Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Internet goals for 2009

I love to read and one way that I feed my reading habit is by keeping up with several blogs. One of the blogs that I love to read is Daily Blog Tips. One of the great things DBT's does is to help us "newbies" become better bloggers and to learn to use our blogs more efficiently. DBT started a group writing project about Internet goals for 2009. Knowing that if your goals are in print somewhere (especially somewhere public, like the Internet) there will be more effort put into obtaining those goals.

I've been thinking about the direction and goals for Spreading Joy Corporation, but I haven't even thought about having goals to use the Internet more efficiently. While I'll do another post on the various goals I have for SJC, here are my Internet Goals for 2009!

  1. Post consistent articles that will encourage, motivate and remind other about the lasting joy of giving.

  2. Focus on the quality of the posts.

  3. Reach 700-1000 subscribers - This one scares me. Being so new and learning how to "get the word out" is more difficult than I had imagined.

  4. Figure out twitter and see if it will be a proper tool to increase traffic, gain more contacts and simply learn more about the Internet resources.

  5. Get on Face book and utilize it to gain readership.

  6. SJC already has a web site, figure out how to put this blog there without having to link to it.

  7. Learn to make any amount of money for SJC from this blog.

  8. Learn from the best of the best - engage via comments with the blogs that I keep up with to learn as much as I possibly can.

  9. Use the blog as a platform to show how others are making a difference - which will encourage those that think their "little bit" doesn't matter.

  10. Learn more about Stumble upon and Digg and how those tools can benefit this blog.

There you have it. It seems that I have a lot of Internet learning to do, but I actually love to learn. I'll be seeking out all the answers in the various blogs that I keep up with and hopefully - just maybe, someone reading this list will have a heart and help me "learn" all that is needed to be able to complete these goals.

I'm very excited about these goals and the possibilities that will be available once I have completed them!

I'm also thankful for Daniel @ Daily Blog Tips for issuing the challenge!


Jessica T. said...

Thanks for the comment!

Thanks also for the links to internet goals! That will be very helpful for me.

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