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New Year of Hope - A Spreading Joy Event

Because so many people are still checking things here, I wanted to put the information/update from New Year of Hope (NYOH) here as well.

You can find this as well as many other things at our combined blog/website - http://www.spreading-joy.org/

Thank you for spreading the word about this event, for helping where you can and for your efforts in Spreading Joy.



3/27/10 Wow! Under $500.00 to go! $487 to be Exact. I'm excited. It's been a long time and I can't wait. I'm ready to turn up the music, protect the windows, hide the pugs and sing all the way to Roxboro NC! Who will help me get there? Will it be you? YOU will be amazed at what your gift will grow into. You think $10.00 is not going to make a difference - but trust me...it will. Not only will it make a difference, but the hope that it will restore is going to be so wonderful.

I hope you'll consider facebooking this site, emailing and asking others to join in and do what they can, where they are with what they have.

Thank you to the wonderful Tweeple who are making this event possible! Without your desire to make a difference, we could not help restore hope. My heart thanks you!

<- - - Click here to see the current NYOH Heroes! YOU are making a HUGE difference! *hats off* to you!

3/16/10 We are down to $592 to be able to deliver hope! If 6 wonderful individuals would find it in their heart to give $100.00 each, we could be delivering hope soon.

I've tried to think of something all day that would tug at your hearts string, that would get your mind thinking..."wow..I want to be part of something this wonderful" - but the words simply will not come. Writing - not something I'm very gifted at.

I'll leave you with this. You will be surprised at the hope YOU are delivering. You will not believe the joy that will flood your very being because you cared enough to help. All of those that gave and will give towards this last $592.00 will sit back, smile and think how wonderful it is to have been involved with this project.

I'm praying, will you join me?

2/27/10 Literally, around 2 months ago New Year of Hope (NYHO) was started because @blogomomma cared enough to contact me, present a need to me and ask if we could make a difference for a "divorced father of one, hearing impaired, who was facing eviction right at the new year." Today, I'm happy to say that we are so close and if a few Spreading JOY heroes would step up, we could be delivering hope within the next week or so. Wouldn't that be a wonderful miracle?

Here's the deal.....

We are down to needing only $687.00 to complete this challenge. 28 Spreading Joy Heroes could finish this with a donation of $25.00 each. 7 Heroes could finish this with a donation of $100.00 each.

Thank you to those who have contributed, tweeted, prayed, emailed and asked for donations seems so small compared to othe complete joy that this miracle will bring. Remember, each act of joy has the potential to grow to limitless possibilities with enormous rewards! I thank you for the part you have had in this. But let's finish this. Shall we? Would you partner with me and allow me to deliver hope to Roxboro NC?

Your heart will be flooded with unspeakable joy simply because you cared. *giggling* Trust me, there are no words to explain how you are going to feel at the end of this project.

My heart is astounded at the out pouring of love from so many wonderful, kindhearted and compassionate people. The wonderful friends that social media has brought my way are priceless in my eyes. My world is a better, brighter happier place, simply because you are just keystrokes away. Thank you for being an ahhhMAZIN part of my world!

Impossible situations can become possible miracles.--Robert H. Schuller

2/14/10 Day of LOVE - where we show those around us just how special they are. If we don't have a lot of funds, we get creative and send hand written note cards, covered with hearts, swirls and wonderful expressions of love. Others give boxes of chocolates with an adorable stuffed monkey, along with a promised dinner and trip to the bookstore. Others give diamond pendants, heart shaped rings or sparkly earrings. Then, there is the best gift, that I hope everyone receives today - the showers of hugs. Perfect for everyone, one size fits all and no one is the wrong one to receive it.

This New Year of Hope (NYOH) is full of endless possibilities. Giving anything on any day of the year, floods my heart with amazing joy. Giving today...on VALENTINE'S Day, the day to show love, the day to express care, the day to say I appreciate you.... Giving today is special. Is there someone in YOUR life, you'd like to honor by making a gift towards this miracle of hope? Is there someone special that you are missing this year and you'd like to make a donation in honor of their memory? You can do that here and your gift will not only honor the recipients, but will also help deliver hope. Remember, just like HUGS that I adore, no gift is too small. Never ever think that your gift can not help, because it does. Every act of joy matters and will make a difference. You never know just how far one simple act of giving will travel.

Left to raise to date: $802.00 Amazing!! Almost time to deliver HOPE!

I do hope you'll join me! And for all those who have already joined us, YOU are going to be so thankful that you did!!

I love Spreading Joy! I truly do. It's the little things that truly make life big!!


1/28/10 I was expressing my sadness to a wonderful friend that this hope is taking so long to complete. I even apologized to him. He responded - Your words are an extension of your heart. Speak from your heart. Or something of that nature. He made me smile. It was late at night. I went to sleep praying that my heart would speak to me and tell me what to say.

We are so close to being able to deliver HOPE for this wonderful family! So close - yet so far away! The home stretch is always the hardest and longest. The last mile, seems to take forever and that is what it feels like in my heart! My heart SCREAMS to take a trip to Roxboro NC and deliver this hope! My heart wishes that everyone that read this page would want to be a part of this MIRACLE and give a little something - and NOT feel guilty about what it is that they are giving! If you can give $2.00 that is super fantabulous!! If you can give $25.00 - amazing still! If you can give $300.00 - awesome!! And if you say, Marie, I'm out of work, I literally have NO extra to give - but I can Tweet this 2 times a day every day till you finish - or I can email my friends and family and ask them to be a part of the wonderful MIRACLE OF HOPE- - then PLEASE, do as that is such a fantabulous thing as well!! WE can all be a part of this miracle! Trust me, when you see the end results of what is going on here, you are going to sit back and SMILE, nod your head and say - wow.... I was part of a wonderful thing!

No matter what you do for New Year of Hope, it's all joy!

We need $1529.00 to be able to deliver HOPE that never ends - even when the sky is falling. I know what my heart is screaming at me to do. What about you? What is your heart screaming at you to do? Do you have the courage to listen? I hope you do - as I promise you, you'll be flooded with joy for how you gave hope!

Sometimes the tough phone calls pay off in a big way! This is certainly the case for #NYOH! Knowing that eviction was approaching Dwayne and his 9 year old daughter, I knew I had to do something. While it would have been simply amazing to raise $3400.00 in a matter of a few days, I was thinking realistically. I dialed the number, as I had spoken to the Landlord prior to starting this campaign with @blogomomma and proceeded to ask about Dwayne being able to stay.

Not only did the Landlord agree to allow Dwayne and his daughter to keep their apartment, he also graciously agreed to a reduction in rent! Spreading Joy Corporation was also able to send a “Good Faith” payment of $1000.00 thanks to a wonderful donor who has a desire to make a difference by doing what they can.

We understand not everyone can give that size of a gift, but we can all give something! I hope you’ll step up and give something, without guilt or worry that it isn’t enough or it won’t make a difference, because it will! Every act of joy has a lasting effect!

It’s not the size of the gift that matters; it’s the size of the heart! Marie Wikle

It is a wonderful life. For many this doesn’t require much. These things usually include a place to live, few changes of clothes, food, utilities – the basic necessities, right?

For one gentleman, Dwayne Reaves and his nine year old daughter, Diana, these basics are starting to disappear.

I’m teaming up with @blogomomma to help keep this family together, in their current apartment!

She is starting #NYOH (New Year of Hope) and Spreading Joy Corporation will be accepting donations to help bring this New Year miracle to pass.

She will also be giving away a $100.00 gift card to the person to reach the most people with the promo message*

#NYOH will promote donations for Dwayne Reaves in any amount. In reality 34 #twitterangels could bring this Miracle to pass quickly.

Through the power of networking it would take:

34 tweeters to donate $100 each

68 tweeters to donate $50 each

136 tweeters to donate $25 each

340 tweeters to donate $10 each

Or 3400 tweeters to donate $1 each.

A host of #twitterangels can help restore hope. Hope that never ends – even when the sky is falling.

Will you have the faith to team up with us for this #NYOH?

To donate, please click here to be a part of this New Year Miracle #NYOH!

Have questions? Check our FAQ page. Still more questions? Email me!


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