Monday, May 20, 2013

I have Learned

i have learnedThis year has been a roller coaster of emotions.

I’ve been thinking lately on all the lessons that I’ve learned this year and here is a quick list of 30 things that I’ve learned.

I have learned:
  1. Time together is a priceless gift
  2. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder and those that truly love you will always see the beauty
  3. Laughter and joy are contagious and we as a society need to do more of it on purpose
  4. Changes usually end up for the best, even though the process is difficult sometimes
  5. Pain is pain and it all hurts
  6. Sometimes a phone call softens the horrid blows life throws at you
  7. Just because something didn’t turn out the way we expected doesn’t mean we failed
  8. Today is most important as tomorrow may never come
  9. The pain, struggles and issues of today help to prepare me for tomorrow
  10. Sometimes all you can do is cry
  11. Yesterday can create a wiser today which creates a brighter tomorrow
  12. That no matter how hard I try sometimes, that “it” just isn’t going to happen…and it’s ok
  13. That there is beauty in brokenness
  14. To focus on facts instead of feelings, because feelings can be and often are incorrect
  15. Those that push us away need us the most
  16. The legacy you leave is your choice
  17. That even though your heart is in a million pieces that you can still love greater than you ever imagined
  18. Unconditional love is such a gift
  19. That sometimes there is just no understanding…that’s just the way it is
  20. That even if it’s a good thing, it might not be good for you
  21. Not to let the bad times steal the joy of the moment
  22. That there will always be “something” going on, but more importantly the Lord is always by my side
  23. Not to let the shallowness and criticism of others define who I am and what I do
  24. That no matter how bad it gets, it will always work out for good….always
  25. That spreading joy without expectation of anything in return has a far greater return than anyone can imagine
  26. Anything that isn’t finished today, usually waits until tomorrow and it’s ok
  27. That when I can’t even speak that uttering a simple prayer of “Lord, help me” can bring waves of grace and peace
  28. That there is always hope
  29. That I’m not going to please people, so I’m just going to focus on pleasing the Lord
  30. That doing a little is better than doing nothing at all

Even though this is a mixture of good and bad…it’s truth, it’s real and authentic.

What have you learned through life’s lessons?

I hope that you’ll leave them below in the comment section and encourage those that will read this after you.


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