Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Keeping it Real about ME

I have a horrible problem. I do. When I'm on the phone with a help tech person or am "waiting" for someone to help me - I tend to ask questions. Seriously. I always want to know where the person is, are they near a beach (so I know if I need to be jealous or not) how old they are etc.

I just like to know these things - maybe it helps me to remember they are a real person with real feelings or maybe, just maybe it satisfies my curiosity problem. Either way, I like finding out things about people.

In honor of that, here are some things about me. I'm just keeping it real and they are totally in a random order. Just as they pop into my head. You might want to check back from time to time as I'm sure I'll add things to it.

1. I have frizzy-naturally curly hair.
2. I'm afraid of heights but will fly in an airplane in a heart beat
3. I'm addicted to sugar. Especially Krispy Kreme...hot donuts
4. I want to visit and do something in all 50 states.
5. I adore small versions of the real thing. For instance - have you seen the key chain version of board games? Very cute.
6. I've wanted to meet Chuck Norris since I was 17.
7. I enjoy walking in the snow. Nothing like a fresh blanket of snow to destroy!
8. While I love spreading joy, I'm a horror flick chick. I love the suspense, the drama and the kill. Just as long as it isn't a horror movie about bugs, spiders, creepy crawlies...etc. I'm good.
9. I will enjoy being a size 16 again one of these days. Never thought it was a "happy" size before, but - it is.
10. I wish I scrapbooked more.
11. I want to capture a picture of a full moon when it is cheesy orange and appears to be sitting right on the earth.
12. I miss my Sega Genesis.
13. I adore my husband and children. Would give up the world for them.
14. Funerals make me sick to my stomach.
15. I'm not a morning person, but I'm at work most days around 6 am.
16. I'm the happiest when I'm giving and doing for others.
17. I love the rain. Love watching it, listening to it and don't mind getting wet as long as I'm not going some place important.
18. I hate pumping gas. I do. Really.
19. I go to the beach every single chance I get.
20. I almost always buy from kids.
21. Reading blogs saves me mega bucks! I love finding new blogs.
22. I think coffee just before bedtime is so soothing.
23. I can't wait to own one of the small itty bitty 8 inch computers. I must resist until they start putting more memory in them though.
24. I'm very random. Things just pop into my mind randomly and I must act upon them.
25. I love quotations. They inspire and motivate.
26. Stay up all night on most weekends. Usually average 4 hours of sleep Friday night and then again Saturday night. Can not make myself do that during the week no matter how hard I try.
27. I love books. Especially older turn of the century books.
28. I'd love to live in a loft type home - over looking the ocean. Can you imagine the view of the sun rise from that?
29. I love choices. The more the merrier.
30. I love monkeys. When I was little - there weren't monkey shirts, stuffed animals etc. Now they are everywhere....journals, pens, pencils - they are everywhere!
31. I think museums are such a fun place to learn. Helps us to remember what we've seen and learned.

What about you?
Please feel free to use the comment section to tell me a little more about yourself. If you are on Twitter - please tell me (and others) who you are. I am @spreadingjoy. (I like that way that sounds...don't you?) Come on - you know you want to tell us!
32. When I can't update this post, I think of 36 1/2 things to add to it!
33. I want to be spreading joy all across the USA and the world one day!
34. When I drive I look at shapes in the cloud. I know, not safe for those driving around me, but love seeing neat shapes.
35. I do not feel comfortable on bridges - especially when 18-wheelers are passing and shaking the bridge.
36. I LOVE singing in the car. I do. My kids don't appreciate my talent, but they do tolorate my gifts!
37. I don't want to grow up, I'm a toys R us kid!
38. I'm a persistant little booger!
39. I love talking, chatting (just ask anyone on twitter) and being with friends - but I really, truly L-O-V-E doing things by myself.
40. There is nothing like going to the movies and being the ONLY ONE in the theatre! Love that!
41. I am a Daddy's girl, but am proud to have "turned into" my Mother!
42. I love the sleep I get when I've just turned off the alarm and I'm supposed to get up. That is the most relaxing sleep ever!


Anonymous said...

your list is great!

dr_uw said...

I feel you it's good to be personalable, you truly are, I've notice that with you. You take the time to know about a person ie 21things.. You put a lot of effort in your list, I can't wait to read it and make little comments to you about them. I will do something similar hopefully. Love you my good friend, you are always keeping it real.. HUGS... Hey I'm one of those techie guys you talk to.. But I make calls out to people usually... Yeah we are real people.. Smiles..

Marie said...

Thanks @Tabitha in Bliss - I appreciate that, especially coming from someone who has a huge desire to give big as well!

@dr_uw - I really do love learning about people. It is just encouraging to find out how different we are, yet alike in so many ways. And - why waste precious time with "empty" space when you are getting help from you techie guys....so many people can type and talk, so it is a good thing.... :-)

LLehrner said...

Great article. I found you through another Twitter/blogger and really enjoy your website and blog. I completely feel the same way about number #28! Your blog site looks great.

Marie said...

@LLehrner Thank you for the kind words of encouragement about the web site and blog!

I hope you'll come back often or even subscribe to the RSS feed.

I would love an opportunity to live by the ocean. Especially in a loft style situation.

shanchere said...

I am so glad you gave me this link on Twitter. I really appreciate your transparency about yourself. After reading your profile, I feel I somewhat know the YOU of Spreading Joy, which makes it easier for me to kick it with you on your blog and Twitter. It is like making a new friend. I will work on my own list and either Tweet it to you or repost later. In connecting with people on the social networks, I hunger to really know them. Not just what they do, where the live, and what they quote. But I can only know what they chose to reveal about themselves. When they do, like you have done in your profile, they indeed are Spreading Joy in my heart.

Marie said...

@shanchere - thank you for stopping by! I'm glad we connected on twitter! I hope that I can encouage and inspire you -but looking at your blog, you are an inspirational person yourself!

I hope you will do a detailed "about me" page. I wish I could talk everyone into doing this...it is so great to get to know each other with.

Thanks for the kind words - they truly do echo for ages!

Joyce Guy said...

Hi Spreading the Joy,
Since my name is Joyce, it really grabs my heart easily. I am a lot like you and think your way of doing this is awesome!
What a D-lightful way to do this. I loved your list & it inspired me to do one on my blog as well. Visit me at dt-earth.com.
Also see our ministry website at
I am passionate about "Words", how they create joy, emotions, happiness & all manner of thoughts for Gods Glory.
I am:
Wife to the most wonderful man alive, child of God, Minister of the Gospel of Jesus Christ, writer, poet, humanitarian, Will fight for right at the drop of a hat, love the scenic views, oceans, sunsets, mountains,flowers, critters, have my own JoySees Designer Greeting Card Business, love odd shaped items like old trees, glassware, pets, My dog Lady LingSu, and life.I love to tell the Story of Jesus Christ and how He saves souls.To me the most important things to protect are God's Words in our hearts, Family Life, Home, and Our American Rights.
When they are challenged I take it personal.
I love to make and eat home made ice cream, chocolate anything, Home made fresh garden items, MeatLoaf and Buttermilk Peanut Butter cookies. I love to cook for my husband and anyone who loves to eat.
I love to Garden. I dream of a Log Home in Idaho, Greenhouse, New Dodge Truck for my husband, and a retreat for women and special needs kids.
This is me and I love me and Jesus and life in the slow lane. Give us a farm, a cow to milk and some chickens and garden hoe, and I am happy.
God bless you for allowing us the privilege to blog here. I am Joyce Guy, wife of Clifford Guy, home maker and friend. So nice to meet you.
Thanks and be blessed.

Prodigal said...

We have at least 2 things in common:

1. I'm a voracious blog reader
2. I always buy from kids selling things at my house.

Marie said...

@joyce Thanks for stopping by and I'm glad that you did a list on your blog! I will be over to check it out! I think EVERYONE should have a list and add to it. It helps us to really know each other!

@prodigal - I'm sure that there are so many more than 2 things in common - but that is what time is for! I'm excited for the time to get to know you better! I hope that as you think of things that your list will continue to grow so that we may have a deeper look at such a wonderful person!

Amy Oscar said...

I love your list, and the way you let yourself be seen. This is the only kind of blog I want to read anymore. I've just started following you on Twitter. Let's keep it real!

sojourner said...

I think you forgot to mention chocolate...I never forget chocolate. Love the list except for that.

Melinda Lancaster said...

This was such an creative and enjoyable post. Thanks so much for sharing.

Marie said...

@Amy - Thanks for stopping by! I try to be transparent. Sometimes I fear that my super, silliness will turn people off. But - when the time calls for it, I can go into super serious mode, especially when someone shouts out they need prayer! So, I hope you'll enjoy the healthy mixture of serious, silly and encouraging along with the typos that are just gonna happen!

@Sojourner Thank you for stopping by! Chocolate is a wonderful passion to have and I do need to add it. Especially when combined with peanutbutter!! Thanks for your kindness!

@heartcures (Melinda) Thank you for stopping by! My list is actually proof of my utter randomness isn't it? I do need to add to it. I love for people to "know" me. Makes me feel closer to all of you guys! Thanks for the encouragement!

Trudy Metzger said...

That's fun... and some things on your list are funny - thanks for sharing.

What drew me in is the phone conversations... I even know things about Revenue Canada Agents that are quite random! (And just to clarify, they don't come chasing after me... Hubby is on a charity org. board and the red tape is on-going.

I love to fly but am also afraid of heights, and love, love, love boating, but am terrified of water!

I cannot go into any public place without acquiring at least one new friend and often return home with 'amazing connections' with people I never new before and may never see again.

The most common topic people address when speaking to me is 'sex'. I am passionate about holiness and purity, protecting marriages, and spreading the word that God is not only okay with this topic - He loves it! And he loves when we speak truth to counteract the lies!

I consider myself the most fortunate woman on earth - though I know there are others who share this belief. I grew up in a dysfunctional home with death threats, was very abused, encountered several near-death experiences - including massive heart attack (that is believed to have been triggered by medication)- and did life without God for a time. Now I am a whole woman, with 5 beautiful children, a supportive and loving husband, and last but certainly not least, I know Jesus. I have absolutely everything I need and long for.

Trudy Metzger said...

One final thing about me... inspired by reading my previous post...

I have worked as an editor and still love editing... but have to learn to re-read and edit my posts/comments *before* I hit send... My own typos and spelling mistakes drive me crazy!

gene said...

Great list. These are a really good way to find out about people. It's funny some of things you have in common. (I love Krispy Kremes too)

Marie said...

@Trudy Thanks for stopping by- AND for sharing a little about YOU I love it! Especially the typos part - on twitter, I usually just leave them...thank you for sharing with me! I really appreciate it!

@Gene Thank you - I love reading about people - the nose knows...in more ways than one...Thanks for having a great list on YOUR blog! I appreciate that.

karenp said...

Hi Marie!

Thanks for sharing about yourself. I can relate to many of these...except for the horror movies.

You're such a blessing on Twitter. Glad to have connected with you via PartnerinSANITY!

Blessings and joy,

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