Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Back 2 School 2009 Event

Going to school should be an exciting time for every child. Spreading Joy Corporation is pleased to announce that through the giving of a few corporations and many individuals, we were able to spread some back to school joy to 800 children and teens, thus making our Back 2 School project a complete success!

Your compassion towards children you have never met has touched my heart and blessed me deeply. These children will never be able to thank you personally or repay your kindness but you need to know the gift you provided will have lasting effects on their hearts.

There were 4 separate events of giving out back to school supplies as well as several neighborhoods that were covered door to door.

Each bag contained at least 2 spiral bound notebooks, pen, pencil, eraser, glue stick, bottle of glue, ruler, pocket folder and box of crayons. Ten items total.

In this economy, when people need help, many tend to head to a local church for immediate help. One of the events was at a church where their members have a heart for kids and they were able to add to these items. They added 1 inch binder as well as a mechanical pencil, 5 more pens and pencils. The members also gave out 24 completely filled book bags as a special prize.

There is no way to describe the joy and happiness of watching all the children walk away with a bag full of school supplies. The love and compassion from so many people that gave and prayed and told others about the project was very evident as the eyes of the children lit up with sheer delight while rummaging through their bags.

The joy of shopping, bagging and watching the children get their bags was such an honor.

The store associates had such wonderful attitudes as they rang up thousands of items for us. One even joked with me about help for my glue habit! (At least he didn't see me sniffing the crayons, he would have truly wondered then!!)

I'm grateful to my wonderful friends Dale and Jeanne Strickland who helped with the shopping, delivering and was the extra car that we loaded up with goodies. They endured hours of searching, counting and loading the buggies as well as unloading to the car. Not to mention the silliness that comes from just being near me sometimes when I'm tired. They deserve medals for that much alone.

So many people donated their time to bag at the church as well as my family who spent a day helping to bag at our home. Todd had to keep me in line and make sure I was productive - using a ruler to "whip" me back into shape. (I promise I did not take it when it disappeared son, I have NO clue where it when...honest!)

A million thank you's for your generosity could not even begin to cover how I feel for what you've done!

May you always remember that there's NO joy like spreading joy!

You have not lived a perfect day, unless you have done something for someone who will never be able to repay you.--Ruth Smeltzer


Anonymous said...

The nice thing about 'paying it forward' is you give without the expectation that you will be paid back. If there is a single child somewhere who is able to focus a little bit on learning and a little less on why he/she doesn't have a ruler or glue it would be a success.
I am inspired by all the work you put into this and am glad that in some small way I was a part of it.
If a child somewhere smiled I am repaid!
Blessings to you and yours,

Marie said...

@Darren Thank you for taking the time to comment. You have made a huge difference. The kids were loving the bags of supplies. Their smiles may as well have been a mile wide - my heart felt that big too!

Thank you for making a difference!

Gina said...

Hey my gorgeous Marie,

There are no words to describe you my precious and adoreable friend.

You never cease to amaze me :-)

I couldnt believe the shopping trolleys filled with school supplies, and you did that for them.

May you be Blessed for all eternity, God sure loves you my beautiful friend.

God Bless,

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