Sunday, October 24, 2010

ANOTHER 50 Ways to Make a Difference Without Spending a Penny

There is something deep within us all that knows it is better to give than to receive. That is why my heart is always screaming "There's NO joy like Spreading JOY!" Just like most people, this economy is killing me financially. I can't seem to get out from under the ever growing snowball of horror as far as getting ahead goes. That does NOT stop me from giving and making a difference. It's what I do, always has been, always will be.

This need to give inspired me to write 50 Ways to Make a Difference Without Spending a Penny last year. I'm honored to say that it has inspired many whose hearts have the desire to give, but their wallet says NO. My goal with these ideas is to get you to a point that you are keenly aware of ways to make a difference. That you'll recognize various chances that tend to pop up. I want your heart to soar as you are doing what you can, where you are, with that you have. And, believe me - it will.

EVERY act of joy, regardless of what it is, has limitless possibilities. You may never know just how far your selfless act of joy went.

It is my pleasure to present to you ANOTHER 50 ways of making a difference with OUT spending a single penny!

1. Click on Ads when visiting web sites. - You are already there reading & the owner of the site makes some money off each click, so why not?

2. Blog Comments - Take a few moments and tell the writer of the article if you liked or even disliked what was written. Feed back is always wonderful!

3. If you shop USE the affiliate link of a friend! WHY not let a small percentage of your purchase help someone? Don't know anyone? I know of 2. Richard @mcProdigal & Brett @ChristianRep (click their NAME to be directed to their sites which has their Amazon link there!)

4. Make every phone call extremely pleasant. Even the "Non helping" help desk calls.

5. Post Links to Charity organizational events to your facebook wall or twitter feed. If you can't donate a financial gift, donate your voice! Do it daily to help promote the event without being asked to.

6. If you know someone is having a rough day, make a video encouraging them to keep going and email it or facebook it to them. I have received a few of these, and LOVE it!

7. Donate your used computer, projectors etc to someone that doesn't have one. May take some time to research it, but completely worth it. Many single mom's would love NOT to have to go to a public library to use the internet.

8. Leave a comment below with a way of spreading joy without spending a penny. ;)

9. Establish a monthly "NO Chore Day" for your entire family. Mom - yes, this includes you too. Do something fun with that time. The dishes will wait for you!

10. Invite a friend over for coffee, dessert and a fun time of chatting.

11. Color with some children. Color with YOUR children. Don't even stay inside the lines. Be adventurous and color outside the lines.

12. Email this list to someone who has a huge heart but is without the financial means to make a difference.

13. Turn off all lights when leaving the room. (Mom's all over the world will thank you!)

14. Send an encouraging text to let someone know you were thinking of them.

15. Give a HUG - my goodness, just do it! One size fits all, you can't hug the wrong person and even if you are having an awesome day, a hug will just make it fantabulous!

16. When making homemade bread, double the recipe and give some away.

17. If you have someone's Instant Message or Skype contact info, leave them a message even if they are off line. They will find it and be encouraged when they log on.

18. Send Ecards to people in your email address book. I love using and for this. The possibilities are truly endless. Go, encourage and email smiles!

19. Recently read a book that you loved? Has a friend given you a book that they had published? Write a review and post it without being asked to on your web site promoting it. Every bit of promotion helps. (I'm so far behind on this...I'm working on it!)

20. Surprise your family with a HOT breakfast one morning, instead of the traditional quick milk, juice and cereal as they are running out of the door.

21. Give kind words freely. Honestly, after a day of "you didn't accomplish this, you made a D on that test, you monthly projections were off by a long shot...blah, blah, blah" WE all need to hear more positive things that we did do.

22. Be generous with the pat on the backs, the handshakes and eye to eye contact. Positive reinforcement here!

23. When my head is on my desk, don't bother me. Honestly, there is reason.

24. Share confidence! Remind others that they CAN do this. They are excellent at what they do. They are strong and will make it through.

25. When you are sick with a head cold, don't write. Just don't do it. Spare us all the whinybrat ickiness and don't write. ok? (LOLOL, that is a note to myself. I currently have a cold and can't think of anything to write here and am feeling kind of bratty! Thus the "harshness" of #23. I'm leaving this, but will do a for real #25 and stop writing for the night.)

25. If you see someone in distress, tears or extremely emotional about something. Even if you don't know them, take a moment to smile and remind them that it WILL be alright. Don't make light of their situation, but do be encouraging.

26. Return a favor - without being asked.

27. Do not assume - Don't do it. What you think you might know isn't necessarily the truth of the actual known fact. You just never know?

28. Wink at random people. Make sure you pass along a huge smile too!

29. Shake hands or some how, some way greet our wonderful Military personnel each and every time you see someone in uniform. Look them in the eyes and say thank you. Make this a rule! I never pass up this opportunity.

30. Take time to smell the roses. You pass them in the store, you pass them in gardens. Take the time to do it. You never know who is watching and how you will inspire them.

31. Write a note for your child(ren) expressing how proud of them you are. Leave it on their pillow or put it in their overnight bag. This is always fun for a lunch box too, especially if your child is young.

32. Be forgiving today. Bury the hatchet and let bygones, be bygones.

33. SLOW down - so you won't be grouchy! YOU know it's true. When you are in a hurry every SINGLE thing gets on your nerves and you are grouchy. (Pointing the finger at MYSELF!! I never do things slowly)

34. VOTE - Don't let this opportunity pass you by.

35. Tell those that you love, you love them. Seriously. Go on....I'll wait.

36. Designate your company MATCH to Spreading JOY. Many organizations will match your contributions 100 % up to a certain amount. Here are some Corporations that match donations.

37. Attend the party. Seriously. You were invited. The Host is working hard at putting it together! YOU will make someone GO - - have fun, sit back and ENJOY!

38. When singing in the car, LOUDLY, be aware of the feelings of others - if YOU are not alone. ;) Make sure its songs they can sing along to.

39. Phone calls - for NO reasons. Love this. Go ahead and make that call. You never know who you will encourage, whose day you'll make brighter and how that person just might have needed that encouragement at just that moment.

40. Eat Dessert FIRST. You will be a huge spreadingJOY hero to your family when you plan this. Go all out - do ice cream in waffle bowls. Have Reese's Cup Pie (and invite me over) or Chocolate Cake with Chocolate frosting. Have it first and have lots of fun!

41. Celebrate your UN-Birthday with your family. Make a cake from scratch, using basic ingredients from the pantry. The fun, laughter and the fact that it's your UN-birthday will have your home filled with great laughter and JOY!

42. Use a gift card that you received for someone else! Wow. HOW selfless is this? You'll make a difference and it will not have cost YOU a single cent.

43. Share your frequent flyer miles. Do you travel alot? Have an abundance of miles racked up. Offer a night or 2 at a hotel to someone. Let me know that you would be a resource of miles for Spreading JOY.

44. Do not wake up Grumpy. Let him sleep. ;) (hahahahaha. Ok, that is as old as the hills, but still funny to me.) Seriously. If you wake up grumpy, focus on others, think of the millions of little things that make YOUR life big and keep the ickiness to yourself until it passes. We want to be spreadingJOY not spreadingICK. Check out Confessions of a Cranky Gal.

45. Host an afternoon Tea Party with your child(ren). These will be cherished memories indeed. Before you know it, you'll be attending the wedding of your princess. Remember, PINKIES up!

46. Be happy for someone else's success AND help them, in any way, shape or form to be successful.

47. Watch your words. This reminds me of "Sticks and stones will break my bones, but words will never hurt me." yeah, you remember that rhyme. IT IS NOT TRUE! Your words are powerful! They will leave a mark on people! Either positive or negative. You get to choose! Choose wisely!

48. Help your child(ren) complete an act of joy every day. Starting joyful habits at a young age will instill a kindness that will last a life time.

49. Leave the mole hill small. Do not make a mountain out of it. Trust me, you'll face enough mountains in your lifetime. Don't add to it.

50. End on a positive note. I realize this cannot always be accomplished, but it is worth the effort.

51. Leave a sticky note of encouragement on a few of your co-workers computer. Don't sign it. Just do it.

There you have it! Another 50 ways of making a difference without spending a single penny. I love this stuff. Spreading joy has never been easier.

I know things are tough, but you are tougher. You can make a difference, right where you are, with what you have. Free your heart of guilt because you feel you can not make a difference. You can. Do one thing a day. Just one.

What are your thoughts?

Make sure you come back and tell me - How are YOU spreading joy?

((HUGS)) Yall


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