Sunday, December 30, 2012

Because of You

What I've learned from you cannot be expressed in mear words and my heart can't adequately describe for you the gift you've been.
I've grown, changed and will never be the same because of you.

You've changed the way I think, the way I see things, and the way I love.
You've changed how I pray, how I teach and how I learn.
You've changed how I trust, how I commit and how I act.
You've changed the way I approach each and every day.

Thank you.

You've shared tears of joy, agony of pain and laughter of love.
You've shared new adventures, new problems and new solutions.
You've shared milestones, memories and a peek into the heart of tomorrow.

Thank you.

You've brought new treasures, secured old treasures and allowed painful memories to turn into smiles.
You've brought great questions as well as answers that I would have never even imagined.
You've brought great joy and hope as well as the reminder of a brighter tomorrow.

Thank you.

You've made me adaptable, determined and curious for what awaits me.
You've made me enthusiastic, optimistic and anxiously anticipating more!
You've made me resourceful, realistic and practical!

Thank you.

You've showed me just how great life can be and at the same time, made me realize just how quickly pain, sorrow and tears can flood my heart.
I'll forever treasure you 2012 as you have been the most wonderful gift ever.
And somehow I know the same awaits me next year!

How has 2012 forever changed you?  

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Have fun Spreading JOY!


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