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10 Ways to Be Kind to Yourself

10 Ways to Be Kind to YourselfI love that you are spreading joy and making a difference daily!

You make your way through the day, being kind, courteous and just plain nice to people.

You smile, open doors and treat others with respect.

You point out the positive, encourage those that are struggling and still do what you can to bring people up.

You Are Kind…to most people.

There is one very important person that you tend to forget.


You know I’m speaking the truth here.  Most of us are extremely critical of ourselves and there usually isn’t a good reason for it at all.

10 Ways that everyone can be Kinder to themselves:
  1. Looks – This is first on my list because I know that everyone has something about their looks that they are dissatisfied with.  Did you see that key word? EVERYONE.  You aren’t alone in this.  Everyone has something they hate about themselves.  Long nose, big butt, frizzy hair, point ears, bushy eyebrows etc.  When those people that love you the most look at you, they don’t see the things you are most critical of; they see YOU – the core of you!  Your heart, how you love, how you give and how you care.  When they flip through their pictures of you, they look at what you were doing, remember how much fun you were having and how special you are.  Sure, work on losing weight if you need to, go to the eyebrow waxing torture chamber and tame the crazy hair somehow…but do NOT let those things hold you back from enjoying the gift of daily blessings and joy with those you love.  Take the pictures, laugh with friends and have fun! Those that love you most will always love you regardless of your looks.
  2. Goals – Everyone has goals and dreams that they long to reach.  Trouble is, we set such unrealistic goals that we can never reach them.  We often think that if we shoot for the moon and miss, we’ll land in the stars and that is true.  Trouble is there are those that if they don’t reach their goals, they let that disappointment steal their joy and they simply stop trying.  Learn to set goals that are attainable and keep raising the bar as you reach your goals. A small step forward is still a step forward.  My friend and coach Bridget Haymond has an excellent article on this.  I hope you’ll take time to read it and start reaching those goals you set. Article Here-->  The 8 Beatitudes of Goal Setting
  3. To Do Lists – Raise your hand if you are guilty of the never ending to do list.  (Yes, my  hand is up) Many people will judge the success of their day based on if they got everything done from their list or not.  Don’t do this.  You are putting unnecessary pressure on yourself.  Let that list guide you.  My list is because my memory is horrible.  When I think of something that needs to be done, I jot it down so that I will not forget it.  Don’t let your to do list bring you down and keep you there.  Use the list for what it was intended for….a tool to keep you on track. Here are some fun printables that I use to help me remember.
  4. Moments of Joy – Our days are busy, our nights seem short and before we know it, it’s time to go to bed only to get up and do it again the next day.  Take some time to enjoy some moments that make your heart smile.  It might be a manicure, a makeover or it might be some time curled up with a book and your favorite cup of tea or coffee.  Don’t let a single day pass you by without enjoying a special moment for yourself.  Don't let these thieves steal your Joy. 
  5. Housework – This is truly never ending.   There will always be something to do in your home.  Always.  If you have small kids, don’t let housework interfere with some play time.  Make sure you play with the kids.  The housework will always be there, but the children won’t.  If you have unexpected guests and your house isn’t white glove presentable, smile and enjoy the company.  They aren’t there to see how you keep house; they are there to see you. PS...delegate.  Get your kids involved. This will ensure that they can truly take care of themselves when they are older.
  6. Activities – Everyone is busy and no one wants to say no.  We have to take child 1 here, child 2 there and still find time to make family time count.  Yes, you want your children to experience sports and other activities, but keep in mind it is ok to say no.  Don’t over schedule them or yourself.  If someone asks for your help and you can’t do it, kindly say “I’d like to but I can’t.” Or say, “I can’t do that, but I can do this for you” and then offer up what you could do.  My philosophy is it never hurts to ask because the very worst that can happen is they will say no.  Here is an article on taming the madness of special occasions.
  7. Laugh – This is a must.  You need to be able to laugh at yourself and for yourself.  If you need to watch funny videos or read a joke a day, make sure you take some time to laugh today!  Laughter lifts the heavy heart and helps you through the difficult days.  And besides, your heart will thank you! I love crazy random things. Here is where I pin those things.
  8. Celebrate your strengths – You have things you excel in! Celebrate them and do them.  Use what you are good at to help you reach your goals and those things that you struggle with, ask for help.  Don’t beat yourself up because you can’t do something.  Find someone who excels in what you are weak at and work together.  Focus on what you are good at and move past what you struggle with.  We all struggle and we all need help with things.  Ask for help when you need it and don’t feel guilty.
  9. Let It Go – There are days when I simply wish I didn’t care so much.  It’s something that I struggle with but every day, I’m learning to let go of things that I can’t control.  I’ve always been a “roll with it” kind of gal, but the “let me fix it” “take charge” person in me just wants to handle things.  That just isn’t going to always be possible.  You truly have to “Change what you can, Fix what is wrong and find the good in the rest!” - Here is more on Letting Go
  10. YOU Matter – Many struggle with feeling useless.  As soon as you get this settled in your heart, you will be kinder to yourself.  You are the world to someone and you matter more to them than you’ll ever know.  Write it on your mirror, make a note to yourself at the top of your to do list or calendar – “I will be kind to myself today because I matter!”
FREEBIE – just because I truly want you to be kind to yourself, just like you are to others – One extra – keep a good attitude.  I know when life beats you up and the struggle is great it is the most difficult time to maintain a positive attitude, but trust me – it will help you more than you realize!

Respect yourself, love yourself and be kind to yourself!

I challenge you to take the time today to be kind to yourself.

JOYn the conversation:

If you are willing to take time to be kinder to yourself, let me know.

What do you struggle with?  Are you willing to share it? Doing so will help and encourage others.

What are your thoughts about how we treat ourselves? How else can we be kind to ourselves?

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