Friday, February 13, 2009

Valentine's Day - More giving!

Happy Valentine's Day! A day Americans set aside to show those close to us that we love them. We show those around us that we appreciate them and do a little extra to show that we care.

Why? Why are we so passionate about Valentine's Day? Why do we get cards for ALL of our family members? Why do we get the delicious international box of chocolates for those that we love? Because we give to what we are passionate about. We not only love our family members, we are passionate about them.

We love to give the singing monkeys, the poofy puppies and the delicious candy because of the love and passion we have for others.

Our passion drives us to give. We give our time, we give gifts, we show those we love that we are passionate about them.

What is your passion? What drives you to give?

Have a wonderful Valentine's Day - and enjoy giving.


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