Monday, June 8, 2009

For Megan

The pain in her stomach
Is reflected on her face
Lord, What she needs now more than ever
Is a double portion of your grace

Her laughter and her smile
Have faded away
Now that her blue skies
Are an awful dark grey

Her future is bright
There’s so much love that she gives
But the pain over throws her
Making it hard to fully live

The search continues
For answers each day
Hopefully relief
Will soon be on the way

Then the love will shine
So strong and so bright
I know she’ll be glad
That she fought a good fight

The difference she’ll make
Because she has been there
Will be told for eternity
With luster and flair

A Princess in my eyes
My pride and my joy
Will help those who are hurting
With diseases that destroy

Keep fighting my Princess
Stay strong and devoted
You’ll do great works
You’ll often be quoted!

You’ll make a huge difference
Just you wait – you’ll see
I know this for a fact,
Because you’ve made a difference in me!

I love you Princess. I'm fighting for you!

Photo: by Megan of Megan & Marie


Dorian aka coffeesister |_|) said...

When it comes to poetry, nothing matters more than sincerity so what an amazing 1st poem indeed! I oft think of Megan as I know what it is to hurt but hope & pray she can get answers & blaze trails still unknown to me. My own mum's ability to see me beyond the pain is a constant source of strength which I know you are to Megan too. God bless you both & know you're not alone..

"My mom is a neverending song in my heart of comfort, happiness, and being. I may sometimes forget the words but I always remember the tune." ~Graycie Harmon

Marie said...

@coffeesister - Thank you! My heart hurts for her and I can't do a thing for her. She is such a great child and I know she will do amazing things...if we can get past the pain.

Thank you for sharing your story with so many others!

Melanie said...

The photo of you and Megan is just beautiful. Your daughter obviously is such a treasure to you. This is a lovely gift back to her.

My step-mom might brave such a baring of her soul on paper, but my mother never would. So this means a lot for me to see.

I love the very last words of the post. I know you truly are battling at her side and going through each up and down with her. She won't forget it.

Anonymous said...

I have chosen to remain anonymous on this comment for a reason but when you read, you will know who please DM and let me know.

I do not know the heartache of a Mother, other than watching the eyes of one daily.

From 2006 to 2008 I watched the eyes of one who would in a two year period

1) Lose her strong Husband to pain and a crippling disease
2) Lose her Mother
3) Lose her first born grandchild
4) Her husbands business would have to be sold at a tremendous loss forcing her to leave a comfortable lifestyle, and leave her dream home

But out of all that no pain was greater than watching her child suffer with and be diagnosed with PTSD after a lightening strike. Sleepless nights and countless doctors, none having an answer.

But out of all that the lesson of laughter was refined and born. And a need to express ones self in poetry as a Mom. Having tweeted with you over the last couple of days I know you are and have learned the same.

You are an example of courage and Christlikeness

God Bless

Marie said...

@anonymous Thank you for such a kind thoughtful comment!

I appreciate the encouragement - from you and so many others. It is this encouragement that keep us going - day by day.

Thank you again.

Marie said...

@Melanie - I've never penned anything - for fear of it not being good enough.

I hope one day, when this is all said and done that she will remember how important she really is....and that no matter keep on fighting.

Thanks for everything!

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