Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Celebrate Life

 10 Easy ways to Celebrate those you love
I came up with these ideas for my 2012 Mother’s Day Newsletter, but these ideas can be adapted for most any occasion.

Father’s Day, Christmas, 30th, 40th,50th,…. Birthday etc.  These things will bless someone that is just celebrating life after another anniversary of being cancer free or you just want to show someone in your world just how special they are to you.

One thing that I’ve learned is that sometimes, the best gifts don’t come with a price tag at all.

Have fun celebrating Life as often as you can.

  1. Write about a special memory that you have that involves mostly that person you are celebrating.  Talk about how it still makes you smile to this day.  This will, no doubt, become one of their most treasured items.
  2. Round up pictures of their children and make a neat card out of them.  Either on the computer or actually making copies and then adding them to cardstock.
  3. Write out ## ways she makes you smile (one for every year they have been alive) -  in my case… for my mom I’d do 70+ - so I’ve got to get started.
  4. Find one of their old black and white photos, copy it and attach it to the front of a journal.  Inside, write questions that she could answer from her life.  For instance – Your favorite Christmas, Favorite childhood friend.  Did you have pets, what did she dream of being, etc etc. One question for each page. You could do #3 in the back of this journal! What a cool surprise for her!
  5. If they are a reader, get them a kindle!  They are never too old to learn to use one. You may have to go and download books for them, but do it!  Trust me, they will LOVE it!
  6. Get her a basket of all of their favorite treat/snacks.  They will love picking through them for several days! Find some candy from when they were little! There are several websites that have retro candy. I love poking around them and thinking of who I can send them too.  Check them out here: Old Time Candy  & Nostalgic Candy  (umm, my year is 1968 in case you are wondering)
  7. Find out what is on their Life’s To Do List, and start working towards making something on there happen.
  8. Give her 4 gift certificates to her favorite places. One for each weekend for a month.
  9. Hide note cards that you’ve written something loving in, in her home so that after you leave they are still finding and opening those wonderful wishes.
  10. Jot down all the ways that YOU have turned into your mother! (or father or how your friends have influenced you) You may be surprised when they look over the list and ADDS to it!

Most of all have fun!

Don’t let what you couldn’t do or desired to do but didn’t - spoil your time with this person.  Focus on how awesome he/she truly is….honor them that way.

What are some other ways that you like to celebrate life with those that you love?

Thank you for spreading JOY by sharing your ideas in the comment section below so that others that read this can start some celebrations of their own.

If you have a blog and have written out about such celebrations or ideas that relate to this, please leave the link to it below in the comments! I'd love to check it out and know that my readers would too.  Helping others in this fashion is such an easy way of spreading joy!

Leave that link! 

Have fun Spreading Joy as you celebrate those close to your heart!

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