stories each Monday night at 6pm EST.

Last week we talked about being made in God's Image.

Here is what was discussed:
On the 6th day God created the animals and man = Gen 1:26 And God said, Let us make man in our image, after our likeness:

God saved the best and most precious creation for last. Order is important to the Lord. It matters.

God said “let US make man in OUR image” – who is the “us” and “our” represented?

How do you describe the Trinity to a child/unbeliever?

I liken it to an egg. 3 parts to the egg (shell, white&yolk) but simply one egg. Trinity is 1 person Father, Son&Holy Spirit

I realize we are just sinners saved by grace, but humans didn’t start out that way. We were&ARE Gods most precious creation

Consider this: Even though we come from the dust of the earth…not worth anything at all, God formed us&breathed life into us

Ponder this: Nothing else is made in God’s image. Nothing. That is just how SPECIAL YOU are!

Gen 1:26 goes on to say that God gave us the rule over every living thing. Fish, birds, cattle etc.

The Lord set the order in this fashion to tell us just how precious in HIS sight we are.

He cherishes us to this very day! God doesn’t simply look back and think that pile of dirt was useless. He delights in us!

What is your favorite verse that reminds you about how much God loves you?

As our Heavenly Father, He wants us as children to want to be with him, not just listen, honor & obey Him.

Imagine a moment how you’d feel if your child did absolutely EVERYTHING you requested, but never spent any time with you

You, as a child of God can simply obey….but so much of the relationship is lost when you don’t just schooch in close to HIM daily.

We have all of the qualities we need to reflect the Lord, to be LIKE Him since we are made in His image

What are you reflecting? What image of the Lord are we showing to others?

Creation can show us how majestic God is, how Awesome HE is, but it is not an image of God like we are

The Image of God is the Source of all Dignity via @BillMounce – OUR sense of worth comes from God our creator

Society wants us to measure our self worth based on their standards. We need to remain focus on God's Standards

We shouldn’t even compare ourselves to other Christians. If you want to see how you measure up, compare yourself to Christ

James 2:2&3 asks are we partial to those that look nice, dresses nicely or do we welcome everyone with compassion like Jesus did

We need to continue in our growth so that we continue to truly be in Gods Image. Daily allowing God to transform us

As painful as growth can be, there is JOY in the morning and if we are faithful and faint not, God’s image will shine through us

Keep your eyes on the prize. Keep traveling by faith. Keep clinging to that blessed hope of eternal life with God forever

Then and only then (in Heaven) we will be like HIM, because we will see HIM face to face.

God wants us to remember that we are precious to Him. We are HIS treasure.

Bring this home… how can we be more like the image of God each day?

Daily dying to self will allow others to see HIS reflection clearly

Christian – as you make your way through the day, remember that YOU are reflecting “something”

Lastly, remember God loves us just as we are, but His desire is for us to daily strive to be just like HIM


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