Tuesday, April 28, 2009

The 30 Day Spreading Joy Challenge for May 2009

I'm currently working at making this blog a better blog by taking Problogger's 31 Days to Build a Better Blog. His recent challenge was to write an article that would "Call Your Readers to ACTION". After giving it some thought, I decided since May was just around the corner, I'd challenge YOU to take Spreading Joy's 30 Day Challenge.

This 30 Day Challenge is designed to help build "giving" habits. It can be random acts of kindness to strangers, giving food to the homeless, send an encouraging note/card or planning a special game night with your family - something that you wouldn't normally do. Not only do strangers need kindness, but our families do too. There is no right or wrong way, you simply need to commit to it - one thing a day for 30 days.

Here are some ideas to get you started:

1. Take used magazines to Nursing home.
2. Buy a 6 pack of Reese Cups and give them away randomly.
3. Donate used books or clothing to a Women's Shelter or if you are in NC donate to Spreading Joy. Many of these places do not re-sell items, but they give them away to people who can use them.
4. Buy several bottles of flavored coffee creamer and let everyone at work know they are welcome to it.
5. Purchase a couple of cakes and take them to a local men's shelter. What a sweet treat for them!
6. Pass on a book that you've enjoyed.
7. Make a financial contribution to your favorite charity or to Spreading Joy Corporation. Even designate it towards our Back To School 2009 project.
8. Start an "Others" box and purchase toys to donate at Christmas time for deserving children.
9. Help a local food pantry. Many food pantries PURCHASE their food from food banks and then distribute the food freely. Take several bags by and drop off to help re-stock their pantry.
10. Purchase a dozen biscuits are on sale for $1 from McDonald's and put them in the "common area" of your work place. The first 12 co-workers that get there will welcome the surprise!
11. Sign up and commit to the 30 Day Challenge! Not only will it encourage me, in the fact that I'm able to make a difference, but it will encourage others to take the challenge as well.
12. Tell others about Spreading Joy and just how easy it is.
13. Purchase a box of Little Debbie Oatmeal cakes - place a label on it that says you are Spreading Joy and then give them out. For around $1.50 - you can give away 12 cakes which will make at least 12 people smile. This is what we did as shown by the picture. The label reads "I'm taking the 30 day challenge of doing one thing for one person each day. See how you can make a difference - go to www.spreadingjoycorp.com ." (Did anybody notice that there are only 11 cakes? My daughter was very happy!)

My challenge to you is to SIGN UP and commit to a month of giving. You can either "track" your giving in the comment section of this article or on our "Tell Me Your Story" page. Either one can be updated at any time. If you choose to use the comment section, you'll have to post a new comment each time you want to tell us about your giving. On the "Tell Me Your Story" section, you can simply add a new thread - just as I did with March.

I would LOVE to be able to report back to you at the end of the month all the things that were done to make a difference.

So, are you up for the challenge? Will you commit to 30 days of giving? I hope you'll sign up. I can't wait to show you what a huge difference a group of people can and will make!


Marie said...

I wanted to be the first to comment - I will be updating here as well as the "tell me your story page". I will probably update every 3-4 days.

Thanks for signing up and taking the challenge - you will be amazed at the joy YOU find while you are spreading joy to others!

Baker @ Man Vs. Debt said...

This is an absolutely fantastic idea. To be honest, my wife and I could do a lot more to help "spread joy" like this!

I'm so glad you found me from the 31DBBB. It's so awesome to explore so many fascinating sites!

Marie said...

Baker - (@manvs.debt) Thanks - I hope you guys will join us! I can't wait until the end of the month to show what a huge difference we made as a group!

Sue Graber said...

What a great idea!!! I'm "in" and can't wait to think up new ways to bring joy to others!!

Marie said...

@Sue! Great! Thank you! I'm so excited - I think this is going to prove to a lot of people that no matter how discouraging things around us are getting, we can make a difference!

A Year of Giving - Without Spending said...

Count me in! I've been keeping track of a food diary, a spending diary, what's one more thing, one thing I can LOOK FORWARD to filling out. Thanks for all your hard work and suggestions!

Marie said...

@A year of giving without spending - I'm so happy you are on board! Plus it is just for a month - so I think we can do it. I carry a notebook with me or jot it down in my organizer. But - thinking about what to do is key.

Thanks for joining!

Lidna said...

i'd like to post your 30 day challenge on our web log... i htink our readers would really be into this! I hope it's okay!
Thanks in advance!

Arfan said...

Hmmm 30 days challenge wonder if I can do it...

Marie said...

@Linda - I think it is wonderful. When people start giving everyday - the discouragement, disappointment and other depressing things will start to wither away - don't you think?!?

@Arfan - YES YOU CAN! You can do it. It doesn't matter what you do or where or even who - only That you do. You can do it.!

Lilly said...

What a great idea, I found you on skellis blog. I think I should also join this challenge!! I will be back to see how you get on.

Marie said...

@Lilly - the easiest thing to do is go to www.spreadingjoycorp.com and click the "tell me your story" button and start a thread with your name. You can update anytime you like! Everyday, other day, weekly -

Thanks for joining our challenge!

cheaptherapy said...

THANKS for this nudge ~ count me IN!

Marie said...

@Cheaptherapy - so counted! Thanks for joining us on this joyful adventure! I'm sure it will warm your heart!

Marie said...

Ok - May started off with a BANG! Really. I was all set for a GREAT month of giving and get a phone call from my husband. "We are going to working every other week" he said. Wow.

BUT - I'm still excited and now I literally have to put my money where my mouth is don't I??? Yes I do. I have to do what I'm telling everyone is so easy to do - so it will be neat to see how this month turns out.
So far here is how my giving is turning out!
5/1 - Gave pecan swirl thingys to 5 co-workers. 3 that I never get to see and 2 that I work directly with.
5/2 - Took some tickets over to the Women's shelter that were donated to SJC and on the way I stopped and picked up 10 hot fudge sundaes for who ever was there. I called ahead to verify how many were there by the way.
5/3 - Purchased 2 frapachinos for some hard working young men who volunteered their afternoon to get items donated for our yard sale/bake sale we are having in a few weeks.

So - NOW I have to be very frugal and watch my spending. I do. I will still support Missions through my local church and continue giving there - but will have to get into utter creative mode.

I hope you are enjoying your month of giving so far! Can't wait to report how things turn out!

Marie said...

Wow - So much for Posting every 4 days or so....(it has been a crazy month - trust me)
Alrighty then - here we go. I keep these in a handwritten journal. I always have that and my planner with me.
5/4 - Clipped box tops for education
5/5 - Got gift cards donated for Teens4Truth fundraiser
5/6 - Send 2 cards to people
5/7 - Sent out several encouraging emails to few people going through rough times
5/8 - Thanked our Military - online and in person
5/9 - Left package of Little Debbie Cakes in Emergency Room
5/10 - Gave money to a homeless person
5/11 - Played on Free Click sites to raise money
5/12 - Gave card of thanks for being you.....
5/13 - P/U gift card to sell for Fundraiser
5/14 - Donated items to yardsale fundraiser
5/15 - P/U items for bbq yardsale - yuuumm brownies
5/16 - Worked fundraiser for Missions trip
5/17 - Gave a journal to friend to inspire and encourage
5/18 - Complimented volunteer at hospital
5/19 - Allowed kids to chill for evening - no chore day
5/20 - Happy Birthday Mommie - left encouraging comments on blogs
5/21 Gave out reesecups to various people
5/22 - Dropped money in donation jar
5/23 - Bought donuts from group on side of road raising money
5/24 - Used goodsearch for Spreading joy (I do that all the time, but decided to count it today) and bought daughter a cool journal to help her through the rough times.

So - there you have it so far. Please start your own thread here - or leave a comment on the blog (http://spreadingjoycorp.blogspot.com) so that next week I can talley our items and see what kind of difference we made. I think it will encourage and inspore us all to do more.

Marie said...

LOL - I LOVE typos!!! Oh my gosh.

dawnsmemories said...

I love this! I wish I had sen it in the month of May but what we did was with the help of my customers, we are sending 11 care packages to 11 deserving soldiers!

I have such giving kids, send the packages were their idea and I could not afford to send as many as they wanted so I had to come up with a way to help fund it and my business came to the rescue.

dawnsmemories said...

ok - typos here too... I was up to late closing out my month last night. the 1st's are never good for functioning LOL

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