Friday, December 20, 2013

Keeping Kids Safe in this Social World

tips for keeping kids safe on social mediaWhat I’m about to say here will not be popular with the kids and likely will not be popular with many adults. The reason being is that parents are more interested in being “friends” with their children than they are in being an authority figure in their lives.

There is a point in every child’s life that you will make them angry when you question them, ask them what they are doing on the various Social Media sites and you demand to see/know who they are texting as well as what they are saying.

My question to you is, do you want them to like you or do you want them to be safe?

As a parent we never want to hear our kids say they hate us, but truth is, if we are parenting correctly, we WILL in fact hear that statement.

YES - you can trust your teenager to do what they say or to be where they say but sometimes, you just need to check what they do in private to verify that the information they are giving you is actually the truth.  I know this to be a fact that even though they “look” like they are at the home of a friend you know and love because their car is in the driveway, doesn’t always mean they are actually there.

Take the necessary steps to keep your children safe, and one day you will actually be able to be friends.

If YOU pay for your child’s phone, you pay for the roof over their head then you have every right to check their phone whenever you feel like it.  Make sure that you do some, if not all of the following:

Tips to keep your child safe:

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What are some of the ways you keep your children safe in this social world?

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