Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Heart for Others

have a heart for others

Heart for Others

Spreading Joy Corporation was founded on the fact that everyone has a desire to give more, do more and make an impact with their lives.  We all have a Heart for Others.

We all want to make a difference, but many feel that they can’t due to lack of resources.
We go to groups of all kinds to help remind them that YES – yes you can impact this world for good, starting with your own corner of the world.

Heart for Others Day is a fundraiser to help enable us to do more of this during 2013.  We want to be able to meet with any group that asks without having them worry about financing.  We want those that are the most discouraged and often forgotten about to realize that yes, they are cared about and someone will come and help them see the resources that they have to make their life count.  We want to show our heart for others, so that those can confidently go and show their heart for others.

We also know that finances are tight for so many right now and that giving all over this world is down.  We aren’t asking for much…..a simple $5 from anyone who sees this will be HUGE.

This fundraiser will easily be seen by over 4000 people over the next few weeks and if each of those that see this will simply give $5 our goal will be met.

Trouble is, not everyone will due to guilt, difficulties and a host of other reasons.  On the other hand, there are those that can give more than $5 and we truly hope you will do so.

Will you JOYn us on Heart for Others day on February 14th by making a donation of any size?  Will you set a reminder in your calendar? Mail your gift in? PLAN on being part of our Heart for Others Day?

Let me remind you of a few things about your gift:
  • There are ZERO paid employees in our Non Profit – Z E R O. So your funds will be use for others
  • My family makes monthly donations as well, to help cover the day to day expenses – again, so that YOUR gifts can be used for OTHERS
  • We aren’t here to get rich or get noticed, but we are here to help others feel rich enough to impact their corner of the world and your gift goes toward giving away our book, going into schools and other places to help encourage people face to face.
  • We are very public about what we do, so any events will always be followed up by photos, updates and links as often as we can.  We want you to know beyond doubt how you are making a difference for others.
Please use all of your networking sites to re post this article – be a voice for us and share your heart for others by doing so

Please plan on making a donation of any size on Feb 14 and SHOW your heart for others (mail in or use the handy PayPal button over on the right sidebar)

Please email a link to this page to everyone in your address book, asking them to show their heart for others

Please, if you are a person of prayer, pray over our organization for direction, wisdom and more opportunities to encourage others in their journey. 

Thank you for how you are spreading joy with us!

Any gift of $25 or more will automatically receive our book Spreading Joy Daily.  If you already have it or know it would encourage someone and would like it sent somewhere else, please let me know by placing their name and address in the NOTE section of your donation when you give via paypal. 

You can mail your gift to:
Spreading Joy Corporation
PO Box 1771
Denver NC 28037

Thank you for having a heart for others!

Let’s harness the power of our voices!
Let’s harness the power of technology!
Let’s harness the power of teamwork!
Let’s all come together to see something remarkable happen, right before our very eyes.
Will you JOYn us?
Will you be a giant and use your voice?
Will you spread the word and try and round up others to do the same?


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