Thursday, April 4, 2013



I’m feeling a little overwhelmed with life right now
Not even sure what to say
There are immediate needs that need to be met and there is no way to do so
There are long term financial needs that will likely never disappear
There are questions that seem as though they will never be answered
There are changes that are coming to quickly
There seems to be no end in sight

Maybe it’s because I’m tired.
Maybe it’s because I’m not as strong as I’d like to think I am
Maybe…who knows.  I don’t.  I just don’t.

Even though I know “this too shall pass” I pray it passes quickly
I pray answers come soon
I pray for stability for just a little while
I pray that needs will be met quickly and then some

I pray…. I don’t even know what to pray
I’m glad HE does

I wrote this in the middle of January 2013. 

In a matter of 19 days my world had been completely turned upside down.

My Step Mom (since I was a teenager) passed away suddenly, my son left for his last semester of college and my heart knows he won’t be coming home after graduation.  Even though my son is doing God’s perfect will for his life, it’s still painful and I miss him.  My stepdad (since I was a teenager) had heart issues and sever loss of blood due to unknown circumstances, Megan’s 2 test came back “normal” yet again – continuing a 15 month trend but something is obviously, horribly wrong AND my mom had a heart attack.

Those 19 days were full of millions of tears, yet God’s grace allowed me to simply rest in Him.

Are you overwhelmed?

Have you cried an ocean of tears?

Wrap yourself in Gods promises during this time.

Cling to Him.

Allow His mercy and grace to carry you through.

I usually wrap myself in the book of Psalms. So much comfort as I explore the raw emotion that is there.  The pain, the praise and the trust displayed in the book of Psalms remind my hurting heart that even though I was caught off guard by much of what happened those 19 days, God was not surprised, nor was he absent.

Share your favorite verse(s) of comfort below.

Share your link of encouragement from when you faced a time of overwhelming issues.

When you share here, you will encourage all those that read this article!   

Thank you for how YOU are Spreading Joy and making a difference!


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