Saturday, April 20, 2013

What in the World

Boston Attack - Be the Good this World needs
After this week’s bombing attack in Boston, I’m hearing a lot of questions like:
  • What is this world coming to?
  • What in the world does it take to get someone to this kind of place?
  • Why would someone feel that this is the only thing they can do to get their point across?

And many others….

I have to say that I truly don’t know what or why and I wonder if we will ever actually know the real truth behind what has happened to provoke the Boston attack.

I know that we can’t change the past, we can’t undo the harm, fear and terror that so many had to endure and we can’t bring back the lives that were lost…. but I ALSO KNOW that we (those of us who wonder why, what etc) can stand apart from this type of violence and shine brighter than the shadow that this has cast on us.  We can be beacon of good during this dark time in the USA.  We can pierce the darkness and gloom by being what we want this world to be.

The truthful answer to the question “what is this world coming to” is that it is becoming what I am becoming, and what YOU are becoming.

If we want things to be better and a ensure better world for our children then we need to be mindful of what WE as individuals (and our family) are doing and take the extra steps to be force for good in this world!

Just for starters – here are immediate things we can do to pierce the darkness with a ray of JOY and sunshine that will be contagious!

  • YOU be the good that you are desperately looking for – don’t wait for others to do it – you start right now! Take Action!
  • YOU be the example that you want your family to follow – don’t assume that someone else in your family will be the matriarch
  • YOU be the one to help others without expecting a single thing in return – people are always willing to help, usually as long as there is something in it for them. Don’t be this way – stand apart from the crowd
  • YOU be the one to seek the positive and good in the negative situations – it’s there, it is usually covered up.  I was so thrilled to see reporters trying to find the positive when they were reporting this tragedy.  Yes, it’s a tragedy but like one reporter said, it could have been much worse had the bomb exploded just an hour earlier.
  • YOU be the one that sprinkles the day with joy – JOY is contagious, laughter is contagious – USE them every single day!
  • YOU be the one that is authentic when everyone is simply blending in – Doing this will give others courage to be authentic.   Trust me, you are amazing!
  • YOU be the one to show the positive emotions – Hug daily, laugh a lot and enjoy every moment that you can! Down south, we hug lots and us southern gals don’t take offense to a perfect gentleman calling us Darhlin’ – A hug and smile are 2 of the most powerful things that anyone can do! It’s powerful – USE IT!
  • YOU be the one to encourage others and to do so passionately – be passionate about encouraging others! It helps more than you may ever realize
  • YOU be the one to appreciate and acknowledge – A simple thank you is a positive force that carries such an impact!  Thank you for your time, thank you for caring, thank you for thinking of me, thank you for giving, thank you for doing, thank you for going….. Thank you is powerful!
  • YOU be the one to boldly lead the way and be the good that everyone is looking for – Let it start with you.  Don’t worry about who is doing what – YOU be the leader you wish others were!

What are your thoughts as to what the everyday ordinary individual that is wondering “what in the world” can do right now to be the good they want to see and that everyone is looking for?

When people are asking what in the world is going on with society what do you tell them?  Do you encourage them? Do you blend in with the gloom?

My challenge to YOU - - Stand out, be different – be the good!

Have fun Spreading JOY!


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