Tuesday, December 6, 2011

I Remember

I remember the excitement of Christmas and thinking it would never get here (Wait..that was JUST last week *grins*)

I remember Thanksgiving trips to the mountains to see my Grandmother and other family members

I remember the many, many games of kill the man with the ball

I remember playing dodgeball in our street till way past we were supposed to

I remember walking to school and enjoying it

I remember my favorite doll being my Baby-That-Away and I carried her everywhere, until my Dad sat on her accidentially

I remember playing freeze tag

I remember always being the pitcher for the softball games and my brothers aiming at me when they were at bat

I remember a bus that came by on Sundays to take us to Church

I remember getting up and making Mom's coffee early for her for a while

I remember sleeping with the window open as we had no air conditioning

I remember walking in the snow, always

I remember walking down the railroad tracks with Mom & Angie - but when we got to the bridge, I'd go down the hill, across the road and back up again.

I remember riding our bikes everywhere, even 4 to 8 miles away to the grocery store

I remember only having enough for "today" and being the happiest ever

I remember walking home in the rain from the grocery store and stomping through the puddles

I remember thumping Mom in the head and her chasing me down, sitting on me, thumping me back and NOT getting up when the cable dude came in to install our new "gift"

I remember getting up in the mornings and running to the heater to get ready as only one room had heat

I remember my first kiss, and then later.... I remember wishing I had not wasted it on someone who truly didn't care

I remember burning up our toaster oven and feeling horrible as a teen because we had nothing else to cook with....nothing

I remember playing card games with Mom until 2 or 3 am and singing most of the time. The torture she endured while we had fun

I remember going to sleep anticipating Christmas and dreaming of wrapped presents all around me

I remember not having much by way of "things" but always feeling more loved than I could describe

I remember the few wonderful trips to the beach, Dad taking me WAY out, but I wasn't afraid as he was a giant in my eyes. I remember him lifting me high above the water and giggling with delight

I remember the crab that got out of the coffee pot at the beach house and chased me out of the bathroom

I remember popping HUGE bags of popcorn and the popcorn fights

I remember chasing down the boys that picked on the girl that lived behind us

I remember being afraid of the "monster" under the bed, but not the bully down the road

I remember loving to sit in the library at school and reading, holding a rag doll that was always in the rocking chair

I remember never being picked for any team in school until last

I remember loving the balance beam

I remember keeping to myself in school with one or two close friends, and I often wonder where one from elementary school is

I remember loving each of my elementary teachers dearly - even the 4th grade teachers assistant that was always so mean to me and wouldn't help me OR allow me to call her MOM in class. She totally made me work for those A's

I remember being a safety patrol in school and loving helping the smaller kids

I remember watching scary movies with my mom till the wee hours of the morning

I remember hardly ever spending the night away from home

I remember wishing I could give my mom everything she needed...not realizing that loving her unconditionally was enough

I remember going to the Christmas Tree lot and picking the biggest tree they had. I remember Daddy always saying yes, even though it had to be cut way down

I remember so many things!

Some good, some bad and some worse - but more than anything, I remember always being loved....no matter what.

All these things, good and bad, have shaped my heart into what it is today.

and for THAT - I'm truly thankful.

What are some of the things you remember?


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