Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Always a Mom

When I was growing up and dreamed of getting married, having children and being a Mommie, I never really knew what all that entailed. I knew that Mom's did so much for so many and always loved and respected my Mom for all that she has done for me over the years.

Even though I am a wife - I may not always be one. I will, however, always and forever be a Mom!

Moms wear so many hats and I'm often amazed at what all we can accomplish when we set our minds to it!

We are wife, mom, gourmet chef, short order cook, doctor, referee, entertainer, taxi driver, organizer, event coordinator, slayer of horrible monsters that lurk in closets. We provide miracle kisses that heal all scrapes, scratches and other injuries that do not require stitches or casts. We are alarm clocks to get the day started and the light switch when it's "lights out" for the day. We are the believer of dreams, encouragers to the end and the gentle shove out of the nest when fear arises. We are a constant reminder that can't never could and that won't never will but if you think you can, then you probably will. We are a light in the dark and the sunshine on a rainy day. We sacrifice great things of the present for even greater things in the future. We cry tears of joy as well as endure the tears of sorrow. We handle untimely disasters single handedly while always knowing where the other shoe is. We know that the book you need is on the 2nd shelf to the left – if you’d just look there, you’d see. We multitask better than the most powerful CEO can whip up a school project hours before it is due. We will believe when no one else around will and keep pressing towards the prize when everyone else is at a complete halt.

Even though we hate it sometimes, we are also the bad guy in this story of life. Hindering our children from doing what they "want" to do when they think it is ok. We are the policeman that strives to keep order and peace as well as the Security guard that keeps watch in the night for dangers that are lurking. We are the backbone when they are weak, yet softly praying that when the kids are older they will have the courage to do what is right on their own. We are determined to preserve and protect and will face the greatest danger for our children - all because we are always a Mom. Even though the kids may think of us as strict, mean, aggravating, ridiculous, uncooperative, hateful and just plain behind in the times - we will always be MOM.

I used to tell my Mom that "I'll never say that to MY kids!” When ever she said "Because I said so.” Did that hold true? NO, absolutely not. In all honesty I probably said everything she said and then some.

That is why I LOVE this video. It reminds me that I am not alone. Other Moms say the same things to THEIR children. We are always a Mom and these things that Moms say will continue to be said by Moms all over the world!

Thanks Mom for always believing, loving and for giving me something good to grow up to be…just like you!


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