Saturday, March 3, 2012

The Priceless Things I Love About You

I wrote this poem in October 2009, shortly before our 20th Anniversary. It started out as a list of “I miss how you DON’T” because my heart was thinking of “how we never….. anymore.” After looking deep within my own heart and realizing how I was at fault as well, I turned the list into the priceless things that I loved about him. Instead of dwelling on what I didn’t have, I started focusing on what was still there and remembering, with joy, what we shared.

If you are feeling a little lost because of “use to’s” – do what I did, write out why and give it to him/her over a nice dinner. I printed it on heavy card stock and laminated it. When he first started reading it, I could tell that he thought I had purchased it. What are the priceless things you love about your spouse?

The Priceless Things I Love About You

I love how when you leave first in the morning, that you wake me to give me a gentle kiss. I fall back asleep easily with such great tenderness.

I love how when you see me for the first time after a long day that you take me in your strong arms, hold me, kiss me and look me in the eyes and ask – how are you?

I love how you come up behind me – even when we are just in the store, waiting in line – or at the kitchen sink and just wrap your arms around me, showing me that you love me – still. I’m safe there, and I never want to leave from that feeling of being protected by the hero that I love.

I love how even though we don’t like to watch the same TV shows, that we can sit quietly beside each other – while you watch TV and I watch a movie and still be closely knit together.

I love how when we pray that you always hold my hand – and not just let my hand lay in yours, but you hold on to me. You have me and again, I am reminded that you are my protector, my guy – my warrior.

I love how when we pray at the alter together or on our bed at home that your arm is around me and you hold me close when we are talking to our Lord. I am reminded that you go to the Father on our behalf, on our families’ behalf.

I love how you leave things for me to find – a card on my steering wheel after you know that I’m not going back out, a full tank of gas when I have forgotten to let you know that I’m almost out of gas and the cute little poem, waiting on my pillow before I come to bed.

I love how when you get out of the shower that even though we have no plans that you apply polo – simply because you know I love sniffing you. Sniffing you reminds me that you are mine and I can have you anytime I want.

I love reading the Bible with you at home. I love listening to you read Gods word out loud to us. I love following you as you follow the Lord and I’m better for it.

I love listening to you pray for our children for I know that the prayers of their Father weigh heavily on the heart of an almighty God – who wants to give you the desires of your heart.

I love how you support Spreading Joy. You allow me to follow my dream, encourage me to keep working towards my goals and remind me that with God, all things are possible!

I love how you help around the house with the dishes that I despise so and when I don’t get to the household duties, you never complain. Never.

I love how you call me for no reason at all, just to say hello and to remind me that you love me. I also love when you call, to ask me out on a date. My giddy, sappy love song lover self floats through the remainder of the day, on cloud nine!

I love sitting in the bookstore with you. Drinking coffee, thumbing through the endless supply of books that I so love while you look through the mountain of magazines. I look over the top of my book and catch you watching me read – and smile, knowing that you are there – making sure that I’m having fun and that I’m safe.

I love going to the movies with you. I know the horror flicks are not what you prefer, but you tolerate them – because of your love for me. I know you love me deeply because we do things for those that we love before doing things for ourselves.

I love how you put up with the never ending supply of singing that seems to come out of me….as well as the not knowing what the song will be. It might be praise, it might be a sappy love song, it might be big band music – or even Heffalumps and Woozles from Winnie the Pooh – but you listen – and let me free the child that is in me if necessary.

I love how when we have game night and I’m losing and feeling whiney – that you just let me whine – and don’t get angry with me and quit because you are so aggravated by the whiney silliness that is oozing out of me.

I love the tenderness that you show me when you embrace me and hold me for as long as you do. I love the fact that you have no problem, just holding me…. stroking my cheek or hair until I peacefully fall asleep – in your arms under your watchful, protective eyes.

I love the gentleness that you show me when you come to me softly in the night. You reassure me that you love me and only me – no matter what. No matter the wrinkles, no matter the gray hair, no matter the frumpiness. I am safe there, with your strong arms wrapped completely around me, tightly, yet gently holding me as you remind me how much you truly do love me.

I love all of these things about you – my hero, my warrior. The job does not make the man – the check does not make the man. The mercy, love, guiding and tenderness make the man. The heart for the Lord makes the man. The prayers for the weak by the strong – make the man.

I love you Steve and all of these wonderful, priceless things about you.


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