Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Extra Day

I’m a wife, mom, sister, cousin, aunt, full time employee, church member, occasional student, Non-Profit owner and a whole host of other things. Much like you are, I’d say, I’m pretty busy.

Sometimes, I find myself saying “will someone PAAAALEEEEEEEESE order me up another day!!” and I tend to get all kinds of whiny about it.

Well, thanks to leap year, I GET just that! And I have to tell you, I’m pretty excited about my adventure!

I am NOT going to waste this extra day that I’m given and I hope that you’ll JOYn me in making the most of our extra 24 hours!

At the very least, I’m going to make a difference an hour.

Here is what I’m planning on accomplishing with my extra DAY!

1. Calling my mom and telling her how awesome she is
2. Sending pizza to my husband for lunch!
3. Letting my children know how special they are
4. Using this coupon to purchase someone’s meal
5. Making a contribution to Spreading Joy’s Basketball Tournament Event
6. Calling an old friend and letting them know they are thought about
7. Reminding everyone to use their extra day to make a difference for others
8. Mail a thinking of you card to someone that I’ve lost touch with
9. Passing out an entire package of Reese’s cups (ok…maybe minus one…maybe)
10. Comment on a blog and share on social media sites
11. Dedicating all of my tweets to others for the entire day. Shouting out THEIR websites
12. Sending an email, thanking someone for being a precious friend – sticking with me through thick and thin, good and bad and loving me no matter what
13. Purchase a little girl toy and give it away randomly & tell them I’m spreading joy their way
14. Purchase a little boy toy and give it away randomly & tell them I’m spreading joy their way
15. Purchase a bouquet of flowers and give away…yes, randomly (if I were home, I’d give to my mom…so maybe Friday)
16. I will email 10 corporations asking for sponsors and/or donations for Spreading Joy
17. I will thank a US Vet for their service in the military
18. I will encourage everyone to use their extra day with care
19. I will be the typical big sister and harass my little sister
20. I will praise the Lord for the extra time publically
21. I will pick up any trash that I happen upon and not complain
22. I facebook a few people that I’ve not had a lot of contact with and encourage them
23. I will Laugh with someone today
24. Completely enjoy my extra day of making a difference for others

How about you? What adventure will you plan for your extra day? Will you let it come and slowly slip away without even giving notice?

Share with us something you plan to do. It doesn’t have to be 24 items…. Just do something extra with your extra day!


Carla said...

I feel so blessed to have found out about your spot through a dear friend. Indeed, I DID use this extra day of life to spread some joy! I work in an office of 7 women, so I had their favorite candy bars on their desks for them when they arrived this morning. I ran to the post office while taking the mail and delivered a 'care package' to a friend that's very homesick in Texas right now. I mailed a sympathy card, even though yesterday I thought I'd waited too late. I realized today it's never too late to let someone know you're thinking of them. In closing, I sent a heartfelt note to a young friend who is slowly losing her battle with cancer and reminded her how beautiful she is! Again, thank you for blessing my day!

Marie said...

Thank YOu Carla...

our Main site is http://www.spreading-joy.org - more things are over there, events & ideas and a neater, sleeker site.

thank you for your kind words and for how you are spreading JOY!! this is awesome!!

{{HUGS}} Marie

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