Saturday, October 23, 2010

In A Valley

I'm in a valley. It's true. Have been for about a month now AND I love it! I do! I'm working in beautiful Salem Virginia. Mountains are everywhere I look. The ride to and from each week has been gorgeous with the color of the leaves changing to burnt orange and bright reds. Megan even asked me when I started working there, what is it was like. My reply was, "I'm in a valley." to which she responded ohhhhhh, niiiiice! I had to smile because I knew that I've been wondering about life's valleys.

Being in this majestic valley has got me thinking lately about "life's valleys."

We all go through the valley in life, there is no escaping it. It's a matter of when. My question to myself has been why don't I "look up" at the wonderful surroundings when I'm in life's valley, just as I'm doing while working here in the valley of Virginia? I know that I'm surrounded by a million little things that make life glorious and I also know the valleys are going to happen. So what is the disconnect?

Could it be that I'm so focused on the issues that I forget to look up and enjoy what is around me? Or maybe the discouragement during that time has put a huge cloud over me and I can't see the beauty that is all about me? Could it be that discontentment wastes my energy and I have no strength to focus on making it through the valley? Why have I never thought of looking up before?

We all have so many blessings in our life that should carry us from one valley to the next but when we are in those valleys - we tend to forget them, so our stay there seems much longer than necessary.

The valleys of life are hard. I've been in many of them and do not enjoy them during that time. I'm always thankful for friends I can come to for help, but like many - I sometimes choose not to ask, for fear of being a "burden".

I faced another closed door a few weeks back. My heart ached with great pain, discouragement and no music was there. Until I poured out my heart in the following words that day, I sat in silence. No singing, no happiness and fighting back the tears from yet one more closed door.

The Closed Door

Sometimes the hurt is too much to bare
Even though you say I can, I feel I can't share

The Load is heavy, the road is long
The heart is weary and has lost its song

I know there's hope that never ends
But for now it seems my life won't mend

I just want to be held, I'm tired and weak
I'll simply rest in silence, as I can't even speak

You are strong, I'm not. I can't even try
I can't stop the tears from falling from my eyes

This is me, this is all - there is nothing more
Such is my life - as I stand, facing the closed door.

Will I remember this in my next valley? Yes. Will it make a difference? I honestly don't know. Will I struggle along alone? I hope not. I hope that I will have the courage to ask for help that day, but it takes courage for that, and I'm far from courageous.

What do you think? Why do we not look up when we are in life's valley? Why do we struggle alone - without asking for help? We have great friendships and tons of resources, yet we choose to limp along through the valley - alone.

Tell me, what is the disconnect?

{{HUGS}} yall


Colleen Foshee said...

Your post is very timely for me Marie. Last night was a total meltdown in our family... and I was in the midst of it. Issues that have been around for a long time rose to the surface and hit everyone in the face again. Praying for healing for many years has not manifested alot so far. It gets very discouraging sometimes. I did share with a fb friend that I trust in the wee hours last night, but mostly I just want to be alone... or with God... pulling up a chair in front of Him and staring... because that's all I know to do. People can't fix what's going on in my family. Only God can change hearts. Maybe that's why I don't reach out a lot to people. It's God's touch we need. Hope this helps lift you head a bit. Life can be hard and we're all feeling it. Thanks for sharing Marie. I respect you and your vision so much. Keep the faith! We will reap what we sow if we don't give up. {{hugs}}

Marie said...

Wow - I'm sorry @Colleen that you are in a valley right now. It's hard stuff. Looking at what you said - though, made me smile... "sharing with a friend in the wee hours last night" amazing that God gives us those kinds of friends - to help ease some of the burdens. Glad you shared some. and- I'm with you on the being alone or with God - sometimes that is all we can do when we don't know what to do.

You are such a blessing to me!! I completely adore you! thanks for stopping by and encouraging me! {{{HUGS}}} back atcha!


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