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Making a Change Series - Launch the Dream!

A DREAM you should be launching
This post is the 2nd in the series Making A Change.
(again, if you wrote this, please let me know so that I may give you the proper credit for inspiring me!)

To go out and change the world one should have:

A GOAL you should be pursuing;
A DREAM you should be launching;
A PLAN you should be executing;
A PROJECT you should be starting;
A POSSIBILITY you should be exploring;
An IDEA you should be working;
A PROBLEM you should be tackling;
A DECISION you should be making.

The greatest force in the world is a positive idea

Doing for others is something that I’ve always had a passion for. I love making sure things are taken care of, I love meeting needs of those around me and I love making a difference in the life of someone who is not expecting me to do so!

Spreading joy and doing fun, silly yet encouragement type things is just in me. I can't help myself!

I’ve worked with inner city children for many many years now and have always tried to do more for them to give them the encouragement they need to know that dreams do come true, to know that this path they struggle on now will not always be. I do this through a local church. Sadly, many organizations will no longer support a "religious" Non Profit group and these children feel the pain of it. I kicked around the idea for a year and a half about starting a "non-religious" Non Profit so that anyone, anywhere could benefit from it and so that I could make a difference and satisfy my craving of giving to others. I also realize that so many people are discouraged and think that their little bit doesn’t help – but I want to remind them it does. I want them to know the joy of spreading joy! I personally benefit from spreading joy as I have a need – a huge desire to give and give big!

With the paperwork approved in an amazing 78 days and legal in the sight of the IRS, Spreading Joy Corporation was a go! My dream was beginning – as so was a major recession. Many said "You are crazy, this will never work!" Others said, "no one will get Spreading Joy."

Bottom line – Spreading Joy Corporation wants everyone to realize that every single act of joy done for someone (anyone) reaps HUGE benefits for the receiver as well as the giver. Encouraging others is FREE and anyone can do it. I also believe that those of us who can give and do for others – should.

What are my dreams for Spreading Joy? What if money was no object and I was spreading joy on a full time basis day in and day out? I’m glad you asked, I’d LOVE to share that with you! (Well, at least a few of them!)

1. I would feed the inner city kids I work with every weekend. Many only get "free" school lunches, so when school is out – meals can be scarce.

2. Christmas in July wouldn’t be about preparing for the upcoming Christmas – Nope, it would be a full blown Christmas celebration with all the works, trimming and presents to go along with it!

3. Groceries for others – I would love to be able to walk up to several people as they are checking out of the grocery store and pay for their groceries. 1 person a day, each and every day. Never knowing where I may show up next.

4. Back to school wouldn’t be a horrible problem for several thousand children. Not at all.

5. Christmas – boy, that would be an awesome celebration. All the fixings of a Christmas Dinner for several thousand of the finest inner city I know! 2 or 3 gifts for each of them. Maybe some new clothing. There isn’t enough room to right the dreams I have for these kids at Christmas time! It would be a blast just to sit back and WATCH the magic happen!!

6. Spreading Joy Across America! I would go state to state reminding people of the joy of giving! Speaking about the huge blessings of doing for others! Having sponsors that would enable me to "give" things as I travel to help those in need. Reminding people that there truly is NO joy like spreading joy! There is joy for the journey! It is all around us! We just need to be reminded sometimes!

SNAP, SNAPback to reality. That is honestly just a few things off the top of my head. I would be a little more structured, have a plan etc. But the question now becomes, since we are in the midst of a horrible recession and things are financially worse than ever, what is a gal with a big desire to give supposed to do?

WORK THE DREAM! Launch it! Keep at it until it becomes a reality! Never give up!

*I can’t travel across America and tell others about how wonderful and easy it is to be spreading joy every day and making a difference – but I can meet with various ladies groups in churches and start there. I can show/remind them that there is joy in the journey – no matter what we are facing!

*I can’t throw a shindig of a bash at Christmas, but I can start now, collecting toys and money to make a difference for as many children possible this Christmas. Making sure that 1,000 kids get at least 1 present, but will SHOOT for 3 each.

*I might not be able to fill 1,000 book bags with the necessary school supplies, but I can purchase a few supplies and give that to the kids to help!

*I can’t purchase groceries for 1 person a day, everyday, but I can distribute food to the homeless in my area and help them with their food needs.

*I can’t make Christmas come twice a year for some wonderful deserving children, but I can plan ahead and start asking various organizations to support Spreading Joy Corporation with a toy drive or a change drive that will be used for the upcoming Christmas season.

*I can’t feed the kids every weekend, but I can call companies and see who would be willing to take 1 weekend day a quarter and set a goal of finding 13 Organizations that will commit to feeding the kids once a quarter. I already have one, (Jim – I’m calling you) so I only need 12 more to go!

Will my dream stop there? No – no way! I dream of giving big, HUGE. This is just the beginning. Don’t focus on what you can’t do when it comes to your dreams!

Focus and work on what you CAN do and get those dreams out there! It isn’t enough to "launch it" – work at it. Set goals! Never give up!
Photo: Kids I DREAM of helping! These guys have been hugging me for 3 years now! We helped them at Christmas! I love you Q and S!


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