Wednesday, June 10, 2009

To the Class of 2009

To the Class of 2009 -

Your journey is just beginning, and the roads may be long. The days may seem uncertain, but you are ready.

You've been taught to do your best, give your best and be the best.

Keep looking forward while remembering the wonderful times you had. Look forward to the new opportunities that lay ahead of you. Look forward to new friendships, new challenges while keeping your heart tied to the memories that your heart will cherish for a life time.

Remember, you are still young and while you may know what you want to do, also know that things change. Your journey may change a time or two and when it does, I hope you'll seize the opportunity to learn from those changes. I hope you'll have the courage to walk the path least traveled. I hope you'll have the desire to make a difference along the way.

You are our future. Yes - YOU Class of 2009! We need you to be strong yet sensitive to the needs of those around you. We need you to be wise yet willing to still learn and be taught. We need you to be fierce yet still be approachable by the common individual. We need you to be dreamers of wonderful, magnificent dreams and realize that even if those dreams do not come true, that the journey is still worth it!

You are hope, you are love, you are magnificent and courageous! You are wonderful!

Todd - as a part of this graduating class, I must tell you that I'm proud of you. I'm proud of the wonderful young man you have grown up to be. I'm proud of the choices you've made and hope that you'll continue to give great consideration to the choices you'll make.

I'm proud that you love your little sister and would do what ever you needed to protect her. I'm proud that I can trust you to do what is right.

Thank you for how you give to others. Thank you for your love and care. Thank you for having the courage to explore the unknown.

I love you son!
Forever and Always

Photos: Todd Class of 2009 and Todd 4 1/2 yrs. old.


MamaCapps said...

What a beautiful post. 4 of my children are long since gone but it still warmed my heart with those precious memories :>)

Marie said...

@MamaCapps - Thank you for stopping by - I appreciate the comment and yes, you are so correct - they are precious memories!

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