Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Christmas Joy Fundraiser Update

Spreading Joy is dedicated to reminding people that you don't have to give "big" to make a huge difference! You must simply decide to give and with that very decision, you will be taking the first step to making a HUGE difference!

Getting into the habit of finding ways to make a difference daily is such an easy thing to do. No matter your current situation, there are ways you can make a difference.

Here are a few FREE ways:
1. Tear off those box tops for education and turn them in. (that is money in the TRASH if you don't)
2. Search the internet using www.goodsearch.com and choose Spreading Joy Corporation as your organization that you search for.
3. Compliment someone - words of encouragement can help boost someone's self esteem or even carry them through the day.
4. Do yard work/house work for the elderly in your neighborhood.
5. Send a handwritten card to someone who has encouraged or motivated you to let them know the difference they made in your life.

Here are some inexpensive ways of Spreading Joy:
1. Make a double batch of cookies/brownies and share
2. Love those buy one/get one free - bring in your "free" one's for a food drive
3. Unwrap a smile - Little Debbie Cakes are so delicious - and everyone loves them.
4. Krispy Kreme doughnuts - Oh my goodness - if you live near one of these - you really should spread some joy to those around you when the LIGHT IS ON!!!

There are so many more ideas on our website in the Calendar section. http://www.spreadingjoycorp.com/page/page/6260832.htm

The Christmas Joy fundraiser is in full swing and we are working on getting as many toys donated for Christmas as possible. Our goal is a lofty one - 2000 toys! We have been asking for toys that are valued at $5.00-10.00. We have 4 companies that are hosting toy drives for us:

Author Squad (www.authorsquad.com) in Huntersville NC (you can drop toys off here)
Robinson Bradshaw Hinson - Charlotte
FreemanWhite Associates - Charlotte
Patterson Pope - Charlotte

We have several boxes in place so that toys can be dropped off anytime:

Qdobas - S. Tryon St.
Planet Beach - Whitehall * S. Tryon St.
Quiznos - Whitehall & Arrowwood
Quiznos - Hwy 16 & 73 in Denver

The biggest thing we need now are items that are good for Teen Boys and 495 more McDonald Gift Cards valued at $5.00 each.

I sent an email out with the hopes that some McDonalds Gift Cards will be sent in. I know it is a HUGE thing to try and get 500 gift cards donated, but working together, forwarding the email and spreading the word will allow us to reach our goal. I know there is a lot of last minute shopping happening and funds are tight this year, but if we are creative we can accomplish this goal.

Just think, if 99 people purchase 5 gift cards, the goal will be met. Some people may be able to do more, others less - but if we work together, it is something we can make happen and be proud of.
All gifts will be properly receipted for your tax purposes. Please - if you can send any amount of McDonald's gift cards, send to:

Spreading Joy Corporation
7795 Clover Ln.
Denver NC 28037

Joy is defined as "the emotion of great delight or happiness caused by something exceptionally good or satisfying"

Joy does not depend on great circumstances or trouble free finances! True joy is available every time you give something or do something for others!

For more information on our Christmas Joy fundraiser as well as our Passion - please visit www.spreadingjoycorp.com

Thank you for how you are spreading joy! Be it with gift cards, a gift in one of the boxes or spreading the word about the Christmas Joy fundraiser - you are making a difference!


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