Saturday, August 7, 2010

Angels Among Us

I believe there are angels among us. Plain, simple - true. I've had too many instances that should have not ended well, but was protected. Just last year, when I was walking in my neighborhood, two huge dogs came charging across the road at me. It was happening so fast! I could hear the growling, the anger and then their size did not help my fears. The only thing I knew to do was stop walking and I uttered out loud, "Dear Lord, I need an angel!" I stood there as the dogs growled and circled me. I was fearful and felt the tears streaming down my cheek. I stood still, paralyzed with fear. The dogs quieted and simply walked away. There was no doubt in my mind what had just happened. An Angel stood between me and the dogs. I had been protected.

In December, my best friend's daughter is in the hospital having her first baby. This is special to me as well, not just because she is my best friend but because I had a part in this young lady's life. I spent weeks and weeks playing with her and her sister because I wanted to as well as being their babysitter. It has been my pleasure to remain a part of this wonderful family.

We are all chatting away, watching and waiting for baby Grayson to make his appearance. He is taking his precious sweet time. I see the monitor. His heart rate races extremely high. I walk over, not saying anything and put my hand on her tummy. I love rubbing pregnant tummies. Then I see the heart rate drop, alarming so. Still, I don't say a word. I pray.

Lord, please set an angel in flight to cradle baby Grayson and protect him.

I know the nurses are monitoring her and do not want to alarm the family. So I continue to rub and pray. The nurses do come in. I kiss my sweet girl, tell her I'm praying and that I love her with all my heart. The soon to be grandparents see the concern on the nurses faces as they say they are going to call the doctor. The nurses leave and I tell them what I had just witnessed.

I give my best friend and her husband hugs as I leave and promise to pray. These girls in this family are like my very own children, so my hearts desire for baby Grayson is nothing but the best.

Several hours later, I receive a text - along with a picture of a precious little boy, safe and sound. Prayers answered. BUT .....that is not the only reason I believe.

I visit the next day - as I have to see this wonderful bundle of joy. He is not even 24 hours old yet. I get to hold him. We are discussing how he opens one eye, but not yet both and just how adorable and brand NEW he is. I'm holding him to where I can just gaze into his precious face and start talking to him. I whisper quietly:

Grayson, you gave us a scare little boy. Did you feel the angels holding you last night?

At that point, he coos at me and opens both eyes. Instantly. I smile, he closes his eyes. I start talking about the angels again, and immediately he opens both eyes. At this point, the tears of joy are streaming down my face. I have NO idea what is going on around me because my heart is consumed with the fact that I KNOW this child was cradled in the arms of an angel just hours before birth.

It is later that I find out that my best friend took a picture of me during all of this. You can see Grayson's expression as well as the tears on my cheek. She sends me the picture stating that he looks like he is going to tell me something and I'm all ears. At that point, I excitedly tell her about how me and this precious soul were discussing how wonderful it was that an angel took care of him just before birth. The photo speaks volumes.

I'm not sure how you feel about angels, but I'm glad they are here. I'm glad they will protect us, shield us and hold us when we need it.

What do you think about angels? Do you believe there are angels among us? Do you feel that you've been protected by an angel?

{{HUGS}} y'all


lynnmosher said...

Oh, wow! How precious is that?! I do believe in angels. I've never seen one but doesn't mean anything! So happy the baby is here and healthy. Blessings to you!

Anonymous said...

Amiable brief and this mail helped me alot in my college assignement. Thanks you on your information.

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