Wednesday, October 1, 2008

The GREATEST question so far...

Spreading Joy Corporation is a non profit organization that is totally dedicated to reminding people of the JOY of giving. No worries about HOW much you give, no worries about WHO you give to - bottom line, just do it and you will (no doubt about it) experience complete joy!

Yesterday, I was speaking with someone about Spreading Joy and explaining the concept behind it and I was asked "If someone has NO money, NOTHING extra, what can someone in that situation do to help Spreading Joy". Ok, so I don't remember her exact words, but that is sort of the question. Immediately my mind started racing. I told her a few things, but was heading to a meeting and could not go into details. So, here (my friend) is the answer to the greatest question so far!

1. Spread the Word! This is probably the single most important thing you could do for Spreading Joy Corporation. Word of mouth is still the greatest way to advertise because it carries so much weight. You may never know which of YOUR contacts can and will help SJC. If you take that concept one step further - one of THEIR friend's friend may be financially able to support SJC all because YOU took the time to spread the word about Spreading Joy.

2. Gently used books and clothing. Especially coats this winter season. All of these things will be GIVEN to those that needed it most. We will not sell them, we will give them away. That winter coat that is taking up room in the closet will be great to keep a needy child warm!

3. Time. Your most valuable donation. Can you organize a toy (coat) drive within your company? Can you wrap a large box and put it out for others to drop a toy in? Can you donate your skills to help teach? Computer skills are needed, interviewing skills are needed. What skills do you have that can be used to help other people better themselves? Can you volunteer in an office for your local shelter?

4. Tell me your story. Are you spreading joy even though things are extremely tight? Are you finding free ways of bringing joy to the lives of others? In doing this, you are making a difference - you are spreading joy because you are giving from your heart (not of your wealth) and you will encourage others that they can do the same.

5. SJC is not a faith based Non Profit Organization, but me - personally - I do believe in the power of prayer. Pray for me. I need wisdom. I need the ability to make wise decisions and choices.

We all can not give of our wealth simply because we do not have it. Lately we are just making enough to keep gas in our tanks and food on the table and are watching every penny in between. We know in our heart if we could, we'd give BIG - HUGE - even and boy would it make a difference. That is the beauty of giving. No matter the size, no matter what it is - the joy is still great! The difference we make is still powerful. You take the time to show someone you care and YOU benefit the most from it. YOU get the awesome feeling of joy!

~Cup of Joy~
So - here are some free ways of Spreading Joy. I would love to have many, many comments on this posting with MORE ideas of free ways of Spreading Joy.

Handwritten note
Save and give Box tops for Education
Campbell's Labels
Tell me your Story - This help others to realize they can make a difference
Volunteer at a shelter
Smile at everyone
Donate books/toys/coats for us to give
Call and talk to people you haven't spoken with in a while
Write your child's teacher a note and say thank you
Visit any nursing home (even if you no know anyone) and just say hello to everyone.
Email/send our troops a free letter

This is just for starters. AND Imagine if you ended each note or each call with "have you heard about Spreading Joy Corporation?" and gave them the website information. You would be getting the word out about us and someone, somewhere will think that our cause is worthy enough to support financially and make a donation all because you were Spreading Joy at no cost!

These ideas and many, many more are located in the calendar section of

No matter where we are financially we all have the ability to give great joy! When we realize just how easy it is, our lives will be completely full of joy that no one can take away. Even through problems, difficulties and heartache - the joy will still be there if we can simply get past thinking that we can't make a difference because we can't give big. Every gift of any size to any person WILL make a big difference in both your lives.

How are you spreading joy? What are some of the "free" ways you are impacting the lives of others? Please click on "comments" at the end of this post and let us know.

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