Saturday, April 27, 2013

The Everyday Hero

Heroes are the Ones who simply TRY!Heroes

They don’t always leap tall buildings in a single bound and drive invisible jets.  They normally don’t run around with capes and tights and have lasso’s that force the truth from people.

Heroes come in all shapes and sizes.  Age isn’t a factor and neither is IQ.

Sometimes the biggest heroes are those that you’d never suspect.  Their clothing, their education and their current home/vehicle doesn't indicate in the least bit that there is a hero around, but make no mistake – they are there. says that a hero is
a man of distinguished courage or ability, admired for his bravedeeds and noble qualities.”

My favorite Super hero is Wonder Woman.  She is an ordinary gal by day and when the circumstance calls for it, she transforms herself into a force to be reckoned with.

So many people feel that because they are simply “ordinary” that they don’t impact this world.  This simply isn't true.  The fact that you try says more about you than you'll ever realize!

It’s the ordinary people doing what they can day in and day out that leave the legacy and continually impacts the hearts of those they come in contact with.

Let me tell you of some of the heroes I know:
  • Their bodies are worn, their hands don’t work like they use to and their memory is cloudy at best. They still get up, expecting to make a difference for others and do so to the best of their ability
  • They are steady in the midst of instability
  • Pain is their constant companion but they get up one more time and do what they can
  • They give of the little resources that they have and expect nothing in return
  • They seize daily opportunities to bring a smile to someone, knowing that it could change that person’s entire day
  • They smile through the tears
  • They try and try again AND try again....
  • They are courageous, even when it seems everyone is paralyzed with fear
  • They are consistent day in and day out with kindness to friends and family
  • They play with their children, while remaining the parent that stands firm as an authority figure in their life, knowing that friendship will come one day
  • They laugh…. But are completely serious when necessary
  • They make memories and treasure them
  • They go above and beyond what is asked without hesitation
  • The realize the value of “a little bit”
  • They are gentle and full of compassion, yet firm and stand strong
  • They take action, not waiting and hoping that someone else will do it
  • They positively influence people, while being well aware that they WILL influence someone daily, so they make it for the best
  • The serve our country and stand strong for her, even if they have to stand alone

They are real… real as rain and I love surrounding myself with amazing heroes like this!  Many people let the “ordinary” fool them, but I always try and look past the ordinary, deep into the heart and find the extraordinary…the hero!

Why do we focus on the negative aspects of our self?  We are ok, just the way we are!

Why do we not see the hero that lies within our own heart?

I don’t want us to walk around puffed up and prideful, but too many people spend much of their lives at the other end of that thought, as if their life is meaningless.

YOU – you truly do matter and you make a huge difference! I’m thankful for the Spreading Joy Heroes that step up each month and make a donation to help make a positive impact on others. You are an amazing Spreading Joy Hero!

I’m thankful for those who give at each fundraiser, knowing that the kids we help will never get to personally tell them thank you – but still…they help anyway!  You are a Spreading Joy Hero!

Do you see the hero in the ordinary? Or does the ordinary just glaze over your heart and you miss the gem that is there, waiting to be discovered?

Do you appreciate when someone steps up, doing a little more than expected?

What about you? YOU ARE a hero to someone!  You may not feel like it on most days, but you are.

Tell me a little about the heroes in your world!  Share a little of their story!

Be a Hero today!

Have fun Spreading JOY!


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