Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Moonlit Beauty

The light from a full moon (or any moon for that matter) simply amazes me. Especially if it is a full moon over the vast ocean! If you know me, you know that I see things different than most people. I love cloudy days. From the gigantic black clouds to the gray clouds that just stretch across the sky. That does not bother me. I love the rain, where as most prefer the sun shine. Just the other day, I was heading to my car and it was pouring. My first thought was to run to the car, but then it hit me! Why? So, I walked at a normal pace, loving every step and enjoying the rain that was just flowing from the sky! Amazing! I’ve reminded you of all of this to tell you that the moon light is an amazing source of beauty for me. I can sit and gaze at the moon for hours. It captures me in a way that nothing else does.

The brightness of the moon lights up the blackest sky. The fullness of the moon illuminates everything with such softness. That soft, calming effect leaves me gazing with awe each time there’s a full moon. The light of the moon transforms the dull darkness into brilliance – even in the fog!

The moon is majestic, handsome and simply glorious when it is full. The brightness dances across the dark sky – perfect, whole and stunning. This always reminds me that there is always light in the darkness and that shadows are not always a bad thing. I’m also reminded that even with clouds hanging around, the light from the moon is amazing to behold.

Then I wonder. Am I that kind of light? Amazing to behold, when the clouds are looming overhead? Do I continue to rise - slowly and steadily above the clouds so that I can illuminate everything around me? Or, when my clouds are hanging low, is the light suppressed, does gloom abound?

The skies will be pitch dark, the clouds will stretch across the sky but the moon will still give off its brilliant light! May I always remember to shine like the moon in the dark, to give beautiful moonlit hugs, to always illuminate those around me.

Moonlit Beauty….may you always shine brightly, even in the dark!


MamaCapps said...

Thank you for reminding me that we can not only be a light to others in the day but even more important is the light we give to the world in the dark of night.

mcProdigal said...

Beautiful photo, this is a great reminder to look for beauty everywhere.

Marie said...

@Mamacapps - Thanks Debbie for kind comments! I agree, the light we give in this dark world is so very important.

@mcProdigal - thank you! I love that photo. There is beauty everywhere, we just have to make sure we don't miss it!

AmyK said...

I too am captivated by the moon...I love how you used this to remind us to be a light in the midst of our dark times. This is a dark time in my life...I am struggling with finding my light and finding a way to let it shine despite all of the fog weighing so heavily on me. This is one of those times when the words we so often use for comfort as Christians just aren't know, as true as they are, things like ... "God is with you no matter what...With Christ you can do anything...Give thanks in all circumstances..." Even though these words are so vitally important to me and to my faith, the darkness of my circumstances prevails. Your post reminded me of the moon I also get lost in, and for a moment I just reflected on it's beauty, for a moment, I forgot about my troubles. That touches me deeply today. I am so glad that I know you and that God has crossed our paths.
Keep lighting up the world with your are a light to so many! (@abeeliever)

Marie said...

@AmyK Thank you for sharing a little of your heart with me! You have always been a bright light in my world. I can't even imagine some of the darkness you face, but hope that every Christian that reminds you that God is with you, and He will never leave you - will follow that up with actions. A great friend of mine tells me that sometimes our actions speak so loudly that others can NOT hear what we are saying. While its great to remind each other of those things, we truly do need to follow up with some action! Thank you for gently reminding me - as I too often forget that fact.

I'm glad you can get lost in the light moon with me, even for just a moment and be removed from the darkness you are facing.

Anytime you are faced with that darkness, and it's overwhelming - you know how to get me.

Thank you for the light that you reflect, even while going through your dark stormy nights.

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