Thursday, September 24, 2009

Heart of Gratitude

This year feels like it has been one storm after another in my life. God answers one prayer, I give Him the thanks and it seems while I’m praising Him for the victory, another storm is brewing on the horizon. I always try to be grateful for the many blessings in my life and find that I sometimes have trouble expressing my gratitude. My writing skills are not as sharp many of the authors you’ll read here on Worldprayr, but I pray you’ll enjoy a peek inside my heart of gratitude.

I’m so thankful for the glorious gift of a Savior! I know beyond a shadow of a doubt that if I had been the only person to ever have sinned that the Lord would have still given me Jesus. He would have still made such a huge sacrifice, just for me.

I’m so thankful for so many things – for a Christian family, for a husband that loves me, children that are Christians because they want to be, not because I am. For extended family that I can go to for anything at anytime and for the best sister in the whole wide world.

I’m thankful for the freedoms that living in the USA gives me, for the kindness of strangers, for the blessings of technology – that bring people that are a world apart right to my finger tips and I can *hug* them. I’m thankful for those that pray for me and then take the time to tell me they pray – as I know our Father honors those petitions.

I’m thankful for the million little things in this life that make life big! For the cloud shapes in the sky, for the colors that dance across the sky when the sun is rising and setting. For the moon that is always there, lighting our way at night and the sunlight that warms me and brightens my day. I’m thankful for the laughter of little children that are swinging on swings, sliding down slides and playing in the rain. For the rainbows that appear after the rain, reminding me that God always keeps His promises. I’m thankful for the ocean and how soothing, calming and gentle the waves feel as they lap against my toes when I’m standing next to it. I’m also reminded of its mighty power that can destroy cities – even those several hundred miles away.
The little things that are huge to me – Reese Cups, anything with monkeys on them, great books, greeting cards, snow, play dough, coloring in a coloring book, having the high score on Kirby’s Pinball on my gameboy! More little things include my favorite coffee cup, Christmas music in October, looking at my children’s baby pictures and game night. Good smelling cologne, coffee anytime of the day, Krispy Kreme Hot Doughnuts. I’m thankful for warm blankets, peach roses, toe socks, indoor plumbing, great movies such as the Wizard of Oz and Winnie the Pooh. I’m thankful for silly signs, great hair cuts, good pair of sandals, warm smiles and family gatherings. I’m thankful for teddy bear hugs, green lights, fire flies, big laughs, friends that call for no reason, surprise emails that say I care and joy of the Lord that gives me strength.

I’m thankful for the opportunity to give to others, to truly make a difference in this life that I live. I’m thankful that God gave me a desire to give big and I pray that desire will never leave me. I’m thankful for the chance to remind others that there’s no joy like spreading joy and when we give, we get so much more in return. I’m thankful for others that try and make a difference every day. I’m thankful for those that take the time so say I care about you….because, a little goes such a long way!

I’m thankful to be a tiny part of the Worldprayr team. Such wonderful men and women taking the time to pray for people they don’t know. Doing all that they can do to make a difference.

There is no amount of paper that could hold all that I’m thankful for! I hope that you'll stop and think about all the million little blessings that come your way every day. What are you thankful for?
Don’t forget the little things for they truly do make life big!


Heather Coyle said...

That was precious! It's so good for your soul to remember all the wonderful things in your life - from big to small!

Ami said...

Wonderful post. It seems gratitude is spreading like wildfire. In fact, I'm blogging about my gratitude journey as part of The Gratitude Challenge this month.

Powerful Affirmations - Claus D Jensen said...

Inspirational blogpost! Gratitude is a powerful virtue.

Have a great day!


Marie said...

@Heather Thank you- I love all the little things as well as the big things. Thanks for your comment!

@Ami - Gratitude is spreading like wildfire...given this economy we are FORCED to step back and look at what we truly are blessed with! Thank you!

@Claus Thank you for the comment - Gratitude can and does make a world of difference - through the toughest battles.

If any of you decide to blog about your blessings, please let me know, would love to see it.

Elaine- said...

what a wonderful read!! i'm grateful for YOU sister!!

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